Thrash Metal Bands

Can you guess the names of these prominent thrash metal bands? Includes bands from the heyday of the movement in the 1980s right through to the present day.
Bands are in alphabetical order.
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Last updated: April 3, 2024
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Song or Album Title
Alice In Hell
One of the "Big Four" of Canadian thrash, featuring classically trained guitarist Jeff Waters.
Among The Living
NYC band featuring Scott Ian. They famously collaborated on the single "Bring the Noise" with hip hop act Public Enemy.
By Inheritance
Veteran Danish band named after a Tank song. One of their most well known songs is "Khomaniak".
Mental Vortex
Proggy Swiss thrash metallers once roadies for Celtic Frost. Other albums include "Grin" & "No More Color".
Darkness Descends
LA band heavily influenced by Slayer and at one time featuring drummer Gene Hoglan. Other albums include "Live Scars".
Dark Angel
The Ultra-Violence
Filipino Bay Area thrash band whose drummer joined the band when he was only 10 years old.
Death Angel
Infernal Overkill
Leather clad & bullet belt wearing band originally named "Knight of Demon". One of the "Big Four" of Teutonic thrash.
Dirty Rotten LP
Texan band who started out as hardcore punks & were one of the pioneers of crossover.
Enter The Grave
English thrash revivalists from Huddersfield, featuring brothers Ol & Matt Drake. Other albums include "Infected Nations".
Bonded By Blood
Pioneering California band who many think should be included in the "Big Four". Kirk Hammett was a member before Metallica.
Forbidden Evil
Bay Area thrash band featuring drummer Paul Bostaph, later recruited by Slayer.
Survival Of The Fastest
Ultra fast thrash revivalists from Northern Ireland. Other albums include "Citizen Brain".
Gama Bomb
Breaking The Silence
Yet another Bay Area thrash band. Other albums include "Victims of Deception" & 2020's comeback album "Empire of the Blind".
Pleasure To Kill
One of Germany's most successful metal bands & one of the "Big Four" of Teutonic thrash. Other albums include "Enemy of God".
Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?
Band Dave Mustaine formed after being kicked out of Metallica. One of the "Big Four" of thrash.
The Dark
Veteran US band featuring guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof. Their style has also been described as traditional or power metal.
Metal Church
Master Of Puppets
One of the biggest bands on the planet, featuring James Hetfield & Lars Ulrich.
The Art Of Partying
Popular new milennium thrash/crossover band from Virginia, known for their sense of humor & lyrics about partying.
Municipal Waste
Game Over
NYC band featuring bassist Dan Lilker who formed the band after being fired from Anthrax.
Nuclear Assault
Song or Album Title
In Search Of Sanity
Bristol band who started out as hardcore punk. One of the "Big Four" of English thrash. Other albums include "The Force".
The Years Of Decay
Prominent East Coast thrashers featuring vocalist Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth. They have a very distinctive green logo.
Executioner's Tax
Crossover/thrash revivalists from Dallas, Texas. Riley Gale, their singer, tragically died in 2020 at the age of 35.
Power Trip
Evil Invaders
Slayer-esque speed metal/thrash band & one of Canada's "big four". Other albums include "Armed & Dangerous".
Socio-political themed group from Phoenix, Arizona. Another popular album is "The American Way".
Sacred Reich
History Of A Time To Come
One of the "Big Four" of English thrash, featuring vocalist Martin Walkyier. Known for their pagan lyrical themes.
Forward To Termination
One of the "big four" of Canadian thrash. Other albums include "Soldier of Misfortune" and "Torment in Fire".
Beneath The Remains
Deathy thrash metal band from Brazil, once featuring brothers Max & Igor Cavalera.
Reign In Blood
Ultra fast, aggressive & highly influential California band featuring Tom Araya & Kerry King. One of the "Big Four".
Agent Orange
Old testament themed German band featuring bassist/vocalist Tom Angelripper. One of the "Big Four of Teutonic thrash".
Speak English Or Die
NYC crossover band featuring members of Anthrax & known for their deliberately offensive, tongue in cheek lyrics.
Crossover band once banned from performing in their hometown of LA due to their alleged gang affiliations & violent shows.
Suicidal Tendencies
Zombie Attack
German band & self proclaimed "Kings of Beer" who made a career with songs about beer & partying.
Souls Of Black
One of thrash's most well known bands outside of the "Big Four" featuring vocalist Chuck Billy.
Terminal Redux
Newer thrash band with technical/progressive leanings. Heavily influenced by Voivod & also featuring sci-fi lyrical themes.
Eternal Nightmare
Weirdly hyphened Bay Area thrashers featuring guitarist Robb Flynn, who would go on to form Machine Head.
Dimension Hatross
Noisy thrashers from Quebec who evolved into a highly regarded progessive metal band. One of the "big four" of Canadian thrash.
War Without End
War-themed Californian thrash metal revivalists formed in 2004 while band members were still in high school.
Shattered Existence
One of the "Big Four" of English thrash. They got in trouble for using the Ghostbusters logo on a 1990 single.
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