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Fast Math - Addition0-4.82425,993
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12 Months in 15 Seconds0-3.903,623,042
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#1 Hits of the 1980s0-4.86115,650
Ultimate Harry Potter Name Game0-4.96433,861
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Groups of Things - Harry Potter0-4.82240,202
Monty Python Quotes0-4.8337,781
Star Wars Quotes0-4.88140,183
Regions of Countries #20-4.94105,653
Regions of Countries #30-4.8677,840
First Names of U.S. Presidents0-4.85304,209
Fast Typing A to Z Backwards0-4.30149,111
Random Capital to Country0-4.992,125,528
Analogies of Countries #10-4.8645,758
Word Scramble - U.S. States0-4.95399,328
Random Country to Capital0-4.97712,869
UNESCO World Heritage Sites to Country0-4.9887,212
Geographic Groups of Two #10-4.98196,288
Two Letter Answers #10-4.1976,728
Three Letter Answers #10-4.2263,712
Three Letter Answers #20-3.9554,297
Countries of the World - One Minute Sprint0-4.23774,445
Five Biggest Immigrant Groups by Country #10-4.96125,983
One Letter Answers #10-4.3850,061
Five Biggest Immigrant Groups by Country #20-4.8754,337
Top Five Countries By Category #10-4.99351,328
Most Keystrokes - 15 Second Sprint0-4.16155,092
Top Five Countries By Category #20-4.91140,954
Top Five Countries By Category #30-4.86128,093
Solve the Secret Country0-4.96108,727
Solve the Secret Country #20-4.9070,861
Two Letter Answers #20-4.3259,238
Two Letter Answers #30-4.0856,806
Two Letter Answers #40-4.1863,893
World Capitals - One Minute Sprint0-4.13176,154
US State Capitals - One Minute Sprint0-4.06141,590
Europe Capitals - One Minute Sprint0-4.32167,549
Countries of Asia - One Minute Sprint0-4.38205,940
Countries of Africa - One Minute Sprint0-4.37246,956
Top 100 Harry Potter Characters by Mention0-4.94309,096
Count as High as You Can - 15 Second Sprint0-4.13162,893
Country Chain0-4.92160,525
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Europe Geography Decoder0-4.8757,341
Capital Cities Chain0-4.8365,710
Five Biggest World Cities by Letter #10-4.9460,303
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Asia Geography Quiz #10-4.8247,358
Marvel Cinematic Universe - All Movies0-4.89227,788
NBA Teams - One Minute Sprint0-4.46105,369
Africa Geography Quiz #10-4.9238,295
U.S. States by First Two Letters in 30 Seconds0-4.641,086,570
Countries by Borders in 90 Seconds with an Empty Map0-4.94222,771
Anagram Chain - Countries0-4.9886,334
World Countries by 10 Category Elimination #10-4.9791,106
Five Most Populated Countries on a Multicolored World Map0-4.9755,962
Countries, U.S. States, and Capitals by First Two Letters0-4.89379,534
Biggest Countries with No McDonald's0-4.8155,327
Countries of the World with an Empty Map - Hard Version0-5.00240,376
Songs that Start with the Same Word0-4.8686,267
Countries that Beat the United States0-4.85106,700
Obfuscations of Movie Titles #10-4.8445,832
Most Common U.S. Last Names - Extreme0-4.94129,597
Random Fast Typing0-4.64414,518
Fast Math - Double That Number!0-4.73475,126
Divided World City Name Puzzle #10-4.9232,767
American Countries with the Shortest Names0-4.9783,782
Asian Countries with the Shortest Names0-4.98110,338
Fast Math - Subtraction Quiz0-4.5040,517
Short Term Memory Test0-4.95151,870
Countries by First and Last Two Letters0-4.891,371,122
Countries with Four Letters - Shape Quiz0-4.9670,987
Which City in Europe?0-4.8688,627
Which City In the United Kingdom?0-4.9466,270
Countries by Emojis0-4.99164,105
Countries in Random Squares of the World Map0-4.99256,762
Which City in Canada?0-4.8440,835
Random Flag to Country0-4.99406,640
Random European Flag to Country0-4.82128,273
Fast Math - Division0-4.4786,898
Random African Flag to Country0-4.9352,183
Random European City to Country0-4.8483,367
Name a Valid Country #10-4.99179,817
Random European Capital to Country0-4.97132,525
Random European Country to Capital0-4.91106,585
Random Countries by Borders0-4.9960,007
Random Asian Capital to Country0-4.9765,267
Random Asian Country to Capital0-4.9266,297
Countries that Beat Australia0-4.8163,346
Wonderlic Style IQ Test0-4.9753,204
Name a Valid Country #60-4.9471,872
Name a Valid Country #20-4.97157,093
Random Fast Typing - 5 Letter Words0-4.40154,268
Name a Valid Country #30-4.98168,211
Name a Valid U.S. State #10-4.91151,787
Name a Valid Word #10-4.8788,202
