Game Of Thrones General Knowlege

Based on the books
Quiz by toppy14
Last updated: February 5, 2016
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Who sits on the Iron Throne as King at the end of ADWD?
Tommen Baratheon
What is the Succession Laws for the Iron Throne?
Agnatic Premogeniture
What is Danys Biggest dragon called?
Answer to 3 Resembles what old dragon from the time of Aegon the Conquorer?
Who is Theon Greyjoys mute squire?
Wex Pyke
What is Euron Greyjoys ship called?
How many sons does Balon Greyjoys father have? Dead or Alive
9 (Harlon, Quenton, Donel, Balon, Euron, Victarion, Urrigon, Aeron and Robin)
How did Urrigon Greyjoy Die?
Infection from an injury sustained when Aeron threw an Axe at him
Who is Balon Greyjoys eldest trueborn son?
Rodrik Greyjoy
Who is the Three Eyed Crow?
Brynden Rivers
Who is the Lightning Lord?
Beric Dondarrion
What god does Thoros of Myr Worship?
Who is the enemy to answer above?
Great Other
Who is the head of the mountan clan the Stone Crows?
Shagga son of Dolf
How does Maester Aemon die?
A Chill
How old was Maester Aemon when he died?
According to Maester Aemon what is love the death of?
Who is Eddard Starks sister?
Lyanna Stark
Who is the Heir to the Vale?
Harrold Harding
Traditionally, How many men are in the Kingsguard?
What is the nickname of King Aegon V? (Not Egg)
Aegon the Unlikely
What was the nickname of Lyonel Baratheon?
The Laughing Storm
What is Hodors real name?
What family was the original kings of the Reach?
What familiy was the original kings of the Storm Lands? nicknamed the Storm Kings?
Who is the founder of house Stark?
Bran The Builder
Who is the founder of house Lannister?
Lann the Clever
Who built Harrenhal?
Harren Hoare
Where was the event that was called the Doom?
How many Free Cities are there?
9 (Braavos, Pentos, Lorath, Norvos, Qohor, Myr, Lys, Tyrosh and Volantis)
Who was the First Sword to the Sea Lord of Braavos?
Syrio Forel
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