Elton John Quiz

Answer the questions about the famous singer Elton John.
Quiz by Hugh2000
Last updated: February 17, 2018
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First submittedJuly 3, 2017
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What country is he from?
United Kingdom
What instrument does he play?
What Disney movie did he write songs for?
Lion King
What musical about a ballet dancer did he write the music to?
Billy Elliot
What actress was the song "Candle in the Wind" about?
Marilyn Monroe
Who did he re-dedicate the song to in 1997?
Princess Diana
What did Elton John become on April 24th, 1998?
a Knight/Sir
What is his birth name?
Reginald Dwight
What disease did he establish a foundation to fight against?
Who has written the lyrics to most of his songs?
Bernie Taupin
What English football team did he once own?
What is his best-selling album?
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
What song is sometimes misheard as "hold me closer, Tony Danza"?
Tiny Dancer
What song was about an astronaut?
Rocket Man
What song title includes the name of a major American city?
Philadelphia Freedom
What tennis star was the above song written for?
Billie Jean King
What song ends "I hope you don't mind / That I put down in words /
How wonderful life is while you're in the world"?
Your Song
What song has a reptile in its title?
Crocodile Rock
What three words come after B-B-B-Bennie?
And the Jets
Fill in the song lyrics: "______ my brother / You are older than me"
Level 76
Apr 16, 2018
Woo hoo!! 20/20
Level 90
Apr 16, 2018
I spent a good minute trying to forget Reginald Starky because I knew that wasn't the answer.
Level 68
Jun 20, 2018
Need to accept Reg Dwight, not just Reginald...
Level 45
Jun 20, 2018
Level 68
Jun 24, 2018
That's what I put first.
Level 34
Jun 20, 2018
if reg dwight doesn't work - try reginald!!
Level 45
Jun 20, 2018
OK Boss.
Level 86
Jun 20, 2018
Or just Dwight a la Jeopardy.
Level 67
Jun 20, 2018
Probably don't need to provide partial answers for the three that are currently fill-ins. Each of those titles is well-known, and the clues are obvious enough. Otherwise, very fun. Didn't know the football team, but got everything else.
Level 64
Jun 20, 2018
If you accept Reginald, accept Bernie
Level 82
Jun 20, 2018
I tried "Toppin"
Level 89
Aug 22, 2018
Level 72
Jun 20, 2018
Here's my submission for this week's Golden Nitpicker Award: it's "The Lion King", not just "Lion King". That'll be all, thanks.
Level 60
Jun 20, 2018
Fun. I got carried away and typed in "tiny Danza." Oops.
Level 23
Jun 23, 2018
I answered simply Billie jean :(
Level 68
Jun 24, 2018
I always remember Elton John's real name, as it is the same as my own father and grandfather on both sides - Reginald! Luckily I was a born a girl...
Level 67
Oct 27, 2019
Your Song was our first dance ...for hubby and I.. many years ago.
Level 79
Mar 9, 2021
it seems odd that you won't accept Reg Dwight, which is how he was known prior to his name change, but you will accept half of his name. Either half, either Reginald, or Dwight.