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Once a renowned winged warrior they were trapped in a sword, and now takes revenge on life.Aatrox
Had their eyes ripped out by Volibear, has trapped the watches in their palace, and is allied with Trundle.Lissandra
Who was a gangster, revolution leader, and surrogate parent before being turned into a monster by a mad chemist.Warwick
One of the creators of hex-tech this cyborg wants to rid humanity of the weakness of flesh in an "evolution.Victor
What fisherman now stalks the docks of Bilgewater with an ever-growing revenge list.Pyke
Who carried his brother after clasping while climbing, and went mad after being trapped in ruins blaming his brother.Renekton
Who is the oldest being in the universe or the primal scream of creation, and puppets scarecrows around Runeterra.Fiddlesticks
Who's predecessor trapped Aatrox, and godlike powers infuse their life with timeless Whimsy.Zoe
Served as the bodyguard of the first emperor of Demacia and is looking for a "hero" to give their weapon to.Poppy
Who was once the right hand man to Mordekasier with plans to defeat him, and now roams Runeterra challenging other evil doers.Veigar
Who after destroying their village, trained under :) Lee Sin, before returning home to a divided country.Uydr
Before the corruption of the black mist this knight was the leader of the Iron Order.Hecarim
Who was abandoned by their human, father casing them to start a life a crime, and tells their mom that they run an orphanage.Sett
What mage is a member of the Black Rose, uncle to Viego, and the creator of Sion.Vladimir
What malevolent being is the collection of the human minds eaten by the void.Bel'veth

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