Murder Mystery #2 Persephone

Inspector Quizzical once again must investigate a mysterious death in the city-state of Cosmotropolis. In the luxury 'Olympus Hotel', a young woman lies dead in her bedroom. She is all dressed up for a night out in an expensive dress and valuable jewellery. She was attending a big party being held by a wealthy dignitary, Hamish Happily, but was found dead in her room on the top floor, seemingly strangled to death with a belt. Missing from her safe is a suitcase the receptionist said she was very protective of. In her purse was a note reading "Even Colossus fell, and so will you". Can you help Inspector Quizzical find out whodunnit before they escape justice?
READ the statements carefully! In each of them there is a question of some kind. Answer them, and the hints may have a theme.
When you have the hints, the answer will be threaded through them. Examine carefully.
TAKE your time! If you want to work it out but are stuck or confused, pause it and try again later.
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Quiz by HelveticaBold
Last updated: December 8, 2018
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Melinda Morris
Her name was Persephone, at least that's what Jenny Jewel told me. That's an unusual name isn't it. Anyway, it seems she tried to defend herself, I heard she was found clutching one of those spiky hotel ornaments. The Greek god Poseidon had one, but what is it called again? If you ask me she was a bit of a minx but didn't deserve this, and I think any one of the guests could have done it. That Lord Lucas has quite the temper you know, I hear he's not above hiring thugs to deal with his opponents.
Lord Lucas
I heard she was from a very poor background originally, and somehow became very rich, but acted like she was born to it. Foolish little girl. She cosied up with that tycoon, Karl Quidzin. She had the fanciest room in the hotel too. All of the rooms are named after constellations, and have night skies painted on the ceilings. Funny how she was strangled with a belt, right beneath the same constellation. Oh what's its name? Well I hear that Dr Davies has a drink problem, if that's not incriminating I don't know what is.
Dr Davies
I met her once before but didn't really know her. She was a very confident young lady, even friendly with that princess. She seemed really happy last night, having recently come into some money, and she was buying a property in... oh where was it again? That tiny place near France. Anyway, that was the last thing she said to me and I didn't see her again that night. Ask the Countess, she was probably jealous of her jewellery, since I heard her own are all fake.
Countess Katrina
She was very friendly with that gentleman Karl. I hear he's a bit crooked, bribes politicians and keeps all his money in tax havens. I don't mean to speculate, but maybe he had something to do with this. I remember he was business partners with that no good Ronald Rhodes who got put away for a long time. I'm sure she mentioned meeting him on that Greek island, the one Hippocrates came from, oh what's it called?
Karl Quidzin
She was sweet, but I didn't really know her. Guess she flew too near the sun like that guy with the wings... can you remember his name? Well, I'm sorry I can't be more help. That cocky footballer was trying it on with her a lot, why don't you talk to him?
Felippe the footballer
Yeah I thought she was pretty, and yeah I tried to kiss her. But then I realised she was... you know... from a particular Greek island... the island of Sappho, know what I mean? I mean she had to be to resist someone like me. Also, she was always with that Jenny girl so that confirms it. Pity, Jenny's quite a dolly too.
Princess Pearl
No, I barely spoke with her. And I DON'T know anything about any valuables either. I have to consider my lineage you know. She seemed like such a shady character to me, and was always giggling with that Jenny Jewel. I'm sure I heard a conversation where she mentioned getting away to someplace in Switzerland. La... Las... Lasagne? Is that it? Anyway, I'd see what that Jenny Jewel has to say if I were you.
Jenny Jewel
Alright, I'll tell you everything, things have gotten out of hand now. Her real name was Ella, and she started out as a secretary. She made a living blackmailing the wealthy and crooked. She had dirt on nearly everyone at the party. For each one she had a little golden apple, the symbol of that Greek Goddess of chaos. What was her name? Well she told me all this in case anything happened to her. That's all I know.
Tom the tycoon
Well she had lots of fancy jewels, I remember her showing them off all night, so there's your motive. Hmm, Persephone was the daughter of the goddess of seeds and harvest, which one was that? Well you reap what you sew I guess. Poor kid had her whole life ahead of her. I'm sure it was that ambassador, he's as corrupt as they come, accepting all sorts of bribes from special interests.
Ambassador Abel
Well it certainly wasn't me. I was busy enjoying the food. I especially love that chick-pea dip. What's it called again? Hate that taramasalata stuff. Who would want to harm such a sweet girl like that? She was very charming to me and everyone I spoke to. In fact she liked that chick-pea stuff too. If you ask me that footballer was probably involved. I heard he's involved with that princess, and last night he was caught with a maid, with his trousers down. Know why? Because he wasn't wearing a BELT!
Hamish, the host
Oh this is a disaster! Who will come to my parties now? Oh what a calamity, all that planning gone to waste. I thought that woman seemed nice at first, but she was quite strange. She was speaking some weird language with some of the others. It sounded like that constructed language. What's it called? Escargot? Perhaps it was some sort of code. Either way, I'm too distraught to talk, please excuse me.
I wonder what was in that suitcase of hers. I remember overhearing her say to Jenny Jewel, "The apple never falls far from the tree". It seems someone was trying to blackmail her with that Colossus note. Which island was Colossus on? Find that you'll probably find your answer.
Tom killed her!
Level 28
Jan 19, 2018
hard :/
Level 66
Feb 18, 2021
I got the murder easily, because it is the same way of finding the murderer for the geography one.