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100 questions about NBA basketball for the true fans of the game
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Last updated: August 31, 2023
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He is on the logo for the league
Jerry West
Team that originally drafted Kobe Bryant before trading him later that day
Charlotte Hornets
Nigerian also referred to as "The Dream"
Hakeem Olajuwon
Former Rockets GM Daryl Morey came under fire after tweeting an image in support of this territory's fight for freedom
Hong Kong
Where the Thunder played before relocating to Oklahoma City (as a different team name)
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar made this shot style famous as he was nearly unstoppable doing it
Sky Hook
The only player to score 100+ points in an NBA game
Wilt Chamberlain
Malice at the Palace was a famous brawl involving Ron Artest and fans in 2004 that took place in this city
Originally, the hoops were made from baskets made to hold these fruits
Every team in the league uses maple wood for their court except for this team, who instead uses red oak
Boston Celtics
This player became the youngest to win league MVP at just 22 years old
Derrick Rose
"We the North" became the rallying call for this franchise on their run to a title
Toronto Raptors
The number of times that a Michael Jordan led team lost in the NBA Finals
Former player known as "The Admiral" due to his time at Navy
David Robinson
This NBA stadium is the only one not named for a corporation
Madison Square Garden
Phil Jackson was famous for running this style of offense that would help power his teams to many championships
For the 1992 Olympics, NBA players were finally allowed to play in basketball and the loaded team produced by the USA went on to be known by this nickname
The Dream Team
The current commissioner of the NBA
Adam Silver
This Sudanese player is thought to be the tallest person to ever play in the league standing at a staggering height of 7'7
Manute Bol
Former player known as "The Round Mound of Rebound"
Charles Barkley
This team had their stadium name rights bought by crypto company FTX, but were forced to change it soon after due to the company's notable bankruptcy
Miami Heat
All-time leader in career assists
John Stockton
Although listed as Canadian, Steve Nash was actually born in this country
South Africa
The number of on-court officials during a game
Celebrity Knicks fan that is very commonly seen sitting courtside at home games
Spike Lee
This team features retro jerseys with rainbow stripes behind the city skyline and mountains, making it one of the more iconic jerseys in league history
Denver Nuggets
This player had their shot blocked in Game 7 the 2016 Finals by LeBron James in what would later be known simply as "Le Block"
Andre Iguodala
Referee Tim Donaghy was fired in 2007 after he was found out to be doing this
Fixing Games
This female sportscaster has grown to great fame for her calls of NBA games and general knowledge about the sport. She has even been part of NBA Finals broadcasts
Doris Burke
Player that sparked an "insanity" due to his tremendous play in a short period during the 2012 season
Jeremy Lin
Amir Johnson in 2005 became the last player to be drafted from this pool of players
High School
Michael Jordan was the majority owner of this franchise from 2010 until early 2023 when he sold for a massive profit
Charlotte Hornets
Kardashians have been known to date NBA players, but Kim notably married this player in 2011 and remained married to him for a whopping 72 days
Kris Humphries
He was the first person to dunk from the free throw line, even before His Airness did it
Julius Erving
This team plays their home games at Oracle Arena
Golden State Warriors
Kind of foul that when assessed, depending on the degree, can result in your ejection from the game
Flagrant 2 Foul
Dwight Howard was nicknamed Superman, but in the 2009 Slam Dunk Contest this small stature player jumped over him wearing all green in his "Kryptonite" uniform
Nate Robinson
In 2013, the Boston Celtics agreed to a massive trade with this team in which they sent multiple aging superstars away in return for many valuable draft picks. It has gone down as one of the most lopsided trades in NBA history
Brooklyn Nets
Month that the NBA Finals typically take place
During the 2020 Covid season, the NBA had the playoffs played in an isolated area that was referred to as this
The Bubble
Former player that appears on popular show "Inside the NBA" alongside Hall of Famers Shaquille O'Neal and Charles Barkley
Kenny Smith
This company is responsible for making all of the regulation NBA basketballs
The Pacers play in this city
Player known for wagging his finger after blocking a shot
Dikembe Mutombo
In the 2022-23 season, this team made the playoffs for the first time since 2006, ending the longest active playoff drought in the league at the time
Sacramento Kings
With the above team ending their playoff drought, this team now holds the longest such streak after missing the playoffs the last 7 seasons
Charlotte Hornets
He is known as the inventor of basketball
James Naismith
The All-Star Game MVP Award was renamed to honor this former player
Kobe Bryant
Commonly seen in soccer, this act of pretending to take more contact than actually received has quickly become a growing issue in the league
