Ultimate Glee Trivia

Answer all the Glee trivia questions into the box. Some questions will contain spoilers if you're not up to date.
Quiz by MrMustachious
Last updated: February 16, 2016
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Who did Mercedes have a crush on in season 1?
Who got pregnant in season 1?
What does Sue frequently call Kurt?
Who substitutes for Will when he is sick?
Holly Holiday
What is the only season that New Directions win Nationals?
Season 3
What musical instrument do Rachel and Kurt dance on/around in 'Get Back'?
What was the Glee Club that Will was in called?
The Singsations
What is Will and Emma's son called?
Daniel Finn Shuester
Which song by Amber Riley is in 'Bash'?
What is the first episode to feature Sue's journal?
Vitamin D
Who is Rachel's dance instructor in season 4?
Cassandra July
How many different times has 'Don't Stop Believin'' been performed?
Who ends up in the hospital in 'Bash'?
What does Puck carve into Finn's tree?
What is the first solo by Rory?
Bein' Green
What does Kurt's tattoo say?
'It's Got Bette Midler'
Where does Santana propose to Brittany?
The Choir Room
What is Rachel's TV show called?
That's So Rachel
What film does Will make Finn watch in his classroom?
Saturday Night Fever
Who wins a Tony Award in the last episode?
Who was in the Olympics for Individual Synchronized Swimming?
Roz Washington
What object does Unique hand out when singing 'The Bitch is Back'?
Who gets cat-fished?
What role does Blaine play in West Side Story
What kind of building do Brittana and Klaine get married in?
A Barn
Who is Rachel's real mother?
Shelby Corcoran
What is the first duet between Finn and Rachel?
You're the One that I Want
What job does Millie Rose, Marley's mother, have at the school?
Lunch Lady
What school did Blaine go to before McKinley?
Dalton Academy
Where do Santana, Rachel and Kurt work at in New York?
Spotlight Diner
Who had a heart attack in season 2?
What date is Rachel's opening night?
24th April
What musical does Rachel perform in on Broadway?
Funny Girl
What is the last duet performed between Sam and Blaine?
Best Day of My Life
What does Kurt say he brings to Finn at night?
Warm milk
What does Sam use to dye his hair?
Lemon juice
What was the last episode called?
'Dreams Come True'
What song do Elliot and Blaine make up?
Glitter Rock Vampire
How does Sue try to commit Sue-icide?
By eating gummy bear vitamins
What is Brittany's cat called?
Lord Tubbington
What is Finn's football jersey number?
What is McKinley's football team called?
McKinley Titans
What text is Quinn typing when she gets into a car accident?
'On my way'
What do the fans of Glee call themselves?
What cast member got into a car accident before their audition?
Lea Michele
What character did Darren Criss audition for, before he auditioned for Blaine?
Instead of singing, what did Cory Monteith do in his audition?
Played the drums
Who had Heather Morris been a back-up dancer for before Glee?
What year did Glee first air?
What year did Glee last air?
How many episodes of Glee were there?
How many musical performances were on Glee?
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