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100 NFL football questions for the true football fans
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Last updated: April 18, 2024
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City that the Hall of Fame is located in
Canton, Ohio
Number of Super Bowls won by Tom Brady
The smallest city by population that hosts an NFL team
Green Bay
NFL team that most recently relocated cities
Star player nicknamed "The Juice"
OJ Simpson
Player that has the record for most interceptions thrown by a rookie QB
Peyton Manning
This school had 15 players drafted in 2022, a single year record
University of Georgia
The Man of the Year award is named after this former player
Walter Payton
Current head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers
Mike Tomlin
This team lost four straight Super Bowls in the early 1990s
Buffalo Bills
City that has hosted the most Super Bowls
Eli Manning was originally drafted by this team
San Diego Chargers
Division that the Indianapolis Colts play in
AFC South
This stadium is the home of the Kansas City Chiefs
Arrowhead Stadium
Former star player that was suspended for their role with dogfighting
Michael Vick
Rob Gronkowski threatened retirement to avoid being traded to this team
Detroit Lions
Name of the team that played in Houston prior to the Texans
Last name of the only brothers to matchup in the Super Bowl as opposing head coaches
Former player nicknamed "Megatron"
Calvin Johnson
In 2023, the NFL will have its first regular season game played in this country
This team has been a gamblers favorite since 2015 as they have not lost a preseason game for a record 24 straight (as of 08/15/2023)
Baltimore Ravens
The most recent team to not win a single game for a whole season
Cleveland Browns
Most notable player to be drafted out of the University of Miami Ohio
Ben Roethlisberger
The Cowboys traded this star to the Vikings for a haul of draft picks that would go on to help create their 1990s dynasty
Herschel Walker
Star singer that notably had a wardrobe malfunction while performing half time of the Super Bowl
Janet Jackson
The New England Patriots home stadium is in this Massachusetts city
Team that suffered the largest collapse in Super Bowl history in 2017
Atlanta Falcons
Player that won MVP in 2015 and is known for his Superman style celebration
Cam Newton
Although the altitude in Denver makes it easiest to kick in, Justin Tucker set the record for longest field goal while playing in this city in 2021
Geographically, this team is the furthest north in the league
Seattle Seahawks
Much-hated owner Dan Snyder finally sold this team in 2023
Washington Commanders
This former #1 overall draft pick by the Raiders is often viewed as the biggest bust in NFL history
JaMarcus Russell
Only one team is publicly owned by its fans. Which team is that?
Green Bay Packers
This former star player was blackballed from the league after video of him knocking out his fiancee in an elevator circulated in 2014
Ray Rice
George Halas is notable as being the founder of which NFL franchise?
Chicago Bears
If a player is tackled inside their own endzone, the other team gets this amount of points
This former coach and announcer is the namesake of a popular NFL video game series
John Madden
Term for when a defense sends a large number of attackers at the quarterback
This team's stadium was used to temporarily house dislocated people as a result of Hurricane Katrina in 2005
New Orleans Saints
Chad Johnson famously changed his last name to this to pay homage to his number
Ocho Cinco
When a player on offense illegally moves before the snap, this penalty is called
False Start
Term for when players group together before a play to receive a play call
This Cowboys owner/GM was elected into the Hall of Fame in 2023
Jerry Jones
Sunday Night Football is broadcasted on this TV network
When the quarterback throws the ball to the endzone in a desperate attempt at the end of a half, it is known as this
Hail Mary
A popular breakfast food or when an offensive lineman flattens a defender
This coach is notorious for his brief interviews and short responses to members of the media, not to mention his cut-off hoodies
Bill Belichick
Seahawks fans, known for their loudness, are collectively referred to as this
The 12th Man
The Detroit Lions are one of the oldest teams in the league and have notably played in this amount of Super Bowls
The player within the last 5 years who has signed the richest deal in NFL history
Patrick Mahomes
Former player nicknamed "Primetime"
Deion Sanders
