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7892022-12-05250 digits of pi in 15seconds!
6552022-11-01100 Digits of pi in 15sec
2432022-11-02Digits of pi 30sec
1132022-12-08100 digits of pi in 30seconds
992022-11-24Square roots 1 to 10,000
642022-11-03Digits of pi 1~200
632022-11-09Digits of pi 1001~1200
632022-11-03Digits of e
622022-11-29Digits of a googolplex
622022-11-05Digits of pi to 50
552022-12-07Type the digits of the largest number you can think of
472022-11-16Digits of 22/7
452022-12-18314 digits of 85/27
422022-12-08800 digits of pi
392022-11-06Digits of square root 48 in 15sec
382022-11-25Find the digits of pi
372022-11-08Digits of pi 801~1,000
362022-12-05Powers of 2
332022-12-09Digits of pi 48seconds
322022-11-04Digits of 10/7
322022-11-17Divisible by 17?
302022-11-25Type the digits of a very large prime
292022-11-01Squared, Cubed, Or Prime
292022-11-2550 digits of tau in 15sec
282022-10-25Digits of square root 48
242022-11-04Squaring Numbers#1 10-99
232022-10-25Digits of pi
222022-10-27Digits of pi to the Feynman point
212022-11-3050 Fibonacci numbers in 2min
212022-11-05Digits of pi 401~600
212022-11-05Square numbers#2 100-999
152022-11-30Memorizing pi
132022-10-284 Digit squaring
132022-10-30Suqare numbers 77 numbers in 1min 30sec
132022-10-26Square numbers 11-99
122022-11-06Digits of pi 601~800
92022-10-27Square numbers 101-999
92022-10-26about pi
92022-11-07The first 200 digits of square root 37
72022-11-05Digits of pi 201~400
62022-10-29Digits of pi Race to the Feynman point
62022-10-253000 Digits of pi
52022-12-08Digits of e to 271 digits
52022-10-26500 Digits of pi