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1292022-11-04Geography by letter D - Click
1202022-11-03Geography by letter C - Click
1152023-03-29Geography by letter A - Click
972022-11-11Country Flags in Nature
932022-11-02Geography by letter B - Click
872023-03-30Geography by letter F - Click
862022-09-02Greece or Italy?
822023-01-10Geography by letter E - Click
782023-02-20Guess the city by picture-USA
712022-08-31Island of Crete Quiz
662023-03-29Geography by letter G - Click
592022-12-13Guess the Oceanian Country
572022-09-02Guess the Balkan country
562022-09-27Guess the North American City by Picture
512022-09-02Guess the south American country
492022-09-25Guess the European City by Picture
472023-08-28Guess the European City by Picture #3
432022-10-29Pacific War Quiz
402022-09-25Guess the European City by Picture #2
392022-09-03Japan WWII
382022-09-27Guess the North American City by Picture #2
342023-01-23Guess the WWII General
332022-11-12Biggest Island by Country
322022-09-28Guess the South American City by Picture
292022-10-15Scandinavian Countries-Multiple Choice
282022-09-03Macedonian Empire countries
282022-11-12Guess the European City by Picture #4
262022-09-27Guess the European City by Picture #5
262022-09-01Name the 15 biggest cities in Greece
242022-09-03Poorest Countries in the world
232022-09-05The most Central Countries
232023-02-20Caribbean Quiz
162022-09-03Guess the oceanian territory
152022-12-13Guess the Oceanian country #2
142022-10-28Greco-Italian War
132022-10-22Biggest cities closest to Antarctica
112022-10-21Arctic Cirlce Cities
102023-08-04Name the Capitals of regions in Greece
52022-11-12Oceania Second Biggest cities
32023-01-08Guess the Fijian island