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7582021-05-28Most Spoken European Languages as Percentage of World's Population
7392022-09-04First City to Reach 10k by U.S. State
2792021-01-30Most Common European Ethnicities
2492021-06-10Whitest Metropolitan Areas in The United States
2402021-04-03US Cities with at Least 5 Skyscrapers
2032022-01-08U.S. States With More Than 2 Cities over 500k
1512021-06-01U.S. Cities With The Warmest Winter Days
1502022-01-08Countries with the Most Lonely Planet 200 Cities
1402021-02-22Most Visited U.S. Cities by Europeans
1402021-08-04Latin American Cities with the Most Skyscrapers
1332021-12-27European Countries that have Colonized the Caribbean
1302021-06-14Least White Developed Countries
1292021-06-01U.S. Cities With the Coldest Winter Nights
1232021-08-02Largest Cities in Latin America in 1800
1222022-01-09Most Democratic Muslim-majority Countries
1192021-01-30Strongest Military in each Region
1142021-11-24Languages with the most Global Cities
1142017-04-16World Capitals Closest to Oslo - 1 Minute
1102021-06-10U.S. Global Cities
1102021-12-18Significantly Mutually Intelligible Languages
1042022-01-08Largest Desert Cities in the U.S.
1032021-12-04Partially Mutually Intelligible Languages
1012021-06-01U.S. Cities With the Hottest Summer Days
1012021-05-26Largest City in Each Köppen Climate Zone in the U.S.
1002021-08-14U.S. Cities with the Highest Black Population
962021-06-29Rainiest Global Cities
932022-12-29U.S. Cities with Most Pre-1920 Buildings
892021-06-09Italy Global Cities
862022-01-08U.S. States with the Most Global Cities
852021-06-09United Kingdom Global Cities
832022-02-13Countries with the Most U.S. Consulates
832022-01-09Countries by Highest Recorded Temperature
822021-11-24Global Cities Where a Majority Speak English
792021-11-26Biggest Coastal Urban Areas in The U.S.
752022-01-09Countries that Visit Croatia the Most
752022-01-08Largest Cities in the 13 Colonies in 1790
722021-08-03European Cities with the Most Skyscrapers
722021-05-27Largest City in each Köppen Climate Zone
712021-06-29Global Cities with the Coldest Winter Days
702022-01-09Countries with the Highest Percent of Mountainous and Highland Area
702021-07-09Germany Global Cities
702021-02-23Most Visited U.S. Cities by Mexicans
692021-08-08Most Global Spanish-Speaking Cities
672022-06-28U.S. States with the Most Waterfalls
672021-06-01Major U.S. Cities with the Highest Summer Heat Indexes
662022-01-09European Countries with a Robbery Rate above the U.S.
652022-01-08States Without Navigable Waterways to the Ocean
642022-05-06Countries with the Most Mid-Size and Large Naval Vessels
642022-07-08First U.S. States to Reach 100k Population
612022-01-08States with Highest % in Largest Metro Area
602021-06-09Canada Global Cities
592021-06-09Countries with Alpha Cities
592021-06-10Spain Global Cities
582021-07-22Pennsylvania Metropolitan Areas
582021-06-12Richest Alpha Cities
582022-01-08U.S. States With More Than One City over 1 Million
582021-06-09France Global Cities
572021-06-28Sunniest Global Cities
552021-06-16World Cities with the Best Climate
552022-01-09U.S. Metro Areas with Highest Murder Rate 2020
552021-06-29Global Cities with the Hottest Summer Days
542021-02-23Most Visited U.S. Cities by South American Tourists
542022-01-08Least Mexican U.S. States
532021-06-01U.S. Cities With the Coolest Summer Days
532022-01-08Countries With The Most Cities > 5 Million
532022-01-09Countries with Multiple Alpha Cities
522022-01-08Poorest States Adjusted to Cost of Living
512021-12-20Inland U.S. Cities with Navigable Waterways to the Sea
512021-08-07Most Visited U.S. Cities by British Citizens
502022-01-08Biggest Cities on the Great Plains
502021-06-09U.S. Skylines but not Obvious
492021-06-19Mountain Ranges by Satellite View
492021-07-20Wettest Major U.S. Cities (Precipitation)
482021-06-18Poland Global Cities
482021-06-29Global Cities with the Coldest Winter Nights
472021-06-18Switzerland Global Cities
472021-07-21Driest Major U.S. Cities (Precipitation)
472022-01-25Largest Cities in Developed Countries
472022-01-14Countries with Hilly Tropical Beaches
462022-01-29States in 1900 with the Highest % Foreign-Born
462022-07-09U.S. Cities With the Oldest House Clusters
462021-06-10Japan Global Cities
452022-01-08Richest States Adjusted to Cost of Living
452021-12-26Continents by Number of Lonely Planet 200 Cities
452022-01-25States with the Snowiest Places
442022-07-08Last U.S. States to Reach 100k Population
442021-08-07Most Visited U.S. Cities by Germans
432021-06-18Australia Global Cities
422021-06-09World Skylines but not Obvious
422022-01-08U.S. States With More Than One City over 2 Million
412021-07-16Most Beautiful Cities in the U.S. by Picture
402021-06-10China Global Cities
402021-07-16Interstate Numbers by Connected Cities
392021-05-27U.S. Metropolitan Areas with the Lowest Murder Rate (>1M pop.)
392021-06-12Biggest Metropolitan Areas in Japan in 2005
392022-05-25Countries with the Most People in HDI >0.9 Regions
392022-01-08Countries with a Point Higher than 14,000 ft
392021-06-18Turkey Global Cities
382022-01-28Most Educated States
382021-08-06Most Visited U.S. Cities by Chinese Citizens
382021-11-27Largest Mediterranean Climate U.S. Cities
382021-06-10Russia Global Cities
372021-05-27Richest Country in Each Region
372022-05-25Countries With the Widest HDI Above 0.9
362021-03-06Global Cities of India
362021-06-12City by Night Skyline
352021-06-18Mexico Global Cities
352021-06-15Which U.S. City Between These Two?
352021-06-25U.S. vs U.K. Statistics
342022-01-08Country by Image Multiple Choice
332021-06-10Brazil Global Cities
332021-06-09Central America Global Cities
332022-01-08Countries with the Largest Adult Population
332021-05-03Major US Cities with the Lowest Murder Rate
332023-01-02States by Percent in Largest Metro Area
332021-07-22Largest Cities in the U.K. in my Opinion
322022-05-25Developing Countries with People in HDI >0.9 Regions
322022-01-09Most Forested Countries with Exceptions
312022-01-09U.S. Metro Areas with Lowest Murder Rate 2020
312021-06-18South Africa Global Cities
302021-11-27Largest Semi-Arid Climate U.S. Cities
302022-01-29States with the Most % Californian Transplants
302021-06-11Countries by Landscape
302021-12-14Population Comparison Quiz
302021-02-22Most Visited U.S. Cities by British Citizens
302021-06-28Cloudiest Global Cities
292022-01-28States with the Highest % High School Graduates
292022-01-08Largest Countries without a Point above 10,000 ft
292022-01-08States that Produce the Most Pumpkins
282021-06-18Saudi Arabia Global Cities
282021-06-10States by Landscape
282021-06-18Largest U.S. Cities Above 70 m Elevation
282021-06-25Global Cities with a Climate That I Would Like
282021-02-23Most Visited U.S. Cities by Chinese
272021-06-04Guess the Country by the House Style
272022-05-07Countries by Landscape in Europe
272021-06-18Highest Major City by Country
272021-12-18Subnational HDI Comparison Quiz (highest)
272022-01-28States with the Most Net Academic In-Migration
262022-01-29States with the Most % Southern Transplants
262022-01-29States with the Most % Northeastern Transplants
262021-06-18Colombia Global Cities
252021-02-22Most Visited U.S. Cities by Germans
252021-06-29Global Cities with the Coolest Summer Days
242021-12-17Most Visited States of India by Foreigners
242022-01-28States with the Most Net Academic Out-Migration
232022-01-29States with the Most % Midwestern Transplants
222022-01-08U.S. States Where Ponderosa Pine is Native
222021-12-23Hottest City by Country
222021-07-20Biggest Cities in the U.S. in My Opinion
222021-07-22Largest Cities in Pennsylvania in my Opinion
222022-05-25Developing Countries with the Most People in HDI >0.7 Regions
212021-06-16Climate Comparison Quiz
212022-01-29States With the Most % From One Other State
202022-06-07Most Populous Unitary Units in the World
202022-05-25Most Widely Developed Developing Countries
202021-06-18Largest World Cities Above 70 m Elevation
192022-05-25Countries with the Most People in HDI >0.7 Regions
192021-06-03Building Style by City 1
192022-01-23States with Full Open Carry
192021-06-14Which State Between These Two?
182022-01-31States in 1960 with the Most % Southern Transplants
182021-06-25Mexico vs Brazil Statistics
172021-07-18Biggest Cities in Europe in My Opinion
172022-01-08States with no Voter ID
172022-05-25Countries with the Most People in HDI >0.8 Regions
172021-05-27U.S. Metropolitan Areas with the Lowest Murder Rate (>2M pop.)
162022-01-29States in 1900 with the Most % Northeastern Transplants
152021-06-03Building Style by City 2
152021-05-03Cities With The Lowest Robbery Rate in The United States
152022-05-25Developing Countries with the Most People in HDI >0.8 Regions
152022-05-09Countries by Landscape in Asia
152022-01-29States in 1900 with the Most % Midwestern Transplants
152023-06-1511 Major U.S. Cities Drive Times Quiz
142022-01-29States in 1900 with the Most % Southern Transplants
142021-06-04Guess the Country by the House Style 2
142022-01-09Building Style by City 5 (Hard)
142021-06-03Building Style by City 3
142021-05-27U.S. Metropolitan Areas with the Lowest Robbery Rate (>1M pop.)
132021-06-29Global Cities with the Coolest Summer Nights
122021-06-12Largest Cities in my Opinion
122021-08-16U.S. Metropolitan Areas with the Lowest Robbery Rate (>2M pop.)
122022-01-01India States with Highest Maximum Elevation
122021-12-18Global Life Expectancy Comparison Quiz
122022-01-09Building Style by City 4 (Hard)
112022-05-29Building Style by City 6 (Hard)
112021-08-17Global Cities with the Lowest Summer Dew Point
112022-01-08States That Require Photo ID to Vote
102022-05-05Countries by Landscape in Africa
92022-01-29Greatest Transplant Source by State
92022-05-05Countries by Landscape in the Americas
92022-01-08Metropolitan Divisions with the Highest Violent Crime Rate 2020
82023-01-18Air Traffic Triangles
82022-01-08"Constitutional" Concealed Carry States
72021-12-17Most Domestically Visited States in India
72023-06-15MSAs with the Highest Income per Retail Prices
72022-05-19US States With No Concealed Carry in 1990
72022-05-19US States with Concealed Carry in 1990
72022-01-08Metropolitan Divisions with the Highest Murder Rate 2020
62022-01-08"May Issue" Concealed Carry States
62022-08-02Main Natural Plant Species by U.S. City
52022-01-08Metropolitan Divisions with the Highest Robbery Rate 2020
52024-01-01Biggest Southern California Cities by River
42022-08-02Main Natural Plant Species by U.S. City 2
32023-06-15MSA with the Highest Income per Retail Prices by State
12022-05-19First States for Unrestricted Concealed Carry