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36,6202021-10-20 Countries With The Most NHL Hockey Players
24,7852022-02-13 NFL Teams that Have Never Won a Super Bowl
3,7442016-04-14Countries with the most NBA Players (excluding USA)
3,4762019-10-13NFL Teams To Win Back-to-Back Superbowls
9722017-01-12NHL, MLB and NBA team logos with a face in them (2016)
9722016-02-01NHL, NFL, NBA and MLB Teams with colours in their name
8392016-02-25NHL, NBA, NFL and MLB teams named for states
7972021-04-20States without professional sports teams
7702016-05-13Countries That Smoke The Most Marijuana
5442016-03-04NHL, MLB and NBA team names that don't end in "S"
5312016-04-12Top Selling NHL Jerseys
4502016-04-27Guess the Mystery Song
4102016-05-25NHL, MLB and NBA teams that have done a 3-peat
3672016-04-08MLB Teams That Won Back-to-Back World Series
3452016-04-06NHL Teams with Back-to-Back Stanley Cup Wins
2852016-03-08NHL Franchises that have never won a Stanely Cup
2572016-04-06Musical Acts A-Z
2462015-11-23NHL Teams By Past and present players
2192015-11-23NHL Teams that have won the Stanley Cup since 2000
1692015-11-26NHL Teams By Goalies (2015)
1662015-11-25NHL Teams by clue
1522016-04-05Combined Movie Titles
1502016-04-04Combined Song Titles
1492015-11-27Name the Loony Toons Characters
1432016-01-21NHL Players with 600+ Goals all time
1272016-04-12Famous Singers With The Greatest Vocal Ranges
1262019-07-15Countries with the most endemic species
1092016-02-04Beatles Songs that reached #1 in the U.S
1042016-05-26Cities with the worlds largest Zoos
1032016-02-04Rolling Stones U.S. #1 hits
1022015-11-21TV and Movies based on Shakespeare
1012016-04-04Combined Song Titles - With Artists
972016-01-29NHL, NFL, NBA and MLB Teams with animals in their name
922016-01-12NHL Players Nicknames
912016-04-01Largest Cities in Ontario - With hints
912016-02-17All Prime numbers under 100
862016-01-21Elements Whose Symbols Don't Match the Names
852016-01-21NHL Goalies with 400+ Wins All Time
852016-04-07Countries that drink the most tea per capita
832016-03-31Canadian Cities by Clue
782016-03-09Elements in the human body
732016-05-04Places Johnny Cash has been (song lyrics)
682019-01-09Top NHL teams by all time points percentage
642016-05-28Countries That Have Never Been Invaded By The British
602015-12-01Name the Futurama Characters
602016-01-21Bands with Food and Drink in the name
582016-05-19Pyramid Quiz
582015-11-17Simpsons Trivia
532018-09-25Last 10 Calder (NHL rookie of the year) winners
512016-04-11Musicians In Acting Roles
482016-03-09Fictional Bars and Restaurants
462016-06-13EA sports NHL cover athletes since '94
462016-04-01Largest Cities in Ontario
452016-02-25Simpsons Locations
442016-04-14Countries With The Youngest Leaders Since 1900
432016-03-09Elements that don`t end in "um" or "on"
422016-04-27Sonnet 18 by William Shakespeare
382015-11-17Simpsons Trivia #2
372015-11-19Futurama Trivia
322019-03-25Countries Who Have Never Won a Summer Olympic Medal
312016-03-14Element Symbols that are State Abbreviations
292016-03-09Elements Named for People
252016-06-08Largest Industries by state
172016-04-27Alone By Edgar Allen Poe
172015-12-02Works of fiction within other works of fiction