Every Survivor Contestant In Order (S1-20)

Can you name every single contestant from the American reality T.V show Survivor from seasons 1 to 20, in order of all of them getting voted out.
Quiz by kaleb3303
Last updated: October 10, 2022
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Season Placing
Borneo- 16th
Sonja Christopher
Borneo- 15th
B.B. Andersen
Borneo- 14th
Stacey Stillman
Borneo- 13th
Ramona Gray
Borneo- 12th
Dirk Been
Borneo- 11th
Joel Klug
Borneo- 10th
Gretchen Cordy
Borneo- 9th
Greg Buis
Borneo- 8th
Jenna Lewis
Borneo- 7th
Gervase Peterson
Borneo- 6th
Colleen Haskell
Borneo- 5th
Sean Kenniff
Borneo- 4th
Sue Hawk
Borneo- 3rd
Rudy Boesch
Borneo- 2nd
Kelly Wiglesworth
Borneo- WINNER
Richard Hatch
The Australian Outback- 16th
Debb Eaton
The Australian Outback- 15th
Kel Gleason
The Australian Outback- 14th
Maralyn Hershey
The Australian Outback- 13th
Mitchell Olson
The Australian Outback- 12th
Kimmi Kappenberg
The Australian Outback- 11th
Michael Skupin
The Australian Outback- 10th
Jeff Varner
The Australian Outback- 9th
Alicia Calaway
The Australian Outback- 8th
Jerri Manthey
The Australian Outback- 7th
Nick Brown
The Australian Outback- 6th
Amber Brkich
The Australian Outback- 5th
Rodger Bingham
The Australian Outback- 4th
Elisabeth Filarski
The Australian Outback- 3rd
Keith Famie
The Australian Outback- 2nd
Colby Donaldson
The Australian Outback- WINNER
Tina Wesson
Africa- 16th
Diane Ogden
Africa- 15th
Jessie Camacho
Africa- 14th
Carl Bilancione
Africa- 13th
Linda Spencer
Africa- 12th
Silas Gaither
Africa- 11th
Lindsey Richter
Africa- 10th
Clarence Black
Africa- 9th
Kelly Goldsmith
Africa- 8th
Brandon Quinton
Africa- 7th
Frank Garrison
Africa- 6th
Kim Powers
Africa- 5th
Teresa "T-Bird" Cooper
Africa- 4th
Tom Buchanan
Africa- 3rd
Lex van den Berghe
Africa- 2nd
Kim Johnson
Africa- WINNER
Ethan Zohn
Marquesas- 16th
Peter Harkey
Marquesas- 15th
Patricia Jackson
Hunter Ellis
Marquesas- 13th
Sarah Jones
Marquesas- 12th
Gabriel Cade
Marquesas- 11th
Gina Crews
Marquesas- 10th
Rob Mariano
Marquesas- 9th
John Carroll
Marquesas- 8th
Zoe Zanidakis
Marquesas- 7th
Tammy Leitner
Marquesas- 6th
Robert DiCanio
Marquesas- 5th
Sean Rector
Marquesas- 4th
Paschal English
Marquesas- 3rd
Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien
Marquesas- 2nd
Neleh Dennis
Marquesas- WINNER
Vecepia Towery
Thailand- 16th
John Raymond
Thailand- 15th
Tanya Vance
Thailand- 14th
Jed Hildebrand
Thailand- 13th
Ghandia Johnson
Thailand- 12th
Stephanie Dill
Thailand- 11th
Robb Zbacnik
Thailand- 10th
Shii Ann Huang
Thailand- 9th
Erin Collins
Thailand- 8th
Ken Stafford
Thailand- 7th
Penny Ramsey
Thailand- 6th
Jake Billingsley
Thailand- 5th
Ted Rogers, Jr.
