Statistics for British Empire that begins with the letter B

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Two wars fought against Dutch colonists in southern AfricaBoer Wars
A Caribbean island nation that won independence from Britain in 1973Bahamas
Claimed by the British during the Berlin Conference because it helped connect their southern African colonies. They obtained independence in 1964Botswana
A promise by the UK foreign secretary to support the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine in exchange for their support in WWIBalfour Declaration
Colony founded in western Canada in 1855British Columbia
Famine during WWII that killed over 2 million people caused by the British war effort driving up prices of grainBengal Famine
The first evangelical missionaries came from England to India in 1793 and were from this congregationBaptist
A botanist who first advocated British colonization of Australia in the late 18th centurySir Joseph Banks
English colonist who claimed to make a treaty with Kulin nation to obtain land that became city of Melbourne, Australia. The treaty is now considered to be fake.John Batman
A socialist English woman who advocated for the independence of Ireland and India; she joined the Indian National Congress and was even arrested in 1917 for her anti-colonial activitiesAnnie Besant
Class of English-educated Bengali elites that emerged under British ruleBhadralok
First prime minister of independent Jamaica in 1962Alexander Bustamante
A confederacy of 3 related first nation groups in western central Canada and the U.S. They managed to stay out of most military conflicts but suffered greatly from white settlers killing off the buffaloBlackfoot confederacy
Organization created by parliament to oversee East India CompanyBoard of Control
An unequal treaty Siam signed with the British in 1855 allowing tax free trade in SiamBowring Treaty

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