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6742022-11-24European cities by picture
882022-09-04Countries with the most people of British descent
872022-09-18All the parliamentary republics of the world
842022-09-03Countries with the most people of Japanese descent
832022-09-17All the presidential republics of the world
702022-09-03Countries with the most people of Italian descent
672022-09-03Countries with the most people of Chinese descent
632023-08-18European history 1870-1914
632022-10-01Guess the composer
602022-09-04Countries with the most people of Polish descent
602022-09-23All the constitutional monarchies of the world
592022-09-17Countries with the most people of German descent
572022-09-06Countries with the most people of Korean descent
562022-09-05Countries with the most people of Russian descent
532022-09-07Countries with the most people of Dutch descent
522022-08-27Japanese History
512022-09-15Countries with the most people of Spanish descent
502022-12-20History of Germany (1871-1919)
452022-09-09Countries with the most people of Filipino descent
412022-09-14History of Spain Quiz
412023-01-21India, Pakistan or Bangladesh
402022-09-16Countries with the most people of French descent
392022-11-23Guess the Italian city
382023-03-18European landlocked countries in 1914
372022-09-07Countries with the most people of Ukrainian descent
352022-09-10Countries with the most people of Thai descent
342023-01-21European countries by historical region
342022-09-08British prime ministers who were elected during the reign of Elizabeth
312022-09-06History of Brazil Quiz
312023-04-02Guess the language
302022-11-04History of Germany Quiz (0-1519 AD)
302022-09-01History of Mexico Quiz
302022-09-23Countries with the most people of Nigerian descent
282022-08-17Guess the Italian region
262023-02-18Countries by mountain range
252023-01-07Countries by historical region
202022-09-14History of Thailand Quiz
202022-12-02Cities of the Americas by picture
202022-08-27The Seven Summits and the Seven Second Summits
192022-09-03History of Ethiopia Quiz
182022-11-15History of Germany (1519-1871)
172022-11-24Asian cities by picture
172022-09-08Capitals of the countries of the Commonwealth realm
152022-09-01Periods of the Ancient History of Egypt
132023-01-03All the popes since 1775
132023-02-02January 2023
102023-01-04Biggest cities on the Tyrrhenian Sea
72022-08-28Guess the Italian region #2