Statistics for Murder Mystery #4 - The Chinese New Year Riddle

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RatThey call me a magician, because I am good at tricks. Mustn't reveal my secrets, but would tell you who killed Zhang if I knew. Whoever killed him was very strong, but weak willed. Wait, my magic tail tingles, and gives me a clue that may help you: ""A metal the Chinese began using over 3,000 years ago. Don't turn your back on it. It can puncture tender flesh, or craft an entire civilisation."Iron
TigerThe hunter must be quick, the prey must be quicker. I hunt just to survive, but tigers are hunted for their bones. Zhang was smart, so his killer had to be stealthy as well as heartless. My bones rattle now, and impart a lesson for you: "Follow this ancient Chinese road to obtain a precious substance, stronger than a Tiger's roar, softer than a Tiger's heart, and more valuable than a Tiger's bones."Silk
DogI am a soldier, loyal to my master. We all have allegiance to someone, or something. Betrayal is an ugly word. The air has changed, and brings me a vision to help guide you: "A man, occasionally a woman, ruling China for 2,000 years. He, or she, who attains immortality, will return in this role, and rule China again for another 2,000 years."Emperor
OxI am a warrior, I am no coward. I protect the vulnerable, and would have protected Mr Zhang, if I foresaw his death. His killer was quicker than I am. But I am getting a vision that may help you solve this mystery: "The lifeblood of China, thinner than blood, but is strong like an ox. Its tiny little leaves can hold the key to your future." What is it?Tea
MonkeyShameful that some are prepared to kill for material gain. What is more precious than life itself? I am sensing a whisper in my ear, surely a clue to help solve this mystery: "A cold hard child of the earth, older than China itself, harder than a dragon's teeth, and greener than envy." What could it mean?Jade
HorseI am his trusted steed. He never knew the true power of his greatest treasure, a unique relic that grants the user the power over life and death, but only with the right knowledge. Hush now as I whisper my vision to you:"A bird of multicoloured feathers, a symbol of eternal loyalty and fidelity. Also the most spoken tongue in all the world".Mandarin
SheepGentle, caring, loving, cowardly, and dimwitted. I'm not qualified to be a murderer. But I may be able to help, I see an image in my mind: "Paper thin blood red petals flutter in the gentle breeze. A precious flower, with a dark secret. A poison that lulls the senses, and has driven China to war more than once". The true killer was greed.Opium
DragonDo not fall for a charming facade, it often masks a dark soul. I am a heavenly dragon, and with my magic mirror I can see the reflections of dreams: "The most abundant bloodline in all the world, and second dynasty of the empire. Their legacy is our glory, and our downfall". May this help you peel away the mask of deceit.Han
SnakeI am a healer, not a killer. I may have venom in my fangs, but one of us has venom in their heart. Zhang was killed by one that he trusted. A magic artifact was stolen from him: "A box without hinges, key or lid, yet golden treasure inside is hid, and before it can be used, it must broken. Also a must for Foo Yung." I fear this treasure was the cause of Zhang's death.Egg
PigI am logical, not reckless. A powerful relic from the old times that could change the face of the world has fallen into the wrong hands. As my curly tail straightens I sense Zhang's spirit trying to tell me something: "I see a torrent cascading over 3,000 miles long, a peril to some, but to China a hallmark of heroism and greatness, the exlusive property of the Son of Heaven."Yellow River
RoosterEach of us plays a role. I mean in the opera of life, we all have a unique part. For instance I was his pride and joy, one of us was his murderer, and you are the one to solve the puzzle. My tail feathers shimmer with colour, and compel me to share my vision with you: "Bamboo and paper, soars in the air, laying China's claim to the skies, and seizes the heavens from the dragons.". Hurry now before the new moon!Kite
Who is the killer?It's the monkey!
RabbitMy strength lies in stealth. I am quick to escape danger, not create it. Don't let the killer escape justice, Zhang was kind, whoever killed him had a fiery hot temper. My ears are twitching, I sense a clue to help reveal the truth: "A little metal ingot, used to measure weight and worth. It may gauge the value of precious subtances in the market, but not in the fiery heart of a demon."Tael

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