Classic Literature - