Anarchist schools of thought

I name the principles of these anarchist schools of thought, and you fill them in!
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A capitalist anarchist ideology that utilizes black markets and counter-economics.
An anarchist ideology, according to which the state and patriarchy are closely tied to one another, and that it is impossible to destroy one without the other.
An anarchist ideology which is essentially the logical conclusion of Right-Libertarian thought, upholding private property and the the NAP.
One of the first anarchist ideologies, once the greatest leftist rival to Marxism; Believes in a system of labor notes but rejects markets as capitalist and unjust.
An anarchist system that believes in establishing a classless, stateless, moneyless society without a transitionary state.
An anarchist ideology inspired by the works of Dorothy Day, combining anarchy and a certain catholic third-positionist economic system.
An anarchist ideology that deems the individual above all, while staying leftist economically. It has an American and a European branch, inspired by Proudhon and Stirner respectively.
A system of anarchist thought that believes that the state should consist of as little people as possible, thus resulting in an anarchist "monarch" who's only job is to uphold anarchy.
Influened by the Russian Nihilist movement, this ideology deems the state, tradition, family, law and morals as false constructs, rejecting them entirely, and usually utilizes terrorism as a working strategy to bring on an anarchist revolution.
An anarchist school of thought that openly condemns bloody revolutions and believes that peaceful protests and non-violent direct action are the best tools to get rid of the state.
An anti-technology anarchist ideology that is in favor of going back to a pre-agricultural, hunter-gatherer way of life.
A method of anarchist organization based on worker unions driving the revolution. Was massively popular in Spain in the 1930s.
An anarchist ideology based on the belief that technological advancement and abolishment of dogmatic and progressive institutions of the past will lead to a perfect anarchist society.
Not a fully anarchist ideology, but often described as one, based on extreme environmentalism linked to a theory of Social Ecology and Libertarian Municipalism.
Bookchin Communalism
Inspired by the writings of Leo Tolstoy and Henry David Thoreau, this ideology is religious and pacifist.
Christian Anarchism
An anarchist ideology that utilizes computer technology to create anarchy and rejects property rights.
An anarchist ideology that's main emphasis is on protecting the environment.
A anarchist ideology, but primarily a philosophy of Max Stirner, emphasising the individual above all institutions such as the state or a moral code.
An anarchist ideology that is capitalist, but believes in conditional lad ownership and a single Land Value Tax.
A reactionary, capitalist, anti-democratic and anti-communist anarchist ideology, closely tied to paleolibertarianism. Sometimes thought of as an inspiration to Neo-Reactionary thought.
An individualist anarchist ideology which utilizes crime as a tool of creating anarchy, usually justifying it with an Egoist philosophy.
An exceptionally violent anarchist school of thought which advocates for an anti-capitalist insurrection using small informal affinity group based organizations, as opposed to a revolution or peaceful protest.
Insurrectionary Anarchism
A religious anarchist school of thought based on a radical interpretation of the Quran, stating that man cannot rule over man and that is the job of Allah.
Islamic Anarchism
Another religious anarchist ideology, this time based on the Torah, stating that the true KIngdom under God is anarchy.
Jewish Anarchism
A capitalist anarchist ideology, stemming from Murray Rothbard's collaboration with the New Left, upholding the belief that a completely deregulated, stateless society will lead to a free market dominated by worker co-operatives.
An anarchist ideology and economic theory inspired by the works of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, advocating for a worker co-op-based anti-capitalist market system with labor notes and usufruct-based ownership of property.
A nationalist anarchist ideology advocating for Proudhonian economics and a society made up of decentralized, ethnically homogenous communities.
National Anarchism
An ideology that believes that the populance should have the right to choose the form of government (or lack thereof) that they are part of/live under without having to change their physical residence.
Famously the first ever anarchist ideology which believes that the state lacks moral legitimacy whilst not supporting violence to eliminate it.
Philosophical Anarchism
A method of anarchist organization which advocates for a sort of ideological unity between anarchist revolutionaries, rejecting any ideological synthesis.
A postmodernist anarchist school of thought that is deeply rooted in post-structuralist philosophy and aims to fight not just opressive hierarchies, but the concept of power in general.
An anarchist ideology that critiques the lefist anarchist ideologies, seeing them as redundant and dogmatic, while still being anti-capitalist and notably anti-work.
Post-Left Anarchism
An anarchist school of thought that seeks to abolish not only the state, but the systematic homophobia, transphobia and heteronormativity within it, sometimes going as far as trying to abolish the gender binary.
Queer Anarchism
An anarchist method of organization ideology based on joining all anti-capitalist, anarchist ideologies under one movement, seeing it as a practical way to achieve anarchy.
Synthesis Anarchism
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