The Owl House Episode names

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Last updated: April 8, 2023
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Luz finds a portal to the Demon Realm.
A Lying Witch And A Warden
Luz gets tricked by a "Wizard."
Witches Before Wizards
Luz sneaks into Hexside.
I Was a Teenage Abomination
Luz finds her first Glyph!
The Intruder
Luz has a Witch's Duel With Amity.
Luz, Willow, and Gus bring The Owl House to life!
Hooty's Moving Hassle
Luz, and Amity's siblings cause trouble at the Bonesborough Library.
Lost in Language
Luz, Eda, and King switch bodies.
Once Upon a Swap
Gus sneaks Luz back into Hexside.
Something Ventured, Someone Framed
Owlbert Runs away.
Escape of the Palisman
King becomes a bestselling author.
Sense and Insensitivity
Luz discovers her second glyph!
Adventures in the Elements
Luz's first day at Hexside.
The First Day
Luz, King, Willow, and Gus shrink to a really small size.
Really Small Problems
Amity and Luz go into Willow's mind.
Understanding Willow
It's Hexside's version of Prom!
Enchanting Grom Fright
Luz, Amity, and Willow play Grudgby.
Wing It Like Witches
Luz tries to steal the healing hat from the emperor's castle.
Agony of a Witch
Luz saves Eda from Petrification.
Young Blood, Old Souls
Luz becomes a bounty hunter.
Separate Tides
Luz, Willow, and Gus are expelled from Hexside.
Escaping Expulsion
Luz, Lilith, Hooty, and King visit King's "Castle."
Echoes of the Past
Eda's mom visits and tries to heal Eda's curse.
Keeping Up A-Fear-Ances
Gus teams up with Glandus students to get something called the Galderstones.
Through the Looking Glass Ruins
Luz teams with Hunter to protect the palisman.
Hunting Palismen
Eda works with Raine Whispers to help wild witches.
Eda's Requiem
Hooty tries to help all the residents of The Owl House.
Knock Knock Knockin' on Hooty's Door
Amity, Eda, and King go to Eclipse Lake to get titan's blood for Luz.
Eclipse Lake
Luz makes a portal to the human realm.
Yesterday's Lie
Luz helps Kikimora with her problems.
Follies at the Coven Day Parade
Luz and Lilith find a time pool and meet Philip Wittebane.
Elsewhere and Elsewhen
Hunter infiltrates Hexside looking for new recruits.
Any Sport in a Storm
Amity enters the Bonesborough Brawl.
Reaching Out
Eda tells the story of how Raine and her met.
Them's the Breaks, Kid
Hunter and Luz go inside Belos's mind.
Hollow Mind
Luz, King, and Hooty go to the Titan Trappers island.
Edge of the World
The illusionist head witch infiltrates Hexside trying to put sigils on everyone.
Labyrinth Runners
Everyone prepares for the day of unity.
O Titan, Where Art Thou
Luz tries to warn others about the day of unity.
Clouds on the Horizon
Everyone is saved, but the Collector is unleashed.
King's Tide
Luz, Amity, Willow, Gus, and Hunter try to return to the demon realm.
Thanks to Them
Luz, and friends race against Belos to confront the Collector.
For The Future
Luz works to save to isles from The Collector and Belos.
Watching And Dreaming
Level 63
Mar 17, 2023
s1 e5 is covention, not convention

s2 e6 is hunting palismen, not hunting palisman

just though you might like to know

good quiz though :)

Level 21
Mar 17, 2023
Fixed! Thanks!