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A meal eaten in the morning, first of the day.nounBreakfast
Of the colour between blue and yellow in the spectrum; coloured like grass or emeralds.adjectiveGreen
Feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.adjectiveHappy
Push oneself off a surface and into the air by using the muscles in one's legs and feet.verbJump
The lowest load-bearing part of a building, typically below ground level.nounFoundation
An order to a bank to pay a stated sum from the drawer's account, written on a specially printed form.nounCheque
(of a material or article) allowing light to pass through so that objects behind can be distinctly seen.adjectiveTransparent
A band of colours, as seen in a rainbow, produced by separation of the components of light by their different degrees of refraction according to wavelength.nounSpectrum
A small printed piece of paper that entitles the holder to a discount, or that may be exchanged for goods or services.nounVoucher
Strike (a person or an animal) repeatedly and violently so as to hurt or injure them, typically with an implement such as a club or whip.verbBeat
An authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.nounFascism
Showing willingness to allow the existence of opinions or behaviour that one does not necessarily agree with.adjectiveTolerant
Drink (something, especially an alcoholic drink) heartilyverbQuaff
Sturdy in construction.adjectiveRobust
A pass of an examination or an official completion of a course, especially one conferring status as a recognized practitioner of a profession or activity.nounQualification

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