Astronomy Multiple Choice

Can you guess the right answers to these questions about space?
Quiz by HelveticaBold
Last updated: January 27, 2021
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1. The diameter of Jupiter is about how many times the diameter of Earth?
Jupiter's Great Red Spot is about 1.3 times the diameter of Earth
2. Which planet is Earth usually closest to?
It changes, sometimes it's Venus, sometimes it's Mars, but most often it's Mercury. See here for more detail.
3. How many people have walked on the Moon?
4. What is the highest mountain in the solar system?
Mt Everest
Olympus Mons
Mons Huygens
Everest, 8,848 m; Mons Huygens, 5,310 m; Olympus Mons, 21,230 m; Rheasilvia, 22,000 m.
5. What are Colombo, Maxwell, and Encke?
Huge asteroids
Moons of Venus
Gaps in Saturn's rings
Dark spots on the surface of Neptune
6. Which planet rotates the fastest?
Day lengths; Jupiter - 10 hours, Earth - 24 hours, Mars - 25 hours, Venus - 5,832 hours.
7. If you were travelling at the speed of light, about how long would it take to travel the circumference of the star Betelgeuse?
4 seconds
20 minutes
1 hour
3 days
8. What is Ceres?
A small moon of Neptune
A dwarf planet in the asteroid belt
An egg shaped dwarf planet beyond Pluto
A rock formation on the Moon shaped like a heart
It is the largest object in the asteroid belt.
9. The surface area of Russia is greater than that of Pluto
Russia is bigger by about 173,000 sq. miles.
10. What is perigee?
When the Moon is closest to the Earth on its orbital path
When the Sun, Earth, and Moon are all in line
When all the planets all line up
When the Earth is closest to the Sun on its orbital path
11. What are the names of the moons of Mars?
Castor and Pollux
Phobos and Deimos
Romulus and Remus
Eros and Anteros
12. Does the Moon experience quakes?
They are known as 'Moonquakes'
13. What does it mean if a planet has a highly eccentric orbit?
Its orbit is more elliptical than circular
Its orbit is highly erratic
It orbits in the opposite direction to other planets
It orbits at a perpendicular angle to other planets
14. What is the boundary between the Earth's atmosphere and outer space called?
Brandt line
Radcliffe lin
Kármán line
Landsker line
15. What is the Black Knight?
A mysterious zone between Earth and the Moon where transmission signals experience interference
An unidentified object on the surface of Mars that has been found to move positions
A black hole at the centre of the galaxy which is slowly engulfing everything around it
A thermal blanket lost on a space mission in 1998 which now orbits the Earth
Level 76
Jun 1, 2021
q14 radcliffe lin needs an ‘e’
Level 65
Jun 1, 2021
Nice and challenging quiz! While Q10 is technically correct as it is the only one that fits, perigee is not limited to the closest point of the Moon to the Earth in its orbit. Any object orbiting the Earth has a perigee at the point where their orbit brings them closest to the Earth, manmade or natural. "When an Earth-orbiting object is closest to the Earth on its orbital path" would be a better phrasing, although you can also leave it as is as it also holds for the Moon :)