Jamal Anderson popularized this touchdown dance while playing for the Atlanta Falcons, it is also a nickname for the team today
Dirty Bird
Player known for kneeling during the National Anthem, generating a lot of backlash
Colin Kaepernick
If a kickoff results in a touchback, the ball comes out to this yardline
The Rams played in this city for awhile before moving back to Los Angeles
St. Louis
Light blue and black are the primary colors for this team
Carolina Panthers
The draft combine has been held in this city for the last handful of years
When a coach throws a red flag onto the field, they want to do this
The two most common types of defense are man-to-man and this
Emmitt Smith finished his Hall of Fame career as a member of this team
Arizona Cardinals
The first black starting quarterback to win a Super Bowl
Doug Williams
The Super Bowl trophy is named after this former coach
Vince Lombardi
Maurice Jones-Drew, Fred Taylor, and Leonard Fournette were all at one point featured running backs for this team
Jacksonville Jaguars
Famous play known only as "The Catch" was made by this 49ers player
Dwight Clark
In 2002, this team won its first ever Super Bowl
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Teams get three of these for each half and they can't be taken with you
2001 Super Bowl MVP was known as one of the scariest players in the league for how violent his hits could be
Ray Lewis
The A in AFC stand for this
Either of the two teams that share their name with an NHL franchise
Panthers | Jets
Player with the most kick/punt return touchdowns all time
Devin Hester
The orange posts at each corner of the endzone are called this
This team was the loser of Super Bowl I
Kansas City Chiefs
When a defensive player tackles the QB behind the line of scrimmage, it is known as this statistical play
Early 2000s Patriots linebacker that would come in as a receiver in goal-line sets
Mike Vrabel
This offensive lineman was featured in the movie the Blind Side
Michael Oher
City the Colts played in before moving to their current home in Indianapolis
Player that thought they sacked Tom Brady in what would become known as the Tuck Rule play
Charles Woodson
This former Redskins head coach also has a NASCAR team in his name
Joe Gibbs
This Louisiana university's football field has surprisingly hosted a Super Bowl before
Fans of this team have a chant where they yell "Skol" as they clap their hands above their heads
Minnesota Vikings
This player is forever known for losing fingers in a firework related accident
Jason Pierre-Paul
Name of the stadium that is the home of the Green Bay Packers
Lambeau Field
Play where the running back fakes like they are running the ball before lateraling it back to the QB who passes the ball deep to a hopefully wide open receiver
Flea Flicker
Former player whose hair was insured for $1million by Head and Shoulders
Troy Polamalu
This position is abbreviated as FB
Full Back
This daughter of the Buffalo Bills owners is a current WTA tennis star ranked in the top 20
Jessica Pegula
Tua Tagovailoa is one of the few QBs that have made it to the league known for this trait
This QB is considered the best to ever go to college at one of the military academies
Roger Staubach
Player that was fined for pretending to pull his pants down and moon the Packers fans after he scored a touchdown
Randy Moss
How the team who gets first possession of each game is decided
Coin flip
Tom Brady grew up as a fan of this team, idolizing their QB
San Francisco 49ers
Current commissioner of the NFL
Roger Goodell
Where the Pro Bowl was hosted prior to being moved to Las Vegas for the 2022 season
When the ball is inside the opponent's 20 yard line, you are considered to be here
Red Zone
Former player nicknamed "Beast Mode"
Marshawn Lynch
Former Bears kicker Cody Parkey missed a game-winning field goal attempt against the Eagles in the 2018 NFC Wild Card game and it became known as this
Double Doink
Joe Montana, Alan Page, and Tim Brown are alumni of this university
Notre Dame
Upon its completion in 2024, this team will set the record for having the largest outdoor HD video board featured in a US sports stadium
New England Patriots
How many teams' stadiums are located in the state of Maryland
Host of the very popular RedZone Channel from NFL Network
Scott Hanson
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Aug 28, 2023
Jets also share a name with NHL team
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Aug 28, 2023
Updated, thanks for the find that is a bad miss on my part
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Feb 27, 2024