Murder Mystery #1 - The dead traveller

Dr Discover, the wealthy traveller from the city state of Cosmotropolis, is dead. He was found in his study chair, wearing his silk pyjamas, with a spear through his heart. On his desk, seemingly written in his own blood, are the letters "R-a-t". His safe is wide open and his money is gone. His wife, his son Ratcliffe, and 10 servants are all suspects, but Inspector Quizzical needs some help deducing which one done it. Can you help him decipher some of the clues that Dr Discover has left behind, and work out who murdered him in time before they use his money and escape justice?
READ the statements carefully! In each of them there is a question of some kind. Answer them, and the hints will be something geographical, such as a country, city or state.
When you have the hints, the answer will be threaded through them. Examine carefully.
TAKE your time! If you want to work it out but are stuck or confused, pause it and try again later.
Quiz by HelveticaBold
Last updated: February 6, 2019
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First submittedFebruary 6, 2017
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Marie the maid
He was very rude but I wouldn't kill him, and certainly not with a spear. He got that decorative piece on a trip to Africa. I can't remember which country, I think he said it was the 'highest kingdom in the world' or something like that? I want to say Laos. Anyway, I was vacuuming at the time. It was probably the tailor, he hated Dr Discover because he was such a fusspot.
Teodor the tailor
Yes, he was very fussy, he only wanted the finest clothes. Like he had the finest silk for his pyjamas imported from some Asian country. He said it was doubly landlocked, whatever that means? Now they're ruined. I would never kill anyone, besides, I was busy repairing his trekking shoes. I think it was the mechanic, he always made him drive him around at ridiculous times.
Masood the mechanic
Well yes he would make me drive him around but he liked to stay up late on Mondays to write poems about where he'd been, acrostics were his favourite. I know because he made me listen to them when driving him, and he'd smoke cigars from that Caribbean island. You know the one I mean don't you? I didn't kill him, I was polishing the car in the garage at the time. I'm sure it was the chef, Dr Discover always made him cook something weird and different every day.
Chiang the chef
I didn't kill him, inspector, it was the groundskeeper who had a grudge. Yes Dr Discover had strange tastes but I enjoy making exotic things. For instance when he was killed I was busy making him some delicious Barmbrack at his request. It comes from his favourite country. If you can tell me which country that is, I'll let you try some.
Gerard the groundskeeper
Yes he made me toil long hours. He made me paint his front door blue, then, only hours before he was killed, he said he didn't like it and wanted it red instead. Well we ran out of red paint so I went to feed his pet tuatara instead. Which country do they come from again? Somewhere in the southern hemisphere. Anyway, that's what I was doing when he was killed.
New Zealand
Hanne the housekeeper
I was the one who found him. He looked so peaceful. I noticed he hadn't finished his pastry. He always bought a huge crate of them on his visits to Europe. From that country where they have the oldest flag or something, do you know the one? Anyway, I was out at the time buying rat poison for the chef and red paint for the groundskeeper. When I came back I found him dead!
Fidel the fitness instructor
I noticed he was missing his lucky watch. He went everywhere with it. He climbed the world's highest volcano with it. Which country is that in again? Well he never parted with it. It was a gift from someone, but I don't know who. Well, when he was killed I was busy planning his diet for the week. No more of those pastries, too many of those will kill you.
Drago the driver
He was very bossy, but I never killed him. Why would I do that? He said he was pleased with how hard I was working and gave me 2 weeks off. Just last week he paid for me to go to the capital of Australian Northern Territory. Do you know the one? Anyway, I'm sure it was the launderette, he was always shouting at her about something or other.
Lucinda the launderette
Oh he shouted at everyone. Any one of us could have easily done it. But I was busy doing laundry. The driver's gloves have to be pristine white, and Michael was very particular about his Argyle golfing socks being pressed and paired up. They come all the way from the capital of the Scottish Highlands. What's it called again? Glasgow? I can't remember. If you'll excuse me I have some sheets to iron.
Samira the secretary
Strange that he was killed on a Monday. On his desk was a picture of he and his wife on holiday. He said the city they went to was called 'Monday' in its native language. Which city was that now? I think it was a capital city, somewhere in Asia. Well the picture is missing now. I just know there's going to be a lot of paperwork for this, which is exactly what I was doing when he was killed: paperwork!
I didn't kill my father. I'd never do that, not with a spear. I'd use his shotgun, much more efficient. He said a Hoosier gave it to him. Where does a Hoosier come from? Is it India? I don't know or care. Anyway, I was on the phone at the time, and don't know who could have done it...
Mrs Discover
I would never kill my husband! He took me all over the world. He hadn't taken me anywhere for a long time but said he was planning our next holiday. He said he was taking me to 'Formosa', but where is that? If I remember correctly it's in Portugal, but geography was never my strength. In fact I was taking geography quizzes online the time Michael was killed.
Lucinda did it!
Level 65
Feb 6, 2017
That's gotta be the best quiz I've ever completed! The clues are amazing, although I do have one suggestion: if you will make a second one (which I beg of you!!) then make the final answer a bit harder to get to. The last five answers gave a pretty obvious phrase so I knew to look at the first set to find the killer. keep up the work!
Level 71
Feb 7, 2017
Oh what a lovely thing to say, you're so lovely xxxxx I'm so glad someone enjoyed this one, and will definitely try to make more! My 'focus group' thought it might be too esoteric, but if it's harder ones you want then I'll not hold back! ^-^
Level 65
Feb 7, 2017
Haha, "focus group". Yes, that'd be awesome to not hold back!
Level 55
Feb 20, 2017
Interesting. Perhaps a bit confusing for me, but I think it's a great quiz, and I agree with Quizzer6794!
Level 55
Feb 24, 2017
Correction: Quizzer1000000
Level 65
Feb 18, 2021
Wow, all of them pretty much hated him.
Level 65
Feb 18, 2021
Except his wife.
Level 67
Dec 19, 2022
Very fine quiz, I like it a lot!