Murder Mystery #3 - The controversial student

Inspector Quizzical is investigating the sudden death of a student. He was found dead in his bedroom, on the campus of Hillford University in the city-state of Cosmotropolis. The student, named Rupert, seemed to have a talent for angering people by making controversial claims. He appears to have died from poison, or possibly an overdose. On his desk lay a shattered porcelain cup, and a hastily scrawled note saying "You never understood". Though it may seem like suicide, for Inspector Quizzical, the evidence suggests foul play, and all of Rupert's housemates are potential suspects. All of them have argued with him at some point over something. Can you help pinpoint which one could have murdered poor Rupert?
READ the statements carefully! In each of them there is a question of some kind. Answer them, and the hints will relate to a controversial or disputed fact.
When you have the hints, the answer will be threaded through them. Examine carefully.
TAKE your time! If you want to work it out but are stuck or confused, pause it and try again later.
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Quiz by HelveticaBold
Last updated: December 8, 2018
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Laura law student
Rupert was a strange one, he always said these bizarre things. Like he told me that the Land of Lincoln was Illinois. Of course that doesn't make sense: he was born in Kentucky. but he was confident he was right. If one of us murdered him, then I wouldn't be surprised if it was Polly, she told me he stole a cake she made.
Polly politics student
NO, I made that cake for everyone! If anything I'm flattered he ate it. But I still stand by the fact that Tokyo is the largest city in the world, not Hulunbuir like he claimed. I did not kill him, and suspect Bill did it, since he was convinced Rupert stole something important from him.
Bill biochemistry student
Yes some very important... stuff I needed for a project was stolen, but I never said it was Rupert who took it. He was a fool. He once told me that the sun was white. Just look at it, you can see for yourself it isn't. Poor fellow, it seems ultimately he rubbed someone up the wrong way, and I'd put money on it being Michael. I think he broke Michael's pen.
Michael medicine student
What pen? Oh that pen. I have tonnes of them, why would I kill someone over that? Rupe and I argued about the tallest waterfall in the world. He said it was some waterfall in Denmark or something, but I told him that everyone knows it's Angel Falls in Venezuela. But again, WHY would I kill someone over that?? It was probably Arthur, he felt insecure that Rupert was cleverer than him.
Arthur art student
I actually liked him a lot. I like people who are a bit different and a bit recalcitrant. Although I did disagree with him on one thing: he always said the largest lake in the world was a sea in Asia, but I told him it's Lake Superior! How can a sea be a lake?! I reckon it was Minnie, I believe he owed her something.
Minnie minerals student
Everybody knows that the island of Malta is in Europe, but he kept saying it was in a different continent! How silly. Oh and he borrowed money off me and didn't give it back, but I don't care about that, it was only a small amount. It must have been Paul, he was always moaning about Rupert playing music loudly.
Paul sports student
It's like he was actually trying to annoy people. He always played the same song really loud: "Cyanide", by Metallica. Also, he would irritate everyone with these nonsense facts. Like he told me that Ithaca was in New York. But obviously it's a Greek island! I'm sure it was Rick, he was angry Rupert scratched his car.
Rick agriculture student
What's the highest mountain in the world? It's Mount Everest of course. But he insisted it was Mount Chimborazo in Ecuador. I mean come on! How stupid can you get? Yes I was angry about the scratch but got over it. Zoe on the other hand was very annoyed when Rupert stole her cup.
Zoe zoology student
It had sentimental value, that's why I was annoyed, but now it's broken so there's nothing I can do about it. But also, he came out with some ridiculous facts. He told me that the first American president wasn't George Washington, instead some guy named John Hanson. Who even is that? I think it was Philomena, I think she secretly liked him but he rejected her.
Philomena film student
He told me that the deepest point on land was under some ice somewhere in Antarctica, but it's the Dead Sea in Israel. Everyone knows that. And no I didn't like him in that way. But he I know he liked one of us, I remember I was in his room once and saw a lovely poem about someone, but it didn't say who exactly. Maybe it was.... George? And I presume George didn't quite take it well. There's your murderer.
George geography student
Grrr, I didn't like him at all. Above all he said some silly things that got on my nerves. For instance he said that the world's largest pyramid was in Mexico. I set him straight that it was the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, but of course you knew that already! However, I didn't kill him. I'd say it was Annie, since they were arguing the day before he was murdered.
Annie ancient history student
He said something incredibly stupid: that Lebanon was at the centre of the United States. Even I know it's in the Middle East and I'm stupid at geography. It was the last thing we talked about. Poor guy, must have been a bit gaga. If you ask me any one of the others could have done it, but not me!
It was Michael!
Level 42
Dec 8, 2018

Really enjoyed it and hope you will make more of these !

Level 71
Dec 8, 2018
Oh thank you ever so ever, I will try to make more x
Level 71
Apr 25, 2021
What, no one said anything about his opinions on Cyprus???