Nu Metal Bands

brbr DENG brbr DENG!!! Can you channel your inner aggro 90's mall kid and name these prominent nu metal bands?
Bands are in alphabetical order.
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Quiz by NateVoD
Last updated: July 13, 2023
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Song or Album
Band most well known for their cover of Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal".
Alien Ant Farm
So Cold
Band fronted by Benjamin Burley, named after an incident involving him accidently breaking a mic borrowed from another band.
Breaking Benjamin
The Red
This band have often been compared to Tool throughout their career, especially the vocals of lead singer Pete Loeffler. They are often described as a Christian band, a label the members reject.
Rolling Stone once described the vocals of this band's singer, Dez Fefara, as sounding like Jonathan Davis after drinking a litre of Drano. Other well known songs include "Sway" & "Big Truck".
Coal Chamber
The Gift of Game
Rap rock band who are most well known for their song "Butterfly", which reached number one the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.
Crazy Town
Change (In the House of Flies)
Arty alternative metal band who's bassist, Chi Cheng, was in a coma for several years after a car accident & died in 2013. Albums include "Around The Fur" & "White Pony".
Down with the Sickness
Ooh, wah-ah-ah-ah!
Ooh, wah-ah-ah-ah!
Oh, oh! Oh, oh!
Oh, oh!
One, something's got to give
Two, something's got to give
Three, something's got to give now
Let the bodies hit the floor
Let the bodies hit the floor
Let the bodies hit the floor
Drowning Pool
Bring Me to Life
Band founded by Amy Lee & Ben Moody. Their debut album, Fallen", sold 4 million copies, propelled by hits such as "Going Under" & "My Immortal".
Title Of Record
This industrial rock band was started by Richard Patrick after leaving Nine Inch Nails as their touring guitarist. Popular singles include "Hey Man, Nice Shot" & "Take A Picture".
Band fronted by Sully Erna, whose biggest hit, "I Stand Alone", featured on the Scorpion King soundtrack.
Devil Without a Cause
Said the boogie-said up drop the boogie
Bawitdaba-da bang-da-bang-diggy-diggy-diggy
Kid Rock
Ironically named, all female Canadian band. Their debut album was 2000's "Spit".
Coming Undone
The band regarded as pioneering the nu metal genre. Other well known songs include "Freak On A Leash" and "Got The Life".
Raise Hell
This band has described their music as "G-Punk", a fusion of gangsta rap and punk rock. Well known singles include "Bartender", "Blackout", & "Killing Time".
Hed PE
Make Yourself
Popular, genre bending band misleadingly named after a demon. Their singer Brandon Boyd was often considered a heart throb by music media in the band's heyday.
Break Stuff
Rap rock outfit fronted by Fred Durst who are often blamed for the violence & vandalism that occurred at Woodstock '99.
Limp Bizkit
Hybrid Theory
The most commercially successful band to emerge from the nu metal movement. Popular songs include "One Step Closer", "Crawling", & "In The End".
Linkin Park
The Beautiful People
Controversy-courting shock rockers whose members take their stage names from serial killers and pop culture figures. Not really nu metal, but associated with the genre as they gained mainstream success at the same time.
Marilyn Manson
"brbr deng brbr deng"
What the opening riff of this band's song "Dig" sounds like, according to a popular meme.
Song or Album
Sun Doesn't Rise
The other masked maniacs of the nu metal genre, except that they are an octet, instead of a nonet. They cite the Mr. Bungle & Mike Patton as influences.
Industrial/goth rock band best known for their cover of New Order's "Blue Monday" from their 1998 album, "Candyass".
Rap metal act who achieved mainstream success with their debut single "Last Resort" and first major label album "Infest".
Papa Roach
When Worlds Collide
Spider One, the singer of this industrial tinged metal band, is the younger brother of Rob Zombie.
Powerman 5000
Youth of the Nation
Christian rap metal band who found commercial success with the albums "The Fundamental Elements of Southtown" & "Satellites".
She Hates Me
Post-grunge band whose vocalist, Wes Scantlin, cites Kurt Cobain as a major influence. Scantlin has been involved in several controversies over the years, including domestic violence & lip syncing.
Puddle Of Mudd
Killing in the Name
Politically charged rap-rock outfit formed in 1991 & considered an influence on the nu metal genre. Other well known songs include "Guerilla Radio" & "Bulls On Parade".
Rage Against The Machine
German gothic/industrial band who had an unexpected international hit with the 1997 single "Du Hast".
Originally the front man for an industrial/groove metal outfit, this musician later found success as a solo artist & horror film-maker.
Rob Zombie
Click Click Boom
Texas post-grunge band, whose other well known songs include "Your Disease" and "Always".
Fake It
South African post-grunge band whose vocalist once dated Evanescence's Amy Lee. Other well known songs include "Broken" & "Fine Again".
Band known for the distinctive, soulful melodies of vocalist Lajon Witherspoon. Albums include "Animosity", "Seasons", & "Home".
Nine piece metal band from Iowa known for performing in boiler suits & masks. Other songs include "Wait And Bleed" & "Psychosocial".
Get Some
Punky nu metal band who only produced one album before disbanding in 1998, following the death of vocalist Lynn Strait.
Band formed by Max Cavalera after his departure from Sepultura. Their second album, "Primitive", features guest appearances from nu-metal artists such as Corey Taylor & Chino Moreno.
Push It
Industrial influenced band, who's late singer was easily recognized by his distinctive hair style. Albums include "Wisconsin Death Trip" & "Shadow Zone".
Break the Cycle
Band, fronted by Aaron Lewis, who were initially nu metal but later adopted a more post-grunge sound. Popular singles include "It's Been Awhile" & "Outside".
When It's Over
Originally a funk/nu metal band, they changed their style after the success of the pop-influenced single "Fly". Other popular singles include "Every Morning" and "Some Day".
Sugar Ray
Chop Suey!
This band's lead singer, Serj Tankian, cries when angels deserve to die.
System of a Down
Animal I Have Become
Canadian band who had huge success with the single "I Hate Everything About You".
Three Days Grace
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