The first 14 picks of the NBA draft are collectively known as this, named after the method for determining the order of the picks
Number of points Kobe Bryant scored in his farewell game
This team has a mostly green dragon named Stuff as their mascot
Orlando Magic
Country that current star Luka Doncic hails from
This league is essentially seen as the minor leagues for the NBA, now allowing players to go straight into it in lieu of going to college. It doesn't have nearly the same popularity yet though
Landmark that can be seen in the Wizards primary current logo
Washington Monument
The 2015-16 Warriors set the NBA record for wins during the regular season by winning this amount of games
This former player turned NBA pundit is famously known as being the primary defender on Kobe Bryant the night he went off for 81 points in 2006
Jalen Rose
Former player known as the "Big Ticket"
Kevin Garnett
During Michael Jordan's two season hiatus, this team won the championship both seasons
Houston Rockets
This nickname was given to the early 90s Pistons teams as a result of their extremely physical (and sometimes dirty) play
Bad Boy
This singer sang the National Anthem at the 2018 All-Star game and was actually laughed at because of the horrendous alterations to the song she made
In the 2011 Slam Dunk Contest, this player dunked over a car on his way to winning the title
Blake Griffin
JJ Redick, Grant Hill, and Kyrie Irving are all notable alumni of this university
NBA teams get 6 of these per game (not considering overtime)
Former player known as "The Mailman"
Karl Malone
The 50-40-90 club is for players that shoot 50% from the field, 40% from three, and 90% from this location all in the same season
Free Throw
Notable billionaire Mark Cuban made his stamp on the NBA when he purchased this franchise
Dallas Mavericks
In 2011, the then New Orleans Hornets tried to trade this player to the Lakers, but the deal was blocked by commissioner David Stern who was the acting owner of the team
Chris Paul
Excited to make his Celtics debut on opening night in 2018, this player had his day (and season) ruined after gruesomely breaking his leg not even 10 minutes in to the game
Gordon Hayward
The only city that has two NBA teams sharing a venue
Los Angeles
In 2014, the Atlanta Hawks officially announced a logo redesign that was met with some scrutiny that compared the new logo to this popular arcade game character
This current player is easily the most notable to come out of Weber State University
Damian Lillard
Notable Raptors fan that can often be seen courtside interacting with players of both teams
Player that has the most championship rings to their name, amassing 11 total
Bill Russell
The Celtics and Lakers are tied for most championships for a franchise at this number
This team passed on Kevin Durant with the first overall pick in the 2007 Draft, a decision that would prove to be a horrible mistake especially given how their pick panned out
Portland Trail Blazers
The player now known as Metta World Peace was formerly known as...
Ron Artest
This university has produced the most NBA players all time
This team's ex-owner was blackballed from the league in 2014 after racially insensitive comments he made surfaced sparking outcry throughout the league
Los Angeles Clippers
When the referee blows the whistle and makes a "T" shape with their hands, they are making this call
Technical Foul
The number of teams that make their home in California
This German shooter was a fixture in the league for many years and ultimately finished in the top 10 all-time in scoring
Dirk Nowitzki
Magic Johnson's real first name
In the 2017 draft, the Celtics traded back and took Jayson Tatum at #3. The 76ers trade up and took this player at #1. It did not turn out like they would have liked
Markelle Fultz
This sharpshooter from tiny Indiana State University would go on to be one of the best in league history, some would call him a legend
Larry Bird
This was the name of the team that used to play in Cincinnati. They eventually moved to Kansas City before ultimately settling in Sacramento with a new name
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar spent time with this franchise before becoming a Los Angeles Laker
Milwaukee Bucks
Movie featuring Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes cast
Space Jam
This Grizzlies star will start the 2023-24 season suspended due to his frequent appearances on live social media with firearms present
Ja Morant
Benny is the mascot for this team
Chicago Bulls
City that LeBron James grew up in
Akron, Ohio
NBA player married to actress Gabrielle Union
Dwayne Wade
The only team whose current primary logo features a human
Boston Celtics
All-time leader in 3 pointers made
Stephen Curry
The NBA Hall of Fame is found in this state
Former player known as "White Chocolate"
Jason Williams
Before changing their name to the Wizards, the Washington franchise was known as this
Recently resurfacing after the Nuggets won the championship, the draft pick that would be the selection of Nikola Jokic was announced while the draft was at commercial and an ad for this fast food restaurant was playing
Taco Bell
Former player that claims to have slept with at least 20,000 women during his lifetime
Wilt Chamberlain
This popular docuseries outlining the Jordan-era Bulls was released in 2020
The Last Dance
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