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2122022-07-21Lineups: UCL Final 2022
1342022-07-29US States and Capitals Quiz
1152022-09-03All Car Brands Owned by German Companies
992022-07-21Lineups: UCL Final 2019
932022-07-21Lineups: UCL Final 2018
832022-07-21Lineups: UCL Final 2020
812022-07-2015 Biggest Football Stadiums in the UK
752022-07-21Lineups: UCL Final 2017
732022-07-21Lineups: UCL Final 2021
712022-07-20Countries With The Most Fortune 500 Companies
692022-07-21Top 20 Countries: Biggest Stadiums
692022-07-29Top 5 Things: Europe
682022-08-02"Higher-Lower Game": Geography
652022-09-12Queen Elizabeth II´s 70 Years in Power, Visualized
652022-08-02Top 5 Things: United States
632022-08-02All Countries To Bid For a FIFA World Cup
552022-07-29The World´s Most Respected "Made in..." Labels
522022-07-21Top 25 Cities With The Most Skyscrapers
482023-08-09Lineups: UCL Final 2023
452022-07-19Managers: Premier League Winners
422022-07-31The Ultimate Quiz of Europe
422022-09-05Premier League 22/23 Kits Quiz
412022-08-01Top 5 Exporters by Continent
382022-07-222nd Biggest City in European Countries
362022-07-20Countries Without Free Internet
362022-07-20Bundesliga Kit Sponsors 22/23
362023-08-26Countries Germany Issues a Travel Warning For
332022-09-15Which Countries Do You Pass Through?
312022-09-032023 Top 5 Leagues Quiz
312022-07-26Most Followed American Sports Teams on Instagram
312022-09-19Countries That Have Given The Highest Prison Sentences
272022-08-03Which European Capital?
262023-08-17Largest Cities in the "Rhein Ruhr" Area
212022-07-21Top 20 Countries: Prisoners
202022-12-14American Sports Venues Suffixes
172022-07-18Managers´ Nationalities: European Trophies