Quizzes by NiklYoshi

A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user NiklYoshi.
# of Quizzes 35
# Subscribers 1
Times taken 18,444
Quizmaker Rank # 1,432
8,4572022-10-28VALORANT - Agent Select Voicelines
4,8722022-11-06VALORANT - Agent Ability Quiz
1,2442022-10-28VALORANT - Rank System
8462022-11-06VALORANT - Abilities by Name
7302023-06-19Countries - All Heterograms
4892022-11-06VALORANT - Agent by Famous Content Creators
4072022-11-06VALORANT - Agent Interaction Voicelines
3532022-10-28Bloons TD 6 - All 5th Tier Names
1852023-11-10VALORANT - Weapon Penetration Quiz
882023-11-10VALORANT - Weapon Damage Quiz
862023-11-14VALORANT - "Social" Voicelines Quiz
592023-11-14VALORANT - Best/Worst Weapon Quiz
512023-11-14VALORANT - Guns which deal the most damage
482023-06-128 Minutes of Geographical Facts
442023-08-01Countries - Most Repeating Letters
442023-06-15Countries - Most Appearing Letters
422023-03-17[Minecraft] - Breeding Trivia
422023-02-04EDM: Guess artist based on most popular song
412023-08-29Athletics World Records
362023-06-19Countries - Most of Each Letter
342023-08-13Top 100 DJs 2022 (with hints)
332023-06-17Countries - Time Zones
312023-12-07Countries - Most Guessed Per Language
252023-08-13Countries within Countries Quiz #2
212023-03-08[Minecraft] - All Items Related to Brewing
192023-04-30Random Date to Day of the Week
182023-08-13Countries within Countries Quiz #1
182023-03-08[Minecraft] - Villager Professions
172023-03-09[Minecraft] - All Natural End Blocks
162023-06-19Countries - Alphabetically
142023-03-08[Minecraft] - "Monsters Hunted" Advancement
142023-03-09[Minecraft] - All Light Emitting Blocks
102023-04-30German Chancellors & Presidents + Years
92023-03-08[Minecraft] - All Piglin Bartering Loot (includes hints)
12023-04-30ASCII Printable Characters Quiz