Every Survivor Contestant In Order (S21-40)

Can you name every single contestant from the American reality T.V show Survivor from seasons 21 to 40, in order of all of them getting voted out.
Quiz by kaleb3303
Last updated: October 11, 2022
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Season Placing
Nicaragua- 20th
Wendy Jo Desmidt-Kohlhoff
Nicaragua- 19th
Shannon Elkins
Nicaragua- 18th
Jimmy Johnson
Nicaragua- 17th
Jimmy Tarantino
Nicaragua- 16th
Tyrone Davis
Nicaragua- 15th
Kelly Bruno
Nicaragua- 14th
Yve Rojas
Nicaragua- 13th
Jill Behm
Nicaragua- 12th
Alina Wilson
Nicaragua- 11th
Marty Piombo
Nicaragua- 10th
Brenda Lowe
Nicaragua- 9th
NaOnka Mixon
Nicaragua- 8th
Kelly Shinn
Nicaragua- 7th
Ben "Benry" Henry
Nicaragua- 6th
Jane Bright
Nicaragua- 5th
Dan Lembo
Nicaragua- 4th
Holly Hoffman
Nicaragua- 3rd
Matthew "Sash" Lenehan
Nicaragua- 2nd
Chase Rice
Nicaragua- WINNER
Jud "Fabio" Birza
Redemption Island- 18th
Francesca Hogi
Redemption Island- 17th
Russell Hantz
Redemption Island- 16th
Kristina Kell
Redemption Island- 15th
Krista Klumpp
Redemption Island- 14th
Stephanie Valencia
Redemption Island- 13th
Sarita White
Redemption Island- 12th
David Murphy
Redemption Island- 11th
Julie Wolfe
Redemption Island- 10th
Steve Wright
Redemption Island- 9th
Ralph Kiser
Redemption Island- 8th
Grant Mattos
Redemption Island- 7th
Matthew Elrod
Redemption Island- 6th
Mike Chiesl
Redemption Island- 5th
Andrea Boehlke
Redemption Island- 4th
Ashley Underwood
Redemption Island- 3rd
Natalie Tenerelli
Redemption Island- 2nd
Phillip Sheppard
Redemption Island- WINNER
Rob Mariano
South Pacific- 18th
Semhar Tadesse
South Pacific- 17th
Mark "Papa Bear" Caruso
South Pacific- 16th
Stacey Powell
South Pacific- 15th
Elyse Umemoto
South Pacific- 14th
Mikayla Wingle
South Pacific- 13th
Christine Shields-Markoski
South Pacific- 12th
Jim Rice
South Pacific- 11th
Keith Tollefson
South Pacific- 10th
Dawn Meehan
South Pacific- 9th
Whitney Duncan
South Pacific- 8th
John Cochran
South Pacific- 7th
Edna Ma
South Pacific- 6th
Brandon Hantz
South Pacific- 5th
Rick Nelson
South Pacific- 4th
Ozzy Lusth
South Pacific- 3rd
Albert Destrade
South Pacific- 2nd
Coach Wade
South Pacific- WINNER
Sophie Clarke
One World- 18th
Kourtney Moon
One World- 17th
Nina Acosta
One World- 16th
Matt Quinlan
One World- 15th
Bill Posley
One World- 14th
Monica Culpepper
One World- 13th
Colton Cumbie
One World- 12th
Jonas Otsuji
One World- 11th
Michael Jefferson
One World- 10th
Jay Byars
One World- 9th
Leif Manson
One World- 8th
Troyzan Robertson
One World- 7th
Kat Edorsson
One World- 6th
Tarzan Smith
One World- 5th
Alicia Rose
One World- 4th
Christina Cha
One World- 3rd
Chelsea Meissner
One World- 2nd
Sabrina Thompson
One World- WINNER
Kim Spradlin
Philippines- 18th
Zane Knight
Philippines- 17th
Roxy Morris
Philippines- 16th
