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This woman's coronation in 1953 is the first to be televised, and is watched by 227 million people worldwideElizabeth II
This man becomes French Emperor, taking his crown off the pope and crowning himselfNapoleon Bonaparte
Pope Leo III refused to recognise a woman as Roman emperor, and so instead crowned this Frankish King as the first Holy Roman Emperor on Christmas day 800Charlemagne
Before his execution, he was coroneted with a crown of thorns and proclaimed 'King of the Jews'Jesus Christ
This English king was never formally crowned in his brief reignEdward VIII
This Norman woman was due to be crowned the first queen of England, but only hours before her coronation she was attacked by an angry mob and chased out of LondonEmpress Matilda
This woman is the first to ever be crowned ruler of the Eastern Roman Empire in her own rightIrene of Athens
The only emperor of China to be officially crowned, the first emperorQin Shi Huang
Byzantine Emperor Leo III mysteriously died from fever after wearing the bejewelled crown of this previous emperor he had exhumedHeraclius
This tyrant dictator of Central African Republic and mass murderer of schoolchildren suddenly decided to crown himself emperor in a gaudy ceremony, spending the national budget of that year on a $5M crown and a two tonne solid gold throne shaped like an eagleJean-Bédel Bokassa

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