Statistics for U.S. Government & Politics - Multiple Choice

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Which of the following illustrates an economic policy most likely supported by an ideologically liberal individual?Congress increasing the minimum wage
In which of the following ways could the president try to limit the impact of a Supreme Court decision?Instructing the Department of Justice to not enforce a provision of the decision
The president is most likely to use an executive order to make important policy whena compromise cannot be reached with Congress
Which of the following policies is most likely to cause tension between the competing values of individualism and equality of opportunity?Implementing affirmative action programs
Which of the following best illustrates the concept of iron triangles?The long-term relationships between agencies, congressional committees, and interest groups in specific policy areas
Which of the following is a consequence of candidate-centered campaigns?Candidates’ ability to appeal to voters can outweigh the importance of experience and policy positions
According to the United States Constitution, all revenue bills mustoriginate in the House of Representatives
Which of the following arguments best supports a claim that the electoral college violates democratic principles?Smaller states are disproportionately advantaged by the two additional electoral votes granted to each state for its senators.
Bureaucratic rule-making is best defined asguidelines issued by government agencies, which provide specific details about how a policy will be implemented
Which of the following scenarios would be considered an unconstitutional use of state power?A state places a tax on furniture made overseas.
Which of the following important functions of democracy would most likely be more difficult without political parties?Educating the public about upcoming elections
The legislative process at the national level of government reflects the intent of the framers of the Constitution to create a legislature that would beslow and deliberate in the law-making process
Which of the following scenarios would most likely be considered a violation of the Fourth Amendment?A suspect’s cell phone is analyzed by police before a warrant is issued.
Which of the following statements describes a difficulty presidents face in the policy implementation process?Because of civil service laws, it is not easy for the president to remove professional bureaucrats when they disagree with the president’s agenda.
Which of the following powers allows both the federal and state governments to make policies involving taxation?Implied powers

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