Every 11 letter country

Guess every 11 letter countries and you only have fifteen minutes to do it, so do it fast. And if your still reading this description then why are you not doing the quiz? Did you click to read this? Did you- Okay. Just do the quiz, stop reading this really long description. I'm serious DO THE QUIZ. 0% of people got to this part, but- but you are a superhuman. I don't know how you got here. wait. you probably just skipped to here, unless you actually read to here. wait, if you are still reading this then why did you click on this quiz? oh so you're not stopping until you read the whole entire really really long description well fine. do it your way. You know I'm still here you can stop now. *sigh* guess I'll make infinite words. okay so you had to skip some words even if it was one word to get here. wait what you skipped none you have to go to the hall of fame for this. wow. You know what I will stop this description then you cant read it anymore unless you read it over again which would be uh weird because I think you would be bored by now. just do the quiz.
Quiz by BigCatGaming208
Last updated: July 21, 2022
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First submittedJuly 21, 2022
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Burkina Faso
Saudi Arabia
Sierra Leone
South Africa
Vatican City
Level 70
Nov 19, 2022
I don't know about this description. Is it too long? Why did I keep reading it? Are you sure that you got everything from that.. you should probably go back and read it just to make sure that you didn't miss anything that you should've read. Or did you? I don't know. I'm not you and you're the one that's still reading this comment that's trying to add on to this description but honestly you should've just moved on by now. This is all your fault at this point, the joke stopped being funny about 300 words ago now but here you are still reading this comment that has no intellectual value to it whatsoever. I'm not judging you but this is just the reality that we're both staring here in the face at this point. I mean honestly if you think this is going to open to something more lucrative I'm not sure what to tell you. It's too late now. Only about 140 characters to go now. Just stop reading. I mean at this point you should probably just keep going since you're almost at the end. See? Done!
Level 19
Nov 21, 2022
I like how you make it 999 characters instead of 1000. It would be cool if you made another comment that reached one-thousand characters like imagine if THIS reply actually reached one-thousand characters. I probably will like why am I still typing this. I am just wasting fifteen minutes of my life replying to nine hundred ninety nine character long comment. Like why would I do that. And I also wasted one minute and four seconds of my computer time reading your comment on my quiz, also if you are reading this your are halfway through this really long reply of a comment on my quiz that has a really long description. Also did you like the quiz? DID YOU EVEN TAKE IT? i spent five years on it. A.K.A ten minutes. You commented on November 19, 2022

This reply was sent on November 21, 2022. So sorry for the two day delay. I'm kind of running out of characters now so, I can't that much any more. If you see this you are almost done reading I think about one more sentence. The last word farewell

Level 19
Nov 21, 2022
Wait that was one thousand characters! that's merely impossible such in a way that no one has ever done that!

The closest 999.99999999999999999999999999999999 characters! *bruh*

Level 48
Dec 3, 2022
The conundrum you are experiencing with the comment section of this specific quiz is all of your own doing. By writing this extremely long description you have backed yourself into a corner of all the commenters feeling like they have to write an incredibly long comment (Like the one you are reading now) Which in turn forces me to stretch out my paragraph by obfuscating my sentences and using unnecessary words (Like obfuscating) Anyway, now that you have read to this point in an incredibly long-winded comment you are probably wondering where I am going with this. To which my response would be, nowhere absolutely nowhere. This comment is ultimately a waste of time for the author, and anybody who might happen to be reading it this. If so, I would like to congratulate you on reading this far, unless of course, you are skipping through my comment. Then of course you would have to be put to death, even now I am considering the method by which to do so. Maybe guillotine, I am French.


Level 48
Dec 3, 2022