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1002023-11-032023 MLB Playoffs
972023-07-27CFB Champions
652023-10-25NFL 2023 starting QBs in high school
632023-11-032023 Texas Rangers Roster
502023-04-092023 March Madness Winners
472023-11-032023 Texas Rangers Home Runs
362023-05-05CFP Matchups
352023-12-02Pac 12 Championship Winners
352023-04-09TCU 2022-23 football season winners
322023-07-072022-23 Chiefs Winners
292023-10-21Texas High School 6A/5A Football State Champions
292023-12-08Every 5 & 6 Final CFP Ranked Team
272023-12-08Big 12 football champions
262023-12-08Big Ten Championship Matchups
242023-07-132023 College World Series Winners
232023-04-102021 TCU football winners
232023-07-10CFP National Championship MVPs
202023-05-052023 NFL First Round Draft Picks
202023-05-072012 TCU Winners
192023-05-072013 TCU Winners
192023-05-082011 TCU Winners
192023-07-10Super Bowl Winners
182023-05-072016 TCU Winners
172023-12-08SEC Championship Matchups
172023-05-052020 TCU Football Winners
172023-05-072014 TCU Winners
172023-05-082010 TCU Winners
172023-05-062017 TCU Winners
172023-05-062019 TCU Football Winners
162023-05-062018 TCU winners
162023-05-072015 TCU Winners
152023-07-05Best FBS record in every state 2022
142023-12-08ACC Championship Matchups
142023-12-096A Dallas Forth Worth Texas Area High Schools
142023-07-042009-2010 TCU football winners
142023-07-10Every current Big 12 teams national championships
132024-01-08World Series Winners
122023-12-08Mountain West Football Champions
112024-03-30NFL Hall of Famers from Texas colleges
92023-12-072023 TCU Football Winners
92023-07-132022 College World Series Winners
82023-12-02Conference USA Football Champions
82023-07-10Every current Big 12 team heisman winner
72023-12-16Bowl games TCU appeared in
72023-04-092022-23 TCU Basketball Winners
72023-12-08AAC Football Champions
72023-12-08Sun Belt Football Champions
62023-12-08MAC Football Champions
62023-12-09Texas High School Dallas-Fort Worth area logos (districts 3-8)
52023-12-08SWAC Football Champions
52023-08-202008 TCU football winners
42023-12-09Texas 5A-D1 Dallas/Fort Worth High School Logos (Districts 3-7)
32024-04-29Every CFB winner of every ranked matchup 2023
22023-04-102021-22 TCU basketball winners
12024-05-182007 TCU football winners
02024-05-07Rangers World Series Lineups
02024-05-182006 TCU football winners
02024-05-182005 TCU football winners
02024-05-182004 TCU football winners
02024-05-182003 TCU football winners
02024-05-182002 TCU football winners