Random Countries on the World Map0-5.001,136,226
Category Elimination - Countries #10-4.99249,289
Name a Valid Country #50-4.98125,793
Name a Valid U.S. President #10-4.94130,229
Category Elimination - Countries #20-4.98181,283
Random Sequential U.S. States on a Map0-5.00183,933
Name a Valid European Country #10-4.98164,740
Category Elimination - Countries #30-4.98173,839
Category Elimination - U.S. States #10-4.88164,948
Name a Valid Capital #10-4.9767,935
Category Elimination - Countries #40-4.99148,027
Category Elimination - U.S. States #20-4.8297,935
Name an Official Language A-Z0-4.90117,950
Random Sequential European Countries on a Map0-5.00181,321
Random U.S. States on a Map0-4.93339,504
Random European Countries on a Map0-4.98220,682
European Map without 10 Random Countries0-4.97220,488
Random Asian Countries on a Map0-4.95129,878
Random African Countries on a Map0-4.99206,898
Random American Countries on a Map0-4.9674,767
20 Random Countries on an Empty World Map0-4.9876,722
Name a Valid Country #40-4.95154,876
Random World Capitals on a Map0-4.9098,040
World Map Without 20 Random Countries0-4.975,813,385
Random African Capitals on a Map0-4.9242,005
Random European Capitals on a Map0-4.9692,809
Name a Valid Country Bordering Each Sea0-4.8668,068
Random U.S. State Capitals on a Map0-4.8771,050
Countries in Squares of the World Map0-5.00126,849
Countries in Squares of an Empty World Map0-4.9995,600
Random Name a Valid Country0-4.99112,278
Empty World Map without 20 Random Countries0-4.9075,410
Name a Valid Year in History0-4.9741,043
Random African Country to Capital0-4.9243,915
World Map with 10 Random Extra Borders0-4.96273,400
Name a Valid Answer - Geography0-4.9268,791
Random Sequential African Countries on a Map0-5.00102,227
Random Sequential Asian Countries on a Map0-4.9994,869
Random Sequential Countries on the World Map0-5.00395,449
Name a Valid Asian Country0-4.9782,975
Category Elimination - Capital Cities #10-4.91102,432
Capital Cities in Squares of an Empty World Map0-4.9970,987
Name a Valid African Country0-4.9996,993
Name a Valid European Capital0-4.9382,618
Capitals in Random Squares of the World Map0-4.9059,219
Random African Capital to Country0-4.9668,068
Name a World Capital A-Z0-5.00122,784
Name a Valid U.S. State Capital0-4.8845,403
100 General Knowledge Questions of Varying Difficulty0-4.8675,218
Category Elimination - European Geography #10-4.96175,358
Fast Math - Square Roots0-4.4237,247
Can You Name These 50 Random Countries?0-4.98155,946
Random Sequential Countries on the World Map - Hard Version0-5.0051,725
Flag Coloring Book Puzzle #10-4.94125,206
Category Elimination - Official Languages0-4.9650,280
World Map with Random Merged Countries0-4.991,247,710
Top Five Countries by Random Categories0-4.9590,835
Random Geographic Groups of Five0-4.9688,113
Countries in Random Rings of the World Map0-4.9964,010
Random Countries Hidden in the World Map0-4.8774,724
Top Five Countries By Fruit Production0-4.9332,830
U.S. Map with Random Merged States0-4.93235,988
Random Countries on the Borderless World Map0-4.99137,964
Europe Map with Random Merged Countries0-4.95214,238
Name a Valid Country #70-4.8971,991
Name a Valid Country A-Z0-4.9665,546
Top Five Languages by Language Family0-4.9936,452
Name a Valid Country #80-4.8539,842
Category Elimination - European Geography #20-4.98124,771
Category Elimination - Capital Cities #20-4.8459,475
Category Elimination - European Countries #10-4.8465,645
Category Elimination - European Geography #30-4.8252,929
Category Elimination - African Geography #10-4.9070,713
Category Elimination - Asian Geography #20-4.9471,500
Name a Valid Island Country0-4.9581,175
Name a Valid European Country #20-4.9573,630
Category Elimination - Country Flags #10-4.96106,274
Countries that Beat Canada0-4.9270,307
Name a Country A-Z0-5.00134,838
Countries that Beat Spain0-4.8944,546
Countries that Beat Germany0-4.8661,609
Name a Valid First-Level Subdivision for Every Country0-4.9837,470
Random Circular Cutouts of the World Map0-4.9757,935
Countries that Beat Egypt0-4.9344,713
Countries that Beat Portugal0-4.8130,251
Africa Map with Random Merged Countries0-4.9642,066
Paint by Numbers0-4.9749,647
Crayola Crayon Colors 64 Pack0-4.9740,062
Random Point on Land to Country0-4.99184,346
Random Name a Valid Bordering Country0-4.9729,468
Random Countries on a Topological Map0-4.9435,854