Animals named after other animals

Some animals are named after other animals, sometimes because they resemble that animal in appearance or behaviour, or for some other reason. For example the Hedgehog seahorse is so named because it is spiky. Try and name as many as you can, using the interesting facts about each animal as clues.
These are common names.
One answer is a specific breed of dog rather than a species, other answers may be species or wider groups of animals.
Some answers appear more than once.
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Last updated: July 20, 2016
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Animal with the higest serum testosterone levels
Tiger shark
Rodent that produces super sugar HMM-HA, which prevents it getting cancer
Mole rat
Its dactyl heel has one of the fastest reflexes in the animal kingdom, and can shatter glass
Mantis Shrimp
Largest type of extant arthropod
Spider crab
World's largest carnivore
Elephant seal
World's largest fish, with teeth the size of human baby teeth
Whale shark
Camouflaged fish with a lure, that walks instead of swims
Whiskered bottom feeding fish
Winston Churchill's nickname
Common fly, females suck blood and may transfer disease
Common bird of prey of Eurasia, named after small bird it hunts
Sparrow hawk
Common English name to refer to large, aggressive frogs, regardless of species
Fish with jaws that can bite through rock and coral
Snail that is the state shell of Florida
Horse conch
Thought to be the most intelligent of the New World monkeys
Spider monkey
Fish that resembles a specific type of bird's feather with an 'eye'
Peacock gudgeon
Level 85
Jul 20, 2016
There are carnivorous whales much larger than elephant seals.
Level 71
Jul 20, 2016
I just knew someone would say that! Of course if one considers eating krill to be carnivory, then the Blue Whale is the obvious answer since it is the largest animal of all time, but there is a consensus that the Cachalot (Spermaciti whale) is the largest carnivore because it is a predator that hunts its prey rather than filter feeds. However, if you Google 'World's largest carnivore' then the Southern Elephant Seal comes up as the answer. In a technical manner it is the largest carnivore because it is the largest species in the order Carnivora, weighing up to 5,000 kg (11,000 lb) in weight! As always I hope you enjoyed the quiz and this little fun fact :-D
Level 64
Mar 24, 2021
If you change the clue to "carnivoran," there would be no ambiguity.
Level 64
Mar 24, 2021
Great quiz! I like the inclusion of bonus facts. Nominated.
Level 71
Mar 24, 2021
You're awesome ^_^