"Behind the Bastards" Bastards

A selection of horrible people covered by the podcast "Behind the Bastards"
does not include every single episode subject, just the ones i found most interesting
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Last updated: March 25, 2024
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Cartoonist who abandoned the child who made him his fortune
Hank Ketcham ("Dennis The Menace")
Tech founder who stabbed his best friend in the back, took credit for his genius
Steve Jobs
Slave owner and treasonous military leader, lionized by revisionist history
Robert E. Lee
Cult leader, prankster, and "game caller" who may have been working with the CIA
Marion Petty (The Finders)
Orange County's fascist politician
John Schmitz
European warlord weirdly obsessed with his mother's hands
Kaiser Wilhelm
"War Crimes Forrest Gump" Vietnam era foreign policy advisor to Nixon and Ford
Henry Kissinger
Radioactivity based medical quack
William Bailey
Cryptocurrency fraudster with no sense of style
Sam Bankman-Fried
Late 1800s cult leader who had sex with many underage girls
Edmund Creffield (Holy Rollers cult)
Infamous Romanian ruler, slaughtered and tortured numerous people
Vlad Dracula (Vlad the Impaler)
Fascist lawyer, political burglar, and "White House plumber"
G. Gordon Liddy (Watergate)
Dangerous breathing technique teacher who abandoned his children
Wim Hof
Racist and antisemitic cult leader, also known as 'Yoneq'
Elbert Spriggs (12 Tribes)
Racist and homophobic governor and one-time presidential candidate
Ron DeSantis
Latin American military dictator, responsible for over 40,000 murders
Rafael Trujillo
Cartoonist turned political pundit with bizarre ideas about persuasion
Scott Adams ("Dilbert")
Tech founder notorious for breach of contract, theft of labor, and being annoying on social media
Elon Musk
Sports/entertainment mogul, famous for worker exploitation and sexual assault
Vince McMahon {WWE)
A Nazi physician who experimented on human beings for no real scientific benefit
Josef Mengele
Misogynistic hustle culture influencer and sex trafficker
Andrew Tate
Transphobic professor obsessed with order and chaos, wrote a self-help book
Jordan Peterson
"The Jeffrey Epstein of the fashion world"
Peter Nygard
Closeted lawyer who worked with Joe McCarthy, died of AIDS
Roy Cohn
Religious radio host who championed gay conversion therapy
James Dobson (Focus on the Family)
Brazilian faith healer and serial sex criminal
John of God
Homophobic right-wing pundit, famous for dunking on college students
Ben Shapiro
Founder of a magazine that recruited mercenaries and allowed people to hire hitmen
Robert Brown (Soldier of Fortune)
Yoga instructor who fled the country rather than pay a judgement for sexual assault
Bikram Choudhury
Extremely repressive Eastern European communist dictator
Nicolae Ceausescu
Italian explorer who committed numerous atrocities upon the native people he "discovered"
Christopher Columbus
Very probably corrupt Supreme Court justice, credibly accused of sexual harrasment
Clarence Thomas
New York City planner who used his power to segregate the city
Robert Moses
Right-wing conspiracy theorist, recipient of largest defamation judgment in US history
Alex Jones
80s director responsible for the deaths of three people on set, two of them children
John Landis
Early 20th century actor, terrible misogynist and male chauvinist
John Wayne
British nobleman responsible for the death of over a million Irish people
Sir Charles Trevelyan
Antisemitic Russian ruler, tragically out of touch
Tsar Nicholas Romanov II
Founder of a children's organization that facilitated decades of sexual assault
Robert Baden-Powell (The Boy Scouts)
Southwestern sherriff who ran concentration camps in his county
Joe Arpaio
Deeply religious reality TV star and horrific child sexual predator
Josh Duggar
The Nazi that designed the Holocaust, called "The young, evil god of death"
Reinhard Heydrich
Talk show "Doctor" who gives terrible advice and exploits people's problems for ratings
Phil McGraw
World class surgeon and TV Doctor who pushes miracle cure supplements
Mehmet Oz
Conservative radio host who celebrated the deaths of AIDS victims on air
Rush Limbaugh
High school history teacher who turned his class into teenage fascists as an experiment
Ron Jones (The Third Wave)
Conservative culture warrior who inspired the Serena Joy character in A Handmaid's Tale
Phyllis Schlafly
70s and 80s televangelist convicted of fraud; Returned to televangelism upon release from prison
Jim Bakker
Science fiction writer who founded one of the most successful cults in history
L. Ron Hubbard
The preacher who founded an evangelical university and the Religious Right
Jerry Falwell
Financier and prolific sex criminal who killed himself in prison (probably...)
Jeffrey Epstein
Cult leader and racketeer whose female followers branded themselves with his initials
Keith Raniere
The self-proclaimed "Health ranger" who runs fake news website Natural News
Mike Adams
Female entrepreneur and grifter who consciously mimicked the style of Steve Jobs
Elizabeth Holmes (Theranos)
Racist founder of the American Nazi Party
George Lincoln Rockwell
British ex-doctor who falsified a medical study that gave birth to the modern anti-vaccine movement
Andrew Wakefield
Political strategist and advisor to Donald Trump with a tattoo of Richard Nixon on his back
Roger Stone
Harvard dropout and social media billionaire who sells your information for profit
Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook)
One of the greatest directors of all time who tortured his friends and employees
Alfred Hitchcock
President and First Lady that propogated the AIDS crisis
Ronald and Nancy Reagan
R&B singer who ran a vicious sex cult
R. Kelly
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feel free to point out which ones aren't legit and I'll invite you to listen to the episodes in questions to find out why they are.