Angie Layton
Philippines- 15th
Russell Swan
Philippines- 14th
Dana Lambert
Philippines- 13th
Sarah Dawson
Philippines- 12th
Katie Hanson
Philippines- 11th
RC Saint-Amour
Philippines- 10th
Jeff Kent
Philippines- 9th
Artis Silvester
Philippines- 8th
Pete Yurkowski
Philippines- 7th
Jonathan Penner
Philippines- 6th
Carter Williams
Philippines- 5th
Abi-Maria Gomes
Philippines- 4th
Malcolm Freberg
Philippines- Equal 2nd
Michael Skupin
Philippines- Equal 2nd
Lisa Whelchel
Philippines- WINNER
Denise Stapley
Caramoan- 20th
Francesca Hogi
Caramoan- 19th
Allie Pohevitz
Caramoan- 18th
Hope Driskill
Caramoan- 17th
Shamar Thomas
Caramoan- 16th
Laura Alexander
Caramoan- 15th
Brandon Hantz
Caramoan- 14th
Matt Bischoff
Caramoan- 13th
Julia Landauer
Caramoan- 12th
Corinne Kaplan
Caramoan- 11th
Michael Snow
Caramoan- 10th
Phillip Sheppard
Caramoan- 9th
Malcolm Freberg
Caramoan- 8th
Reynold Toepfer
Caramoan- 7th
Andrea Boehlke
Caramoan- 6th
Brenda Lowe
Caramoan- 5th
Erik Reichenbach
Caramoan- 4th
Eddie Fox
Caramoan- Equal 2nd
Sherri Biethman
Caramoan- Equal 2nd
Dawn Meehan
Caramoan- WINNER
John Cochran
Blood vs. Water- 20th
Rupert Boneham
Blood vs. Water- 19th
Colton Cumbie
Blood vs. Water- 18th
Rachel Foulger
Blood vs. Water- 17th
Marissa Peterson
Blood vs. Water- 16th
Candice Cody
Blood vs. Water- 15th
Brad Culpepper
Blood vs. Water- 14th
Kat Edorsson
Blood vs. Water- 13th
John Cody
Blood vs. Water- 12th
Laura Boneham
Blood vs. Water- 11th
Aras Baskauskas
Blood vs. Water- 10th
Vytas Baskauskas
Blood vs. Water- 9th
Caleb Bankston
Blood vs. Water- 8th
Katie Collins
Blood vs. Water- 7th
Hayden Moss
Blood vs. Water- 6th
Laura Morett
Blood vs. Water- 5th
Ciera Eastin
Blood vs. Water- 4th
Tina Wesson
Blood vs. Water- 3rd
Gervase Peterson
Blood vs. Water- 2nd
Monica Culpepper
Blood vs. Water- WINNER
Tyson Apostol
Cagayan- 18th
David Samson
Cagayan- 17th
Garrett Adelstein
Cagayan- 16th
Brice Johnston
Cagayan- 15th
J'Tia Taylor
Cagayan- 14th
Cliff Robinson
Cagayan- 13th
Lindsey Ogle
Cagayan- 12th
Alexis Maxwell
Cagayan- 11th
Sarah Lacina
Cagayan- 10th
Morgan McLeod
Cagayan- 9th
LJ McKanas
Cagayan- 8th
Jeremiah Wood
Cagayan- 7th
Jefra Bland
Cagayan- 6th
Tasha Fox
Cagayan- 5th
Trish Hegarty
Cagayan- 4th
Spencer Bledsoe
Cagayan- 3rd
Kass McQuillen
Cagayan- 2nd
Woo Hwang
Cagayan- WINNER
Tony Vlachos
San Juan Del Sur- 18th
Nadiya Anderson
San Juan Del Sur- 17th
Val Collins
San Juan Del Sur- 16th
John Rocker
San Juan Del Sur- 15th
Drew Christy
San Juan Del Sur- 14th
Kelley Wentworth
San Juan Del Sur- 13th
Dale Wentworth
San Juan Del Sur- 12th
Julie McGee
San Juan Del Sur- 11th
Josh Canfield
San Juan Del Sur- 10th
Jeremy Collins
San Juan Del Sur- 9th
Wes Nale
San Juan Del Sur- 8th
Reed Kelly
San Juan Del Sur- 7th
Alec Christy
San Juan Del Sur- 6th
Jon Misch
San Juan Del Sur- 5th
