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Answer the Futurama Trivia Questions
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Last updated: November 19, 2015
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Who owns the company that makes most of the robots in the show?
What is the name of Hermes Conrad's wife?
LaBarbara Conrad
What is the name of the insane robot that carries a knife and likes to stab people?
What disease was professor Farnsworth exposed to while on a mission to kill the tritonian yeti with Dr. Zoidberg?
Who says the line "You seriously believe I'm descended from some kind of flightless manicotti?"
The Flying Spaghetti Monster
Who does Fry end up trading hands with in order to play the holophonor for Leela?
The Robot Devil
Who is Bender's favourite actor?
What television show does ^^^ appear on?
All My Circuits
What is the name of the alien news anchor with a large head?
What is the name of Fry's dog from the 20th century?
What is the real name of the member of the Robot Mafia known as Clamps?
Francis X. Clampazzo
What is the first robotic upgrade that Hermes gets in the episode "Six Million Dollar Mon"?
Chest Harpoon
What is the name of the frequently recurring robot police officer?
In the episode "Roswell that ends well", when the crew travels back in time to roswell in 1947, we find out that Fry is his own what?
Who is president Nixon's loyal headless vice president?
(Spiro) Agnew
Amy's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wong, own a ranch where they keep what type of creature?
What planet is Lrrr the ruler of?
Omicron Persei 8
What is the name of the ship that Zapp Brannigan is the captain of?
The Nimbus
Whose parents are basically just a swarm of flys?
Where does Zapp Brannigan grant Admiral Chew and the Carcarons exclusive fishing rights to?
Supernova Scotia
What field did Leela's mother study in university?
What sport does Leela's father enjoy?
Sewer Surfing
Who was responsible for pushing fry into the cryogenic tube?
Leo Wong wanted to bulldoze 12% of the milky way in order to build the universes largest what?
Miniature Golf Course
Who is Dr. Farnsworths arch rival?
Dr. Ogden Wernstrom
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