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4732018-08-02Animal Crossing: All types of fruit in the Animal Crossing series
2282018-08-02Japanese: City Names in Katakana
2262018-08-02Super Mario: All games of the Super Mario series
2082018-08-02Super Mario: All enemies in Super Mario 3D World
1332018-08-02Super Mario: All galaxies in Super Mario Galaxy (With Domes)
1272018-08-02Animal Crossing: All species of fish in Animal Crossing: New Leaf
1152018-08-02Animal Crossing: All species of bugs in Animal Crossing: New Leaf
952018-08-02Pikmin: All different types of fruit in Pikmin 3
942018-08-02Other: Districts of Helsinki
802018-08-02Pikmin: All creatures in Pikmin
742018-08-02Other: All vehicles in Hill Climb Racing
702018-08-02Xenoblade: The Xenoblade Chronicles Quiz
672018-08-02Super Mario: All worlds in New Super Mario Bros. U/New Super Luigi U
672018-08-02Japanese: City Names in Katakana - Part 2
652018-08-02Super Mario: All Catch Cards in Super Paper Mario
622018-09-29Bordering countries with most people combined
622017-08-23Countries of the World (Alphabetical)
612018-08-02Super Mario: All ghosts in Luigi's Mansion
522018-08-02Japanese: City Names in Katakana - English Edition
452018-08-02Animal Crossing: All species of deep-sea creatures in Animal Crossing: New Leaf
422018-08-02Other: The main characters in Star Wars
372018-08-02Animal Crossing: The most timeworthy creatures in Animal Crossing: New Leaf
342018-08-02Japanese: English Loanwords in Japanese (A-C)
302018-08-02Super Mario: All galaxies in Super Mario Galaxy (Without Domes)
292018-08-02Japanese: City Names in Rōmaji
292018-08-02Japanese: English Loanwords in Japanese (D-G)
262018-08-02Super Mario: Every Mario Party Minigame
252016-07-11Countries of the World by Capitals
242018-08-02Animal Crossing: All fossils in Animal Crossing: New Leaf
232017-08-23Countries of the World by Currencies
92018-08-02Xenoblade: Unique Monsters in Xenoblade Chronicles