Baylor Wilson
San Juan Del Sur- 4th
Keith Nale
San Juan Del Sur- 3rd
Missy Payne
San Juan Del Sur- 2nd
Jaclyn Schultz
San Juan Del Sur- WINNER
Natalie Anderson
Worlds Apart- 18th
So Kim
Worlds Apart- 17th
Vince Sly
Worlds Apart- 16th
Nina Poersch
Worlds Apart- 15th
Lindsey Cascaddan
Worlds Apart- 14th
Max Dawson
Worlds Apart- 13th
Joaquin Souberbielle
Worlds Apart- 12th
Kelly Remington
Worlds Apart- 11th
Hali Ford
Worlds Apart- 10th
Joe Anglim
Worlds Apart- 9th
Jenn Brown
Worlds Apart- 8th
Shirin Oskooi
Worlds Apart- 7th
Tyler Fredrickson
Worlds Apart- 6th
Dan Foley
Worlds Apart- 5th
Sierra Dawn Thomas
Worlds Apart- 4th
Rodney Lavoie Jr.
Worlds Apart- Equal 2nd
Will Sims II
Worlds Apart- Equal 2nd
Carolyn Rivera
Worlds Apart- WINNER
Mike Holloway
Cambodia- 20th
Vytas Baskauskas
Cambodia- 19th
Shirin Oskooi
Cambodia- 18th
Peih-Gee Law
Cambodia- 17th
Jeff Varner
Season Placing
Cambodia- 16th
Monica Padilla
Cambodia- 15th
Terry Deitz
Cambodia- 14th
Woo Hwang
Cambodia- 13th
Kass McQuillen
Cambodia- 12th
Andrew Savage
Cambodia- 11th
Kelly Wiglesworth
Cambodia- 10th
Ciera Eastin
Cambodia- 9th
Stephen Fishbach
Cambodia- 8th
Joe Anglim
Cambodia- 7th
Abi-Maria Gomes
Cambodia- 6th
Kimmi Kappenberg
Cambodia- 5th
Keith Nale
Cambodia- 4th
Kelley Wentworth
Cambodia- Equal 2nd
Spencer Bledsoe
Cambodia- Equal 2nd
Tasha Fox
Cambodia- WINNER
Jeremy Collins
Kaoh Rong- 18th
Darnell Hamilton
Kaoh Rong- 17th
Jennifer Lanzetti
Kaoh Rong- 16th
Liz Markham
Kaoh Rong- 15th
Caleb Reynolds
Kaoh Rong- 14th
Alecia Holden
Kaoh Rong- 13th
Anna Khait
Kaoh Rong- 12th
Peter Baggenstos
Kaoh Rong- 11th
Neal Gottlieb
Kaoh Rong- 10th
Nick Maiorono
Kaoh Rong- 9th
Debbie Wanner
Kaoh Rong- 8th
Scot Pollard
Kaoh Rong- 7th
Julia Sokolowski
Kaoh Rong- 6th
Kyle Jason
Kaoh Rong- 5th
Joe del Campo
Kaoh Rong- 4th
Cydney Gillon
Kaoh Rong- 3rd
Tai Trang
Kaoh Rong- 2nd
Aubry Bracco
Kaoh Rong- WINNER
Michele Fitzgerald
Millennials vs. Gen X- 20th
Rachel Ako
Millennials vs. Gen X- 19th
Mari Takahashi
Millennials vs. Gen X- 18th
Paul Wachter
Millennials vs. Gen X- 17th
Lucy Huang
Millennials vs. Gen X- 16th
CeCe Taylor
Millennials vs. Gen X- 15th
Figgy Figueroa
Millennials vs. Gen X- 14th
Michaela Bradshaw
Millennials vs. Gen X- 13th
Michelle Schubert
Millennials vs. Gen X- 12th
Taylor Stocker
Millennials vs. Gen X- 11th
Chris Hammons
Millennials vs. Gen X- 10th
Jessica Lewis
Millennials vs. Gen X- 9th
Zeke Smith
Millennials vs. Gen X- 8th
Will Wahl
Millennials vs. Gen X- 7th
Sunday Burquest
Millennials vs. Gen X- 6th
Jay Starrett
Millennials vs. Gen X- 5th
Bret LaBelle
Millennials vs. Gen X- 4th
David Wright
Millennials vs. Gen X- Equal 2nd
Ken McNickle
Millennials vs. Gen X- Equal 2nd
Hannah Shapiro
Millennials vs. Gen X- WINNER
Adam Klein
Game Changers- 20th
Ciera Eastin
Game Changers- 19th
Tony Vlachos
Game Changers- 18th
Caleb Reynolds
Game Changers- 17th
Malcolm Freberg
Game Changers- 16th
J.T. Thomas
Game Changers- 15th
Sandra Diaz-Twine
Game Changers- 14th
Jeff Varner
Game Changers- 13th
Hali Ford
Game Changers- 12th
Ozzy Lusth
Game Changers- 11th
Debbie Wanner
Game Changers- 10th
Zeke Smith
Game Changers- 9th
Sierra Dawn Thomas
Game Changers- 8th
Andrea Boehlke
Game Changers- 7th
Michaela Bradshaw
Game Changers- 6th
Cirie Fields
Game Changers- 5th
Aubry Bracco
Game Changers- 4th
Tai Trang
Game Changers- 3rd
Troyzan Robertson
Game Changers- 2nd
Brad Culpepper
Game Changers- WINNER
Sarah Lacina
Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers- 18th
Katrina Radke
Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers- 17th
Simone Nguyen
Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers- 16th
Patrick Bolton
Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers- 15th
Alan Ball
Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers- 14th
Roark Luskin
Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers- 13th
Ali Elliott
Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers- 12th
Jessica Johnston
Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers- 11th
Desi Williams
Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers- 10th
Cole Medders
Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers- 9th
JP Hilsabeck
Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers- 8th
Joe Mena
Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers- 7th
Lauren Rimmer
Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers- 6th
Ashley Nolan
Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers- 5th
Mike Zahalsky
Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers- 4th
Devon Pinto
Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers- 3rd
Ryan Ulrich
Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers- 2nd
Chrissy Hofbeck
Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers- WINNER
Ben Driebergen
Ghost Island- 20th
Stephanie Gonzalez
Ghost Island- 19th
Jacob Derwin
Ghost Island- 18th
Morgan Ricke
Ghost Island- 17th
Brendan Shapiro
Ghost Island- 16th
Stephanie Johnson
Ghost Island- 15th
James Lim
Ghost Island- 14th
Bradley Kleihege
Ghost Island- 13th
Chris Noble
Ghost Island- 12th
Libby Vincek
Ghost Island- 11th
Desiree Afuye
Ghost Island- 10th
Jenna Bowman
Ghost Island- 9th
Michael Yerger
Ghost Island- 8th
Chelsea Townsend
Ghost Island- 7th
Kellyn Bechtold
Ghost Island- 6th
Sebastian Noel
Ghost Island- 5th
Donathan Hurley
Ghost Island- 4th
Angela Perkins
Ghost Island- 3rd
Laurel Johnson
Ghost Island- 2nd
Domenick Abbate
Ghost Island- WINNER
Wendell Holland
David vs. Goliath- 20th
Pat Cusack
David vs. Goliath- 19th
Jessica Peet
David vs. Goliath- 18th
Jeremy Crawford
David vs. Goliath- 17th
Bi Nguyen
David vs. Goliath- 16th
Natalia Azoqa
David vs. Goliath- 15th
Natalie Cole
David vs. Goliath- 14th
Lyrsa Torres
David vs. Goliath- 13th
Elizabeth Olson
David vs. Goliath- 12th
John Hennigan
David vs. Goliath- 11th
Dan Rengering
David vs. Goliath- 10th
Alec Merlino
David vs. Goliath- 9th
Carl Boudreaux
David vs. Goliath- 8th
Gabby Pascuzzi
David vs. Goliath- 7th
Christian Hubicki
David vs. Goliath- 6th
Davie Rickenbacker
David vs. Goliath- 5th
Alison Raybould
David vs. Goliath- 4th
Kara Kay
David vs. Goliath- 3rd
Angelina Keely
David vs. Goliath- 2nd
Mike White
David vs. Goliath- WINNER
Nick Wilson
Edge of Extinction- 18th
Reem Daly
Edge of Extinction- 17th
Keith Sowell
Edge of Extinction- 16th
Aubry Bracco
Edge of Extinction- 15th
Wendy Diaz
Edge of Extinction- 14th
Joe Anglim
Edge of Extinction- 13th
Eric Hafemann
Edge of Extinction- 12th
Julia Carter
Edge of Extinction- 11th
David Wright
Edge of Extinction- 10th
Kelley Wentworth
Edge of Extinction- 9th
Wardog DaSilva
Edge of Extinction- 8th
Ron Clark
Edge of Extinction- 7th
Aurora McCreary
Edge of Extinction- 6th
Victoria Baamonde
Edge of Extinction- 5th
Lauren O'Connell
Edge of Extinction- 4th
Rick Devens
Edge of Extinction- 3rd
Julie Rosenberg
Edge of Extinction- 2nd
Gavin Whitson
Edge of Extinction- WINNER
Chris Underwood
Island of the Idols- 20th
Ronnie Bardah
Island of the Idols- 19th
Molly Byman
Island of the Idols- 18th
Vince Moua
Island of the Idols- 17th
Chelsea Walker
Island of the Idols- 16th
Tom Laidlaw
Island of the Idols- 15th
Jason Linden
Island of the Idols- 14th
Jack Nichting
Island of the Idols- 13th
Kellee Kim
Island of the Idols- 12th
Jamal Shipman
Island of the Idols- 11th
Aaron Meredith
Island of the Idols- 10th
Missy Byrd
Island of the Idols- 9th
Elizabeth Beisel
Island of the Idols- 8th
Karishma Patel
Island of the Idols- 7th
Elaine Stott
Island of the Idols- 6th
Dan Spilo
Island of the Idols- 5th
Janet Carbin
Island of the Idols- 4th
Lauren Beck
Island of the Idols- 3rd
Noura Salman
Island of the Idols- 2nd
Dean Kowalski
Island of the Idols- WINNER
Tommy Sheehan
Winners at War- 20th
Amber Mariano
Winners at War- 19th
Danni Boatwright
Winners at War- 18th
Ethan Zohn
Winners at War- 17th
Rob Mariano
Winners at War- 16th
Sandra Diaz-Twine
Winners at War- 15th
Parvati Shallow
Winners at War- 14th
Yul Kwon
Winners at War- 13th
Wendell Holland
Winners at War- 12th
Adam Klein
Winners at War- 11th
Tyson Apostol
Winners at War- 10th
Sophie Clarke
Winners at War- 9th
Kim Spradlin-Wolfe
Winners at War- 8th
Jeremy Collins
Winners at War- 7th
Nick Wilson
Winners at War- 6th
Denise Stapley
Winners at War- 5th
Ben Driebergen
Winners at War- 4th
Sarah Lacina
Winners at War- 3rd
Michele Fitzgerald
Winners at War- 2nd
Natalie Anderson
Winners at War- WINNER
Tony Vlachos
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