Would You Rather - Multiple Choice

Would you rather _____ or _____?
There is no incorrect or correct answer, the right answer is my vote
Quiz by FootyFan232
Last updated: September 16, 2022
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First submittedSeptember 16, 2022
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1. Would you rather ...?
Be poor and work at a job you love
Be rich and work at a job you hate
2. Would you rather...?
Be stranded on an island alone
Or with someone you don't like
3. Would you rather...?
Be able to fly
Be invisible
4. Would you rather...?
Take an ice cold shower
Not shower at all
5. Would you rather...?
Be the smartest kid in school
Be the most popular kid in school
6. Would you rather...?
Visit one day in the past
Visit one day in the future
7. Would you rather...?
Able to read minds
Be invisible
8. Would you rather...?
Have a year's holiday on full pay
Work for a year at double your current wage
9. Would you rather...?
Never Play
Play but always lose
10. Would you rather...?
Lose all of your old memories
Never be able to make new ones
11. Would you rather...?
Give bad advice
Take bad advice
12. Would you rather...?
Be tired and on time
Fully rested and late
13. Would you rather...?
Never watch TV again
Never use the internet again
14. Would you rather...?
Forget who you were
Forget who everyone else was
15. Would you rather...?
Have three wishes granted in ten years
Have one wish granted today
16. Would you rather...?
Be too cold
Be too hot
17. Would you rather...?
Stand all day
Sit all day
18. Would you rather...?
Be able to talk to animals
Speak multiple foreign languages
19. Would you rather...?
Have more time
Have more money
20. Would you rather...?
Go into the past and meet your ancestors
Go into the future and meet your great-great-grandchildren
Level 68
Dec 1, 2022
Good quiz. Some results surprised me.
Level 22
Dec 1, 2022
Level 75
Dec 1, 2022
Some of the results really surprised me. So many people wanting to go to the past.
Level 60
Dec 1, 2022
Because a lot of these questions really interested me, I’ll put down my reasonings for each down below.

1. Ok, I’m a kid. I don’t really know what either would be like, but I’d take the job. You like.

2. Eh, I’d be stranded alone.

3. I’d be invisible. Flying seems weird.

4. Ice cold shower, I do that enough will all the poison oak where I live. Not showering is gross.

5. Smartest. I’m already fairly smart, If I do say so myself. I’m also the class clown, which gets me a fair bit of popularity within my class and friends. Overall though, popular kids are always jerks, and they do some dumb stuff to uphold their popularity.

6. Future. If I new how it was, I could strive to do stuff to help in in present day. Going to the past also seems like it would mess a whole bunch of stuff up.

7. I’m not a creep. I respect privacy, and if, for whatever reason, I ever needed to snoop a little, being invisible would do just fine.

8. If I picked normal, and it linked to the first…

Level 60
Dec 1, 2022
…question, that’d be cool. But, I picked the ‘wrong’ answer for the first question so it wouldn’t matter. Anyway, I doubt they link. I’ll pick normal.

9. Second place in most cases is the same as winning. Or maybe not, I’d still rather play, though.

10. I’d lose all my memories. They can always be reminded. Both options seem horrible, though.

11. Give bad advice. I could just say something like ‘smack yourself’ and it wouldn’t have much of a consequence.

12. As an almost teenager, I value sleep. I’d rather be late.

13. I don’t watch TV much, but the internet is pretty much my life.

14. Pretty much same as #10.

15. I’ll be patient. It would help me focus on one wish at a time, as well.

16. I love the cold. Of course, freezing to death isn’t pleasant, but burning is even worse.

17. I’ll stand. Sitting is pretty bad for you, besides, sitting for a day would lead to more sitting, because when the day is over your legs would be to tired to move….

Level 60
Dec 1, 2022
…18. I’d talk to animals. They probably have so much to tell us, and although they don’t even have speech like us, so it wouldn’t work out, it would still probably help us treat them better. Foreign languages can also be learnt, animal speech can’t.

19. More money. Money really shouldn’t mean as much as it does, though.

20. Neither of these really interest me, but I guess I’d meet my ancestors.

Level 85
Dec 2, 2022
Very clever
Level 22
Dec 3, 2022
Level 40
Jan 17, 2023
Be rich but hate your job ?? Oh man...