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1,9802023-09-26All the Geography I know-Asia
852022-09-21All the Geography I know by Letter-F
852023-02-21Real or Fake?
732022-10-03All the Geography I know by Letter-E
642022-09-08All the Geography I know by Letter-A
612022-09-30All the Geography I know by Letter-J
602022-09-11All the Geography I know By Letter-C
572022-09-15All the Geography I know By Letter-G
562022-10-251,000 Takes!
562022-09-13All the Geography I know By Letter-D
562022-09-09All the Geography I Know by Letter-L
532022-10-17All the Geography I know-Africa Edition
522022-09-10All the Geography I Know By Letter-Z
512022-09-28All the Geography I know by Letter-O
512022-10-02All the Geography I know by Letter-I
502022-09-30All the Geography I know by Letter-R
492022-10-01All the Geography I know by Letter-H
492022-10-04All the Geography I know by Letter-P
492022-09-14All the Geography I know By Letter-U
492022-09-09Life Goes On Lyrics-Oliver Tree
472022-10-02All the Geography I know by Letter-V
452022-11-1430 most well known cities by Jetpunkers across the world.
422022-09-09All the Geography I know by Letter-B
422022-10-04All the geography I know by Letter-T
402022-09-12All the Geography I know By Letter-Y
392022-09-30All the Geography I know By Letter-M
392022-10-04All the Geography I know by Letter-N
392022-09-10Identify the Gem
382022-09-23All the Geography I know by Letter-W
362022-12-05All the Geography I know by Country-Germany
352022-09-10Toxic By BoyWithUke-Lyrics
342023-11-27All the Geography I know-North American Edition
322022-10-04All the Geography I know by Letter-Q
312023-10-13All the Geography YOU know-Americas
312022-09-28All the Geography I know By Letter-X
312022-10-03All the Geography I know by Letter-K
312023-11-27All the Geography I know-Europe Edition
302022-10-04All the Geography I know by Letter-S
262022-10-14All the Geography I know (A-Most of M)
262024-02-15Click the Corresponding "M" City.
242023-02-11Geography by State-Florida
232022-10-25All the Geography I know-South American Edition
232022-10-19All the Geography I know-Oceania Edition
222022-11-14Geography by Region-British Isles
212024-01-11Click the Corresponding "S" City.
202023-09-27All the Geography YOU know.(Africa and Europe[Soon to be Afroeurasia])
202022-09-12Geography I know by Letter-Tile Quiz
192022-11-03My Country Ranking
192022-11-20All the Geography I know by Country-United States
182022-11-20All the Geography I know(Rest of M-Z)
162022-09-08D&D Classes
152023-04-15Cities I've visited in Europe
152022-09-16All the Cities on my World Map-Europe Edition
142022-09-24All the cities on my World Map-Africa Edition
142023-03-17Name The Lyrics-Hey Bulldog by the Beatles.
132022-11-14Geography by Region-Benelux
122022-09-10Every Gem/Metal discussed in Smithsonian's Definitive Gem Visual Guide
102022-11-12All the Cities on my World Map-Asia Edition
92023-12-09Songs in my Playlist.
92022-11-01What Countries Have I not been to?
92022-11-17Geography by Region-Baltic Nations
92023-01-10Name the countries I've been to
82022-10-23National Parks of the Czech Republic
82023-01-30Geography by Region-Hispaniola
82023-03-22Trippie Redd Albums(CheeseHa8FS)
62022-10-08895 Q&A
62022-10-13Zanzibar Quiz(CheeseHa8FS)
62023-03-22Geography By Region-Central America
62022-09-28Cities on My World Map-Oceania and the Americas
52022-11-15Geography by Region-Nepal and Bhutan
52022-11-30A JetPunk user for every Country.
42022-10-23National Parks of Switzerland
42022-11-15CheeseHa8's Shoutout quiz/Content Survey
42022-10-24National Parks of Russia
42022-08-13Blog Series Name Poll
32022-09-14227 Takes Q&A special!
32022-11-09All Monsters in the August 1979 edition of the D&D Monster Manual
32022-10-23National Parks of Poland
22022-09-29Music in my Youtube Mix
22022-09-11Smithsonian Gem Definitive Visual Guide-Mineral and Rock Directory
22022-10-23National Parks of Denmark
22022-11-10All the Deities and Gods in the 1984 D&D Legends and Lore Book
12023-02-192052 Nation Quiz-Taihoenae
12022-10-12Second Afar Insurgency Quiz
12022-10-21Top 100 Quizmakers on Jetpunk(As of October 21st,2022)
02022-12-14Announcement from CheeseHa8FS
02023-01-034 Months of Quiz Making!