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This film is about a little boy called andy and his toy come alive when he is outtoy story
This film is about trying to find a little orange and white fishfinding nemo
This film is about a woman called mary....... she has a umbrella that flys and come to look after children, her name is also the name of the filmmary poppins
This film is about a b....y and a beast who fall in lovebeauty and the beast
This film is about 5 children are sent to massive chocolate ......... and 4 of them lose and one wins a great prizecharlie and the chocolate factory
This film is about loads of little minions and their master grudespicable me
This film is about a baby boy who crawls into santas sack at christmas and goes to be brought up at the north pole he then returns to new york to find his dadelf
This film is about a load of puppets that are in a band, one is called k.....mitthe muppets
This film is about a caveman family mum, dad, siser, baby, nan etc.....the croods

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