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1,2272023-06-06Pop Musicians by Picture
7052023-07-1080s Cartoons by Picture
3512023-07-26Heavy Metal Band Logos
2292023-05-2390s Cartoons by Picture
2202023-07-022000s Cartoons by Picture
1502023-04-22Famous Heavy Metal Musicians by Picture
1312023-07-0190s Sitcoms by Picture
1282023-06-3080s Sitcoms by Picture
1282023-04-22Famous Rappers by Picture
1262023-07-062000s Sitcoms by Picture
1182023-04-21Famous Rockers By Picture - Part 1 (A - K)
1062023-04-2990s Movie Franchises by Picture
1042023-04-21Famous Rockers By Picture - Part 2 (L - Z)
1032023-08-18Famous Jazz Musicians by Picture
962023-07-06Famous Punk Rock Musicians by Picture
942023-07-19Thrash Metal Bands
862023-07-13Nu Metal Bands
862023-06-12Comedy Movies by Picture
812023-07-06Famous Guitarists by Picture
802023-08-04Heavy Metal Bands A-Z
792023-10-10Grunge Bands
792023-07-18Hair Metal Bands
792023-04-28Slasher Films by Villain (Picture Quiz)
782023-04-22Famous Grunge Musicians by Picture
772023-05-19Boy Bands & Girl Groups by Picture
772023-05-032000s Movie Franchises by Picture
772023-07-26Heavy Metal Band Logos, Part 2
772023-06-1780s Movie Franchises by Picture
772023-05-19Famous Country Musicians by Picture
762023-08-15The Big Four by Rock and Heavy Metal Subgenre
722023-09-02The Last Countries on Earth to be Discovered by Humans
682023-08-04Rock Bands A-Z
642023-06-02War Movies by Picture
612023-05-09Famous Drummers by Picture
602023-05-03Kids Movie Franchises by Picture
592023-05-09Famous DJs & EDM Artists by Picture
572023-06-08Top 10 Most Used Words in Heavy Metal Band Names
562023-07-06Famous R&B Artists by Picture
562023-06-18Comedy Actors by Picture
562023-04-2870s Movie Franchises by Picture
562023-08-04Rock Songs A-Z
532023-08-04Punk Bands A-Z
522023-04-302010s Movie Franchises by Picture
512023-07-06Historical Films by Picture
512023-10-10New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) Bands
502023-04-23Doom, Sludge & Stoner Metal Bands
502023-04-28Action Stars by Picture
502023-10-10Black Metal Bands
472023-07-06Monster Movies by Picture
462023-10-28Famous Blues Musicians by Picture
442023-06-06Biopic Movies by Picture
442023-06-17Box Office Bombs by Picture
412023-05-09Classical Composers by Picture
412023-08-04Grindcore Bands
372023-05-09Famous Bass Players by Picture
362023-10-11British Invasion Bands & Artists
342023-09-07Death Metal Bands
322023-08-04Rappers A-Z
292023-05-13Sword & Sorcery Films by Picture
282023-10-01Power Metal Bands
272023-10-04Countries, First and Last
262023-04-11The Last Places on Earth to be Discovered by Humans
242023-06-03Western Films by Picture
172023-10-04A Quiz About Cannibalism
142023-10-30Garage Rock Revival Bands