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25,2532018-02-11 Most Hashtagged Cities on Instagram
13,0852022-09-08 Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver?
1,2082021-04-02Most Common Words by Letter
1,2032022-06-22Geography General knowledge
8972023-03-22The Toronto Quiz
8392021-10-07Countries visited by the Simpsons
5572021-07-13Top Cities for Tinder Users
4632020-06-18Countries with the Most Impact Craters
4122017-01-28Countries Trump has banned citizens from entering US
2932021-03-15Highest Ranking Universities in Canada
2692020-06-24Biggest Cities in World War III
2642020-06-24UN Sustainable Development Goals
2392020-06-23Top 20 Stock Exchanges
2082021-04-03Airlines by Tails (EXTREME)
1822020-11-17Airlines with A380s
1442021-03-15Largest Universities in Canada
1372021-03-28Communist Countries During the Cold War
1342021-03-26First Countries to Legalize Same-Sex Marraige.
1312018-05-02Canadian Diaspora
1302021-03-15Busiest North American Rapid Transit Systems
1062017-12-02Ingredients in Nutella
1042016-05-31Flags with animals
822020-12-28Cities that Smoke the Most Marijuana
772016-08-05Airports by Name
742015-11-27Cities with largest foreign born populations
732015-11-30Countries without standing armies
722017-11-30Countries Without an Airport
662018-12-07Countries that have Sent Women to Space
652020-06-18The World's Smartest Countries
622021-12-12Most Common Passwords
602020-12-28Cheapest and Most Expensive Cities for Marijuana
592020-10-13All Police Emergency Numbers
582015-11-27Cities with highest foreign born percentage
542021-01-04'How many are there?' Quiz
542020-10-07Places Johnny Cash has been in 'I've been Everywhere'
492016-08-07Airports by Name #2
482020-06-19Ambulances of the World
482020-11-16People with Animal Names
462017-11-30Countries Without a Railway Network
422023-03-07Jetpunk Users with Comments on this Quiz
422021-04-19Countries by Landscape
412020-06-23Countries that Consume the most Chocolate
392022-03-04Most Googled - Multiple Choice
302015-12-03matty's history quiz
292016-06-01Flags by color
282021-01-04'How many are there?' Quiz #2
282021-01-01South African Diaspora
262023-01-26Canadian Athletes of the Year Since 1980
262021-06-16Animals on Canadian Money
262020-06-25Canadian Skylines- Hard
232021-01-01Sports Leagues by Picture
222019-12-19Countries in which filming for Star Wars films took place
182023-04-25Norwegian Words Similar to English
182021-04-10Cities with Towers - Picture Quiz
162021-12-02World Capital Buildings
162023-04-25Canada or Norway
152021-03-28<1M Cities Skylines
122023-01-26Famous People from Ontario
122023-01-26Famous People from British Columbia
112020-06-18Postboxes from Around the World
82020-06-18Taxis of the World
02018-03-09INDEV 101