Tuvalu Country Quiz

Can you guess these facts about the country of Tuvalu?
Quiz by Pinoccio
Last updated: June 25, 2020
First submittedOctober 10, 2017
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Capital city
Official languages
Currency used by Tuvalu
Australian dollar
Region of Oceania in which Tuvalu lies
Country which lies about 850 km due south of Tuvalu
Former name of Tuvalu
Ellice Islands
Type of sea vessel which brought the original inhabitants to the islands
Country whose flag appears in the upper left corner of Tuvalu's flag
United Kingdom
What the nine stars on the flag of Tuvalu represent
Staple crop which comes from palm trees
51.6% of adults from Tuvalu are _____, the 4th highest rate of any country
Level 44
Mar 28, 2018
Nice quiz, could you make more fore the pacific island nations, because they dont receive that much of attention! 😁
Level 74
Jun 25, 2020
I thought the stars represented each of its nine citizens
Level 85
Jun 25, 2020
If you've ever dodged the crazy motorbike traffic in Funafuti, you'd know there are a few more Tuvaluans than that!
Level 72
Jun 25, 2020
And a lot of them are booming Tuvaluan rap as they ride! Who knew?
Level 67
Sep 20, 2020
lol. 12/12
Level 48
Jan 9, 2022
There is about 12,000 Tuvaluans, making it the 3rd least populous country, behind Nauru (9,000) and Vatican City (850)
Level 58
Jun 29, 2020
Atolls should be accepted for islands
Level 55
Mar 20, 2021
There are three islands and six atolls. So, 9 atolls would be inaccurate.
Level 72
Jul 3, 2020
Easy 😎. That project I did on Tuvalu in the 4th grade really helped
Level 61
Jul 6, 2020
How did I miss the joint 4th most answered question? Answer: I have no idea.
Level 68
Jan 10, 2021
Please accept atolls for islands
Level 87
Jan 11, 2021
Got them all except the former name question.
Level 59
Jan 11, 2021
I tried obese on so many questions, I didn't even bother on this one.
Level 73
Jan 11, 2021
Something about the .tv sale would be interesting here. I believe that when the deal was made, US$50 million represented approximately five times Tuvalu's GDP. Also, Tuvalu is on the short list of countries that may be abandoned first due to global warming-caused sea level rise.
Level 23
Jan 11, 2021
What about saying "The Nine Islands" instead of just islands. Anyway great quiz!😁
Level 23
Feb 11, 2021
I am from Tuvalu
Level 48
Mar 22, 2021
Cool! Hello from the USA
Level 41
Oct 10, 2021
i am from Sealand
Level 70
Mar 6, 2021
“Main islands” not an acceptable type in!?
Level 53
Oct 28, 2021
maybe accept Vaiaku? it is considered a capital
Level 37
Jul 25, 2022
Tuvalu has another currency called the Tuvaluan Dollar, although it is pegged to the Australian Dollar.
Level 37
Jul 25, 2022
There is an island of Fiji which is around 315km from Tuvalu.
Level 37
Jul 25, 2022
Level 53
Oct 10, 2022