Madonna Quiz

Can you answer these questions about the famous pop star Madonna?
Quiz by Hugh2000
Last updated: December 16, 2019
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First submittedMay 2, 2017
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"Mystic River" star she married in 1985
Sean Penn
English filmmaker she married in 2000
Guy Ritchie
She was heavily influenced by this 1950s actress
Marilyn Monroe
Her last name
Her first number #1 hit
Like a Virgin
Weird Al's parody of the above
Like a Surgeon
One of her most iconic hits. Also one of Madonna's nicknames
Material Girl
Fill in the song title. "Get ___ ___ _____ / Boy you've got to prove / Your love to me"
Into the Groove
This song was condemned by the Vatican
Like a Prayer
Song title that rhymes with "Perish"
This song mentions celebrities like Grace Kelly, Jean Harlow, and Rita Hayworth
Her first greatest hits album
The Immaculate
She starred in this detective movie
Dick Tracy
She starred in this movie about the first lady of Argentina
Coffee table book of erotic pictures produced by Madonna
Madonna sang the theme song to this 2002 James Bond movie
Die Another Day
Madonna practices this type of Jewish mysticism
Singers who she kissed at the 2003 VMA music awards (name either)
Britney Spears and
Christina Aguilera
Amount of time that Madonna has to save the world - in this song
featuring Justin Timberlake and Timbaland
4 Minutes
This 2005 song features a sample from ABBA's "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!"
Hung Up
Level 86
May 8, 2017
Nice to see a quiz about her. A few remarks anyway. I don't think her husbands are the first things to ask about her, maybe you could put those questions in the end. I'm not a fan of a question about a parody, but why not. What bothers me (and saddens me) the most is that there is no question about the wonderful Ray of Light, which is her true work of art. I don't know of many works of art that sold more than 15 millions, and she earned my respect for that.
Level 55
Oct 23, 2017
Does it really matter what order the questions are in?
Level 86
Oct 23, 2017
Nothing really matters :p.
Level 86
Oct 23, 2017
Yes, that's what I meant in the first place, Lumi.
Level 15
Jun 13, 2017
I love Madonna, and I love this quiz
Level 15
Jun 13, 2017
I only missed a few
Level 82
Oct 21, 2017
Man, I thought it was 5 minutes... 4 minutes isn't very much time to save the world at all. Probably should stop singing a song and get to work on that.
Level 85
Apr 24, 2019
I always thought the point was that 4 minutes is the length of the song and it's the song itself that's going to save the world.
Level 75
Oct 21, 2017
Got four correct, but I'll do better next time.
Level 68
Oct 21, 2017
Shame she's gone crackers saying that she wants to blow up The White House. Clearly losing the plot as she's getting older, it's sad because she's made some great pop music over the years.
Level 75
Oct 21, 2017
Alas, no "Desperately Seeking Susan"...
Level 78
Oct 21, 2017
Sad not to see questions about Who's That Girl or Shanghai Surprise.
Level 55
Oct 23, 2017
We all know you are being ironic!

*he he*

Level 59
Oct 23, 2017
I think it'd be more of a challenge to have to name BOTH singers she kissed at the VMAs. Seems like no one ever remembers she kissed Christina, too. Everyone was too busy talking about the Britney kiss, plus the camera cut to Justin Timberlake to get his reaction and they nearly missed showing the Christina kiss.
Level 48
Oct 29, 2017
Material Girl never hit number one, it only got 2 number 2
Level 68
Aug 6, 2018
Yes I know. On the Billboard Hot 100 Material Girl hit #2 however I did not make the question, Quizmaster edited it in, so I will edited the quiz and hopefully get the approval to have it changed.