Simpsons Trivia #2

Answer the Simpsons Trivia Questions
Quiz by tom88
Last updated: November 17, 2015
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What was the name of the project that homer helped Hank Scorpio with?
Project Arcturus
What Football team did Homer receive as a thank you gift from Hank Scorpio?
The Denver Broncos
Who was Lisa's all time favourite supply teacher, voiced by Dustin Hoffman?
Mr. Bergstrom
Name any of the three towns that Lyle Lanley had previously sold monorails to
Brockway, Ogdenvill, North Haverbrook
What part did marge play in the production of A Streetcar Named Desire?
Blanche Dubois
Where does marge meet Jaques, the smooth frenchman who tries to seduce her?
The bowling alley
What was the name of the beautiful power plant employee that homer almost had an affair with?
Mindy Simmons
When Homer spends time in a mental institution, he meets a man who says his name is Michael Jackson. What does he eventually reveal is his real name?
Leon Kompowsky
Who voiced the "Space Coyote" that was Homer's spirit guide in his hallucination after eating guatamalan insanity peppers
Johnny Cash
After Springfield repeals their brief prohibition law, how does the town rid themselves of Rex Banner?
What was the name of the Cat burglar who stole the worlds largest cubic zirconium?
Who voiced Mr. Burns' lazy, long lost son, Larry?
Rodney Dangerfield
What fear does the psychiatrist, Dr. Zweig, help marge get over?
What popular TV character did Chester J. Lampwick create, but never got credit for until bart and lisa helped him prove it?
When the town rebuilds the Flander's home after a hurricane, what item in Rod and Todd's room does Bart tell them is 'load bearing"
Krusty The Clown Poster
When Lisa and her rival, Allison Taylor, compete in the diorama-rama, what book does Allison base her diorama after
The Tell-Tale Heart, by Edgar Allen Poe
What is the name of Marge's other suitor in highschool, who turned out to be a millionaire? (First and Last)
Artie Ziff
What is the name of Homer, Barney, Apu, and Skinner's music group?
The B Sharps
What band plays at Moe's when it's popularity rises due to the "Flaming Moe"?
What is the name of Lisa's grammar robot?
What is the name of Mr. Burns Childhood Teddy Bear, which briefly belongs to Maggie?
What is the name of Snake's Car?
Lil Bandit
What is the name of the female country singer that homer manages? (First and Last)
Lurleen Lumpkin
Who is the only character on the Simpsons who always has 5 fingers on each hand?
The gummy that Homer and Marge steal from the candy show is in the shape of what statue?
Venus De Milo
Level 87
Sep 3, 2020
Nice quiz, good mix of questions.