Thailand- 4th
Helen Glover
Thailand- 3rd
Jan Gentry
Thailand- 2nd
Clay Jordan
Thailand- WINNER
Brian Heidik
The Amazon- 16th
Ryan Aiken
The Amazon- 15th
Janet Koth
The Amazon- 14th
Daniel Lue
The Amazon- 13th
JoAnna Ward
The Amazon- 12th
Jeanne Hebert
The Amazon- 11th
Shawna Mitchell
The Amazon- 10th
Roger Sexton
The Amazon- 9th
Dave Johnson
The Amazon- 8th
Deena Bennett
The Amazon- 7th
Alex Bell
The Amazon- 6th
Christy Smith
The Amazon- 5th
Heidi Strobel
The Amazon- 4th
Butch Lockley
The Amazon- 3rd
Rob Cesternino
The Amazon- 2nd
Matthew von Ertfelda
The Amazon- WINNER
Jenna Morasca
Pearl Islands- 16th
Nicole Delma
Pearl Islands- 15th
Ryan Shoulders
Pearl Islands- 14th
Michelle Tesauro
Pearl Islands- 13th
Trish Dunn
Pearl Islands- 12th
Shawn Cohen
Pearl Islands- 11th
Osten Taylor
Pearl Islands- 10th
Andrew Savage
Pearl Islands- 9th
Ryan Opray
Pearl Islands- 8th
Rupert Boneham
Pearl Islands- 7th
Tijuana Bradley
Pearl Islands- 6th
Christa Hastie
Pearl Islands- 5th
Burton Roberts
Pearl Islands- 4th
Darrah Johnson
Pearl Islands- 3rd
Jon Dalton
Pearl Islands- 2nd
Lillian Morris
Pearl Islands- WINNER
Sandra Diaz-Twine
All Stars- 18th
Tina Wesson
All Stars- 17th
Rudy Boesch
All Stars- 16th
Jenna Morasca
All Stars- 15th
Rob Cesternino
All Stars- 14th
Richard Hatch
All Stars- 13th
Sue Hawk
All Stars- 12th
Colby Donaldson
All Stars- 11th
Ethan Zohn
All Stars- 10th
Jerri Manthey
All Stars- 9th
Lex van den Berghe
All Stars- 8th
Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien
All Stars- 7th
Alicia Calaway
All Stars- 6th
Shii Ann Huang
All Stars- 5th
Tom Buchanan
All Stars- 4th
Rupert Boneham
All Stars- 3rd
Jenna Lewis
All Stars- 2nd
Rob Mariano
All Stars- WINNER
Amber Brkich
Vanuatu- 18th
Brook Geraghty
Vanuatu- 17th
Dolly Neely
Vanuatu- 16th
John "J.P." Palyok
Vanuatu- 15th
Mia Galeotalanza
Vanuatu- 14th
Brady Finta
Vanuatu- 13th
Travis "Bubba" Sampson
Vanuatu- 12th
Lisa Keiffer
Vanuatu- 11th
John Kenney
Vanuatu- 10th
Rory Freeman
Vanuatu- 9th
Lea "Sarge" Masters
Vanuatu- 8th
James "Chad" Crittenden
Vanuatu- 7th
Leann Slaby
Vanuatu- 6th
Ami Cusack
Vanuatu- 5th
Julie Berry
Vanuatu- 4th
Eliza Orlins
Vanuatu- 3rd
Scout Cloud Lee
Vanuatu- 2nd
Twila Tanner
Vanuatu- WINNER
Chris Daugherty
Palau- 20th
Jonathan Libby
Palau- 19th
Wanda Shirk
Palau- 18th
Jolanda Jones
Palau- 17th
Ashlee Ashby
Palau- 16th
Jeff Wilson
Palau- 15th
Kim Mullen
Palau- 14th
Willard Smith
Palau- 13th
Angie Jakusz
Palau- 12th
James Miller
Palau- 11th
Ibrehem Rahman
Palau- 10th
Bobby Jon Drinkard
Palau- 9th
Coby Archa
Palau- 8th
Janu Tornell
Palau- 7th
Stephanie LaGrossa
Palau- 6th
Gregg Carey
Palau- 5th
Caryn Groedel
Palau- 4th
Jenn Lyon
Palau- 3rd
Ian Rosenberger
Palau- 2nd
Katie Gallagher
Tom Westman
Guatemala- 18th
Jim Lynch
Guatemala- 17th
Morgan McDevitt
Guatemala- 16th
Brianna Varela
Guatemala- 15th
Brooke Struck
Guatemala- 14th
Blake Towsley
Guatemala- 13th
Margaret Bobonich
Guatemala- 12th
Brian Corridan
Guatemala- 11th
Amy O'Hara
Season Placing
Guatemala- 10th
Brandon Bellinger
Guatemala- 9th
Bobby Jon Drinkard
Guatemala- 8th
Jamie Newton
Guatemala- 7th
Gary Hogeboom
Guatemala- 6th
Judd Sergeant
Guatemala- 5th
Cindy Hall
Guatemala- 4th
Lydia Morales
Guatemala- 3rd
Rafe Judkins
Guatemala- 2nd
Stephanie LaGrossa
Guatemala- WINNER
Danni Boatwright
Panama- 16th
Tina Sheer
Panama- 15th
Melinda Hyder
Panama- 14th
Misty Giles
Panama- 13th
Ruth Marie Milliman
Panama- 12th
Bobby Mason
Panama- 11th
Dan Barry
Panama- 10th
Nick Stanbury
Panama- 9th
Austin Carty
Panama- 8th
Sally Schumann
Panama- 7th
Bruce Kanegai
Panama- 6th
Courtney Marit
Panama- 5th
Shane Powers
Panama- 4th
Cirie Fields
Panama- 3rd
Terry Deitz
Panama- 2nd
Danielle DiLorenzo
Panama- WINNER
Aras Baskauskas
Cook Islands- 20th
Sekou Bunch
Cook Islands- 19th
Billy Garcia
Cook Islands- 18th
Cecilia Mansilla
Cook Islands- 17th
J.P. Calderon
Cook Islands- 16th
Stephannie Favor
Cook Islands- 15th
Cao Boi Bui
Cook Islands- 14th
Cristina Coria
Cook Islands- 13th
Jessica Smith
Cook Islands- 12th
Brad Virata
Cook Islands- 11th
Rebecca Borman
Cook Islands- 10th
Jenny Guzon-Bae
Cook Islands- 9th
Nate Gonzalez
Cook Islands- 8th
Candice Woodcock
Cook Islands- 7th
Jonathan Penner
Cook Islands- 6th
Parvati Shallow
Cook Islands- 5th
Adam Gentry
Cook Islands- 4th
Sundra Oakley
Cook Islands- 3rd
Becky Lee
Cook Islands- 2nd
Ozzy Lusth
Cook Islands- WINNER
Yul Kwon
Fiji- 19th
Jessica deBen
Fiji- 18th
Erica Durousseau
Fiji- 17th
Sylvia Kwan
Fiji- 16th
Gary Stritesky
Fiji- 15th
Liliana Gomez
Fiji- 14th
Rita Verreos
Fiji- 13th
Anthony Robinson
Fiji- 12th
Rocky Reid
Fiji- 11th
Lisi Linares
Fiji- 10th
Michelle Yi
Fiji- 9th
Edgardo Rivera
Fiji- 8th
Mookie Lee
Fiji- 7th
Alex Angarita
Fiji- 6th
Stacy Kimball
Fiji- 5th
Boo Bernis
Fiji- 4th
Yau-Man Chan
Fiji- Equal 2nd
Cassandra Franklin
Fiji- Equal 2nd
Dreamz Herd
Earl Cole
China- 16th
Chicken Morris
China- 15th
Ashley Massaro
China- 14th
Leslie Nease
China- 13th
Dave Cruser
China- 12th
Aaron Reisberger
China- 11th
Sherea Lloyd
China- 10th
Jaime Dugan
China- 9th
Jean-Robert Bellande
China- 8th
Frosti Zernow
China- 7th
James Clement
China- 6th
Erik Huffman
China- 5th
Peih-Gee Law
China- 4th
Denise Martin
China- 3rd
Amanda Kimmel
China- 2nd
Courtney Yates
Todd Herzog
Micronesia- 20th
Jon Dalton
Micronesia- 19th
Mary Sartain
Micronesia- 18th
Yau-Man Chan
Micronesia- 17th
Mikey Bortone
Micronesia- 16th
Joel Anderson
Micronesia- 15th
Jonathan Penner
Micronesia- 14th
Chet Welch
Micronesia- 13th
Kathy Sleckman
Micronesia- 12th
Tracy Hughes-Wolf
Micronesia- 11th
Ami Cusack
Micronesia- 10th
Eliza Orlins
Micronesia- 9th
Ozzy Lusth
Micronesia- 8th
Jason Siska
Micronesia- 7th
James Clement
Micronesia- 6th
Alexis Jones
Micronesia- 5th
Erik Reichenbach
Micronesia- 4th
Natalie Bolton
Micronesia- 3rd
Cirie Fields
Micronesia- 2nd
Amanda Kimmel
Micronesia- WINNER
Parvati Shallow
Gabon- 18th
Michelle Chase
Gabon- 17th
Gillian Larson
Gabon- 16th
Paloma Soto-Castillo
Gabon- 15th
Jacquie Berg
Gabon- 14th
GC Brown
Gabon- 13th
Kelly Czarnecki
Gabon- 12th
Ace Gordon
Gabon- 11th
Dan Kay
Gabon- 10th
Marcus Lehman
Gabon- 9th
Charlie Herschel
Gabon- 8th
Randy Bailey
Gabon- 7th
Corinne Kaplan
Gabon- 6th
Crystal Cox
Gabon- 5th
Ken Hoang
Gabon- 4th
Matty Whitmore
Gabon- 3rd
Sugar Kiper
Gabon- 2nd
Susie Smith
Bob Crowley
Tocantins- 16th
Carolina Eastwood
Tocantins- 15th
Candace Smith
Tocantins- 14th
Jerry Sims
Tocantins- 13th
Sandy Burgin
Tocantins- 12th
Spencer Duhm
Tocantins- 11th
Sydney Wheeler
Tocantins- 10th
Joe Dowdle
Tocantins- 9th
Brendan Synnott
Tocantins- 8th
Tyson Apostol
Tocantins- 7th
Sierra Reed
Tocantins- 6th
Debbie Beebe
Tocantins- 5th
Coach Wade
Tocantins- 4th
Taj Johnson-George
Tocantins- 3rd
Erinn Lobdell
Tocantins- 2nd
Stephen Fishbach
Tocantins- WINNER
J.T. Thomas
Samoa- 20th
Marisa Calihan
Samoa- 19th
Mike Borassi
Samoa- 18th
Betsy Bolan
Samoa- 17th
Ben Browning
Samoa- 16th
Yasmin Giles
Samoa- 15th
Ashley Trainer
Samoa- 14th
Russell Swan
Samoa- 13th
Liz Kim
Samoa- 12th
Erik Cardona
Samoa- 11th
Kelly Sharbaugh
Samoa- 10th
Laura Morett
Samoa- 9th
John Fincher
Samoa- 8th
Dave Ball
Samoa- 7th
Monica Padilla
Samoa- 6th
Shambo Waters
Samoa- 5th
Jaison Robinson
Samoa- 4th
Brett Clouser
Samoa- 3rd
Mick Trimming
Samoa- 2nd
Russell Hantz
Natalie White
Heroes vs. Villains- 20th
Sugar Kiper
Heroes vs. Villains- 19th
Stephenie LaGrossa
Heroes vs. Villains- 18th
Randy Bailey
Heroes vs. Villains- 17th
Cirie Fields
Heroes vs. Villains- 16th
Tom Westman
Heroes vs. Villains- 15th
Tyson Apostol
Heroes vs. Villains- 14th
James Clement
Heroes vs. Villains- 13th
Rob Mariano
Heroes vs. Villains- 12th
Coach Wade
Heroes vs. Villains- 11th
Courtney Yates
Heroes vs. Villains- 10th
J.T. Thomas
Heroes vs. Villains- 9th
Amanda Kimmel
Heroes vs. Villains- 8th
Candice Woodcock
Heroes vs. Villains- 7th
Danielle DiLorenzo
Heroes vs. Villains- 6th
Rupert Boneham
Heroes vs. Villains- 5th
Colby Donaldson
Heroes vs. Villains- 4th
Jerri Manthey
Heroes vs. Villains- 3rd
Russell Hantz
Heroes vs. Villains- 2nd
Parvati Shallow
Heroes vs. Villains- WINNER
Sandra Diaz-Twine
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