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Time to put on your lab coat and goggles to answer 100 questions across the field of science
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Last updated: August 21, 2023
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This planet is the 6th furthest from the sun
Dmitri Mendeleev contributed to the realm of science with his creation of this
Periodic Table
Husband and wife duo that discovered radium and polonium
Pierre and Marie Curie
The collarbone is also known as this officially in anatomy
On Origin of Species by Charles Darwin explained his theory on...
This project as chiefly conducted in Los Alamos, New Mexico in the 1900s
Manhattan Project
Alexander Fleming is known for his creation of this effective antibiotic
When air is 20°C, this is measured to be 343 meters per second
Speed of Sound
Reflection is when light bounces off a surface, but what is it called when light changes direction and speed while passing through a surface?
Structurally, plant cells have this defining feature while animal cells do not
Cell Wall
Ornithology is known as the study of this...
This type of gene is able to skip generations unlike its genial counterpart
Adult humans are supposed to have this amount of teeth
When you see Σ in math, you are being asked to find this
This element is the most abundant one found in Earth's atmosphere
A scientific assumption or tentative explanation that has not yet been tested
What it is called when the moon darkens as it passes into the Earth's shadow created by its placement in relation to the Sun
Lunar Eclipse
At 190 years old, Jonathan the ________ is the oldest known living land animal
For a while, Pluto was known as the 9th planet before being demoted to this status of planet
Dwarf Planet
Operation where a small camera travels into your body to take a look under the hood, so to speak
An Inconvenient Truth is a documentary by this man who looks to alert the public on his fear of increasing emergency due to Global Warming
Al Gore
This layer of Earth lies between the crust and the core
The Fujita Scale is used to measure this kind of meteorological event
In 1986, a nuclear reactor here faced a meltdown causing major damage and ecological fears of radiation spread and contamination
Soviet equivalent of an Astronaut
Caterpillars undergo this process in order to become butterflies
Crocodiles are so old, that they are believe to have been around in this geological period due to dating efforts on excavated fossils
This layer of the atmosphere is the outermost one
Healthy element that is found in abundance in fruits such as bananas
Supposedly, his theory of gravity came to him when an apple fell onto his head
Sir Isaac Newton
What taxonomic rank is represented by "Homo" in Homo Sapiens?
In which modern-day country did a meteor strike with such force that it killed off the population of dinosaurs?
This type of cells are responsible for fighting off disease as part of your imune system
White Blood Cells
Popular conspiracy theories believe that this site in the US houses intelligence surrounding aliens and their technology
Area 51
If something is said to be a nonagon, then it has this many sides
Angles that are greater than 90° are said to be...
Pathology is the study of this
According to World Atlas, only 2% of the world population have this color of eyes
The Aurora Borealis is more commonly referred to as the...
Northern Lights
There are 3 main types of rocks: igneous, metamorphic, and __________
This scientist was known as the Wizard of Menlo Park
Thomas Edison
In hit TV series Breaking Bad, main character Walter White takes his nickname based on this German physicist
Werner Heisenberg
Acrophobia is more commonly known as the fear of...
Henry Ford was able to much more efficiently produce his automobiles due to his implementation of this manufacturing process
Assembly Line
Number of hydrogen particles found in a single water molecule
This very illegal drug is only a slight difference from Adderall in terms of their chemical composition and they are referred to as cousin drugs
The compass is one of the most important inventions to come from this country
Popular movie that dealt with time travel as discovered by the wacky Doc Brown
Back to the Future
Opposite of Occidental
If you go see a podiatrist, it means that you are getting this part of your body checked out
When you mix cement, water, and aggregate such as rocks and sand, then you are going to get this product as a result
Name of the fin on a shark that sticks out of the water when it swims at the surface, typically eliciting fear out of any nearby swimmer
Dorsal fin
As trees age, they grow rings around their interior that when counted can tell you when the tree formed. How many years are represented by a single ring?
They larynx is also known as the....
A substance that is above 7 on a pH scale is considered to be this
North, west, east, and south are known as these type of directions
The only element to begin with the letter X
In 2014, this scary disease had a breakout in western Africa that ultimately led to the death of over 11,000 people
Sodium Chloride is more commonly referred to as...
"Tyrannosaurus" is Greek for Tyrant ______
This animal is currently the largest living animal on Earth
Blue Whale
Dog is to canine as cat is to ______
This fiction novel scientist created a living being out of the remains of human compost but was utterly horrified by his creation
Bats use this form of sonar locating in order to fly around at night and find food
Henry Stanley was sent to the Congo to find this missing Scottish physician who was lost while on a mission trip through the jungle
David Livingstone
Whose law says that if something can go wrong, then it will?
Murphy's Law
This hormone is a favorite among most people as it gives your brain the sense of pleasure and reward
ALS is also named after a former baseball star that died prematurely as a result of contracting the disease
Lou Gehrig
In humans, men have this type of chromosome while women do not
In Jurassic Park, what substance was purchased in abundance because it often had fossilized mosquitos that had consumed dinosaur blood inside of it? That blood then went towards reproducing the dinosaurs that wrecked havoc in the park
Nicola Tesla was responsible for the discovery of this type of electrical current
Diamonds are composed primarily of this element
People with this blood type are known as being universal donors
O Negative
This candy when combined with Coca Cola can spark a fizzy eruption
The primary reason why it is faster when you fly from west to east over the US
Jet Stream
Type of gas used during WWI that was promptly banned under international laws of war following the conclusion of the conflict
Of all of the large species of cats, only this one has claws that are not fully retractable
A massive super-volcano lies below this famous national park in the US
Subatomic particle that has a negative charge
What you call lava when it is still below surface-level
The colorful part of your eye is called the...
Type of clouds that are high in the sky and usually very thin, often seen on a nice weather day
This astronomical body is responsible for the tides of the waters on Earth
Who is known for his improvements upon the Scientific Method as well as being referred to as the father of empiricism?
Sir Francis Bacon
Name of the asteroid belt that circles the Milky Way and surrounds all of its planets
Kuiper Belt
This is known as the resistance of any object to motion without the application of an external force
Coal, natural gas, and petroleum oil are all examples of this
Fossil Fuels
Which element is often referred to as yellow cake variety?
The initial outbreak of the COVID-19 virus originated from this city
According to horoscope, the birthstone for people born in the month of July is...
First person to theorize that the sun is at the center of the universe rather than the Earth
Nicolaus Copernicus
If a resource is able to be recycled and reused, then it is said to be this...
When someone refers to your mandible, they are referring to which part of your body?
The third most common measure of temperature behind Fahrenheit and Celsius is...
Instead of eating physical food, organisms like plankton and algae eat sunlight using this process
Ancient Egyptians used this plant that grew in abundance along the Nile River as paper to write things down on
This fibrous material used to be used as a thermal and electrical insulator in homes and buildings until it was discovered to have many adverse health effects in the 1970s
What the D in LED stands for
If you have halitosis, it means that you have this...
Bad Breath
Alcohol is created by this process where yeast breaks down sugars in carbohydrates and in turn creates ethanol
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