Extremely cruel foods quiz

Name some of the cruellest foods from around the world.
This quiz contains upsetting and distressing methods of killing and cooking animals.
Quiz by HelveticaBold
Last updated: January 12, 2019
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These animals are force fed corn with a feeding tube to make their liver fatty in order to make Foie Gras
Females of these animals are usually kept in Gestation Crates whilst pregnant and nursing
Every year hundreds of millions of these fish have their dorsal and pectoral fins cut off their bodies and then get thrown back into the sea, while their fins are used to make a completely tasteless soup that is flavoured with chicken stock
Though these animals are in theory protected from hunting, some countries still hunt them, usually by firing a grenade tipped harpoon into their chest, or, in the Faroe Islands, with the practice known as 'Grindadrap'
The name of the meat that comes from baby cows put into stalls after birth and slaughtered at 5 months
In French cuisine this bird has its eyes poked out, and is later drowned in Armagnac brandy, and then roasted for 8 minutes
Ortolan bunting
The practice of Kopi Luwak produces the world's most expensive coffee, by deriving it from the faeces of this animal. To keep up with increasing demand, more and more are intensively farmed
Asian palm civet
This Japanese word is the name of a type of food preparation, mostly on fish, that means "prepared alive"
This Tibetan dish involves gutting a live chicken and replacing their insides with spices, sewing them up, and leaving them to dry
Feng Gan Ji
Huo Jia Lu is a traditional Chinese dish where this animal is pinned down and cut up, sometimes boiled, and eaten immediately, the animal is kept alive to keep the meat fresh
The process of boiling these crustaceans alive was actually banned in Nazi Germany because they deemed it too cruel
In the Chinese city of Yulin, there is an annual festival where these animals are clubbed and then cooked alive with flamethrowers
In China these animals are often clubbed, put into skinning machines, and then boiled alive, as it is believed that more blood and adrenaline in the meat makes it taste better
The name of a meal where any kind of fish is gutted, descaled, and then deep fried whilst still alive
Yin Yang Fish
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