Harry Potter Characters

See how many Harry Potter characters you can name.
Quiz by gamingpyxl14
Last updated: May 23, 2024
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The Boy Who Lived (Titular Character)
Daniel Radcliffe
Harry Potter
Best Friend Of ^/Main Character #2
Rupert Grint
Ron Weasley
Other Best Friend Of ^/Main Character #3
Emma Watson
Hermione Granger
He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named/Main Antagonist
Ralph Fiennes
Lord Voldemort
^'s FULL Muggle Name
Christian Coulson
Tom Riddle
Headmaster Of Hogwarts
Richard Harris/Michael Gambon
Albus Dumbledore
Keeper Of Keys And Grounds At Hogwarts
Robbie Coltrane
Rubeus Hagrid
Professor Of Transfiguration And The Head Of Gryffindor House
Maggie Smith
Minerva McGonagall
Harry Potter's Rival
Tom Felton
Draco Malfoy
Professor Of Potions And The Head Of Slytherin House
Alan Rickman
Severus Snape
Harry Potter's Godfather
Gary Oldman
Sirius Black
Harry Potter's Owl
Mother Of The Weasley Family
Julie Walters
Molly Weasley
Father Of The Weasley Family
Mark Williams
Arthur Weasley
Youngest Weasley And Harry Potter's Wife
Bonnie Wright
Ginny Weasley
Twin Brother Of The Wealsey Family
James Phelps
Fred Weasley
Twin Brother Of The Wealsey Family
Oliver Phelps
George Weasley
Third Oldest Child Of The Weasley Family
Chris Rankin
Percy Weasley
Second Oldest Child Of The Weasley Family
Charlie Weasley
Oldest Child Of The Weasley Family
Domhnall Gleeson
Bill Weasley
House-Elf Who Used To Serve The Malfoy Family
Toby Jones
Student Of Gryffindor House Who Seems To Always Have Bad Luck
Matthew Lewis
Neville Longbottom
Student Of Ravenclaw House Who Is Able To See Thestrals
Evanna Lynch
Luna Lovegood
Student Of Gryffindor House Who Often Blows Things Up With His Spells
Devon Murray
Seamus Finnigan
Student Of Gryffindor House Who Dated Ginny Weasley For A Time
Alfred Enoch
Dean Thomas
Former Defense Against The Dark Arts Teacher Who Is A Werewolf
David Thewlis
Remus Lupin
^'s Wife And A Member Of The Order Of The Phoenix
Natalia Tena
Nymphadora Tonks
Member Of The Order Of The Phoenix Who Has A Magical Eye
Brendan Gleeson
Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody
Death Eater And The Cousin Of Sirius Black
Helena Bonham Carter
Bellatrix Lestrange
Father Of Draco Malfoy
Jason Isaacs
Lucius Malfoy
Mother Of Draco Malfoy
Helen McCrory
Narcissa Malfoy
Hogwarts Caretaker
David Bradley
Argus Filch
^'s Cat
Mrs. Norris
Flamboyant Defense Against The Dark Arts Teacher Who Lost All His Memories
Kenneth Branagh
Gilderoy Lockhart
Stuttering Defense Against The Dark Arts Teacher Who Secretly Hosted Voldemort
Ian Hart
Quirinus Quirrell
Former Friend Of Sirius Black And Remus Lupin Who Sold Harry Potter's Parents To Voldemort
Timothy Spall
Peter Pettigrew
Professor Of Charms And The Head Of Ravenclaw House
Warwick Davis
Filius Flitwick
Hogwarts Nurse
Gemma Jones
Poppy Pomfrey
Professor Of Herbology And The Head Of Hufflepuff House
Miriam Margolyes
Pomona Sprout
Professor Of Divination At Hogwarts
Emma Thompson
Sybill Trelawney
Ministry Of Magic Bureaucrat Who Briefly Takes Over As The Headmaster Hogwarts
Imelda Staunton
Dolores Umbridge
Hufflepuff Student And Friend Of Harry Potter Who Competed In The Triwizard Tournament
Robert Pattinson
Cedric Diggory
Champion Who Represented Drumstrang In The Triwizard Tournament
Stanislav Ianevski
Viktor Krum
Champion Who Represented Beauxbatons In The Triwizard Tournament
Clémence Poésy
Fleur Delacour
Sister Of ^
Angelica Mandy
Gabrielle Delacour
Headmaster Of Drumstrang
Predrag Bjelac
Igor Karkaroff
Headmistress Of Beauxbatons
Frances De La Tour
Olympe Maxime
Owner Of His Own Wand Shop In Diagon Alley
John Hurt
Garrick Ollivander
Goblin Who Worked In Gringotts
Warwick Davis
Flying Instructor At Hogwarts
Zoë Wanamaker
Rolanda Hooch
Potion Master At Hogwarts For Over Fifty Years Before Retiring
Jim Broadbent
Horace Slughorn
Captain Of The Gryffindor Quidditch Team
Sean Biggerstaff
Oliver Wood
Captain Of The Slytherin Quidditch Team
Jamie Yeates
Marcus Flint
One Of Malfoy's Minions
Jamie Waylett
Vincent Crabbe
One Of Malfoy's Minions
Josh Herdman
Gregory Goyle
One Of Malfoy's Minions
Scarlett Byrne
Pansy Parkinson
One Of Malfoy's Minions
Bronson Webb
Student In Ravenclaw And Harry Potter's Former Love Interest
Katie Leung
Cho Chang
Student In Gryffindor Who Constantly Taking Pictures Of Harry Potter
Hugh Mitchell
Colin Creevey
Student In Gryffindor And Ron Weasley's Ex-Girlfriend
Jessie Cave
Lavender Brown
Student In Hufflepuff Who Was A Victim Of The Basilisk Attacks During Harry Potter's Second Year
Edward Randell
Justin Finch-Fletchley
Girl In Hufflepuff
Eleanor Columbus
Susan Bones
Student In Gryffindor And Harry Potter's Date To The Yule Ball
Shefali Chowdhury
Parvati Patil
Student In Gryffindor And Ron Weasley's Date To The Yule Ball
Afshan Azad
Padma Patil
Student In Gryffindor Who Has A Huge Crush On Harry Potter
Anna Shaffer
Romilda Vane
Student In Gryffindor Who Is A Member Of The "Big In The Ministry" Family
Freddie Stroma
Cormac McLaggen
Boy In Ravenclaw
Rob Knox
Marcus Belby
Father Of Luna Lovegood
Rhys Ifans
Xenophilius Lovegood
Minister Of Magic
Robert Hardy
Cornelius Fudge
Replacement Of ^
Bill Nighy
Rufus Scrimgeour
Death Eater Who Impersonated Moody In Order To Enter Harry Potter In The Triwizard Tournament
David Tennant
Barty Crouch Jr.
Father Of ^
Roger Lloyd Pack
Barty Crouch Sr.
Werewolf Bounty Hunter
Dave Legeno
Fenrir Greyback
Younger Brother Of Albus Dumbledore
Ciarán Hinds
Aberforth Dumbledore
Creator Of The Philosophers/Sorcerers Stone
Nicolas Flamel
Ministry Of Magic Offical
Guy Henry
Pius Thicknesse
Dark Wizard And A Death Eater
Peter Mullan
Corban Yaxley
Member Of The Order Of The Phoenix And A Close Friend Of Albus Dumbledore
David Ryall
Elphias Doge
Professor Of Muggle Studies At Hogwarts
Carolyn Pickles
Charity Burbage
Professor Of Astronomy At Hogwarts
Natalie Hallam
Aurora Sinistra
Professor Of The History Of Magic At Hogwarts
Cuthbert Binns
Professor Of Ancient Runes At Hogwarts
Bathsheda Babbling
Black Family's House-Elf
Simon McBurney
Innkeeper At The Leaky Cauldron
Jim Tavaré
Mother Of Harry Potter
Geraldine Somerville
Lilly Potter
Father Of Harry Potter
Robbie Jarvis
James Potter
Father Of Cedric Diggory
Jeff Rawle
Amos Diggory
Ministry Of Magic Auror And A Member Of The Order Of The Phoenix
George Harris
Kingsley Shacklebolt
Conductor On The Knight Bus
Lee Ingleby
Stan Shunpike
Driver Of The Knight Bus
Jimmy Gardner
Ernie Prang
Journalist For The Daily Prophet
Miranda Richardson
Rita Skeeter
Gardener Of The Riddle House
Eric Sykes
Frank Bryce
Muggle Uncle Of Harry Potter
Richard Griffiths
Vernon Dursley
Muggle Aunt Of Harry Potter
Fiona Shaw
Petunia Dursley
Muggle Cousin Of Harry Potter
Harry Melling
Dudley Dursley
Sister Of Harry Potter's Uncle Who He "Blows Up"
Pam Ferris
Marge Dursley
Rich Man Who Vernon Tried To Get A Big Drill Order From
Jim Norton
Mr. Mason
Wife Of ^
Veronica Clifford
Mrs. Mason
Neighbor Of The Dursley's Who Was Tasked To Watch Harry Under Dumbledore's Instructions
Kathryn Hunter
Mrs. Figg
Middle Child Of Harry And Ginny
Arthur Bowen
Albus Severus Potter
Oldest Child Of Harry And Ginny
Will Dunn
James Sirius Potter
Youngest Child Of Harry And Ginny
Daphne De Beistegui
Lily Luna Potter
Daughter Of Ron And Hermione
Helena Barlow
Rose Granger-Weasley
Son Of Ron And Hermione
Ryan Turner
Hugo Granger-Weasley
Ghost At Hogwarts Who Is "Nearly Headless"
John Cleese
Nearly Headless Nick
Ghost Of The Girls Bathroom Who Is Always Upset
Shirley Henderson
Moaning Myrtle
Founder Of Hogwarts
Godric Gryffindor
Founder Of Hogwarts
Helga Hufflepuff
Founder Of Hogwarts
Rowena Ravenclaw
Founder Of Hogwarts
Salazar Slytherin
Talking Hat That Sorts The Hogwarts Students Into Their Houses
Leslie Phillips
Sorting Hat
Lord Voldemort's Pet Snake
Hagrid's Dog
Dumbledore's Phoenix
Hippogriff That Was Sentenced To Death For Injuring Malfoy, Later Was Rescued.
Giant Acromantula That Was Once Hagrid's Pet
Julian Glover
Ron's Pet Rat Who Turned Out To Be Peter Pettigrew
Neville's Toad Who Always Get's Lost
Hermione's Cat
The Weasley's Clumsy Owl
Giant Dog With Three Heads
Hagrid's Pet Dragon For About 2 Minutes
Shrunken Head With Jamaican Accent That Helps Ernie Drive The Knight Bus
Lenny Henry
Dre Head
Half-Brother Of Hagrid
Tony Maudsley
Bulldog Of Aunt Marge
Level 43
May 28, 2023
Good quiz. But it is very confusing sometimes. On some answers you have to only type in the first name and in others the full name. For Mrs Figg you may want to add her first name rather than Mrs.
Level 15
May 30, 2023
Okay, they should hopefully all be good now.