The Godfather Novel Multiple Choice

Can you answer these questions about Mario Puzo's award winning novel, the Godfather?
Quiz by Boykins
Last updated: August 22, 2023
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1. What business was seen as the legal face of the Corleone family wealth to the outside world?
Grocery Store operation
Textile factory manufacturing
Olive Oil importation
Restaurant industry
2. Where did the idea of the last name Corleone come from?
The middle name of Vito's father
The name of the village in Italy Vito was born into
Vito thought it sounded tough and gave him grit
To pay homage to family friends that were murdered in Sicily
3. Tom's appointment to consigliere was frowned upon by the other families because...?
He was not a blood-related member of the family
He had not yet "earned his bones"
He was not college educated
He was not of Sicilian blood
4. All of the following are names of the wives of the Corleone sons EXCEPT?
5. True or False? Vito was devastated by the death of Sonny because he was the clear choice of the Don to take over the family business
6. Which decision of Michael's enraged the Don who saw to it as extremely unnecessary?
To enlist in the Marines in WWII
To enroll in college instead of stay home
Refusal to ever receive a driver's license
His choice to be sober for life
7. What action in particular is Don Vito very old-school with and against all together? He even puts his own son Fredo in bad graces as a result of this action.
Sex outside marriage
Binge drinking
8. Why does Kay become a stout Catholic at the end of the novel?
Michael and his family finally convince her to do so
She has a near-death experience and thanks God for her survival
She was desperate to fit in and be accepted by Mama Corleone
She is terrified by Michael's actions and does so to pray for his soul
9. Who was bribed to help lure Sonny Corleone out of the family mall to his death?
Luca Brazi
Carlo Rizzi
Albert Neri
10. While hiding out in Sicily, what near-death experience does Michael survive?
Poisoned wine
Bomb placed in his car
An assassin while he slept
A bite from a very venomous spider
11. All of the following are families in the New York underground scene EXCEPT?
12. Where do the Corleone's plan to take the family business to after the death of the Don?
Los Angeles
Las Vegas
13. True or False? Although becoming very rich and popular, Nino Valenti still hates the Hollywood lifestyle and all of the fame that comes with being a movie star which is why he drinks himself to oblivion
14. "I'll make him an offer he can't refuse" is one of the most famous quotes of the novel. What is the context to why an offer is needed in the first place?
Sollozzo is tempting the Don hard to join into drug trafficking
Johnny Fontane needs to revive his career but the studio refuses to give him a role
A new judge is pushing hard to prosecute against the Corleone family
Don Vito wants to retake his lost territory on Staten Island taken by the Barzini family
15. Who played Vito Corleone in the film adaptation of the novel directed by Francis Ford Coppola?
Al Pacino
Robert de Niro
Marlon Brando
Sylvester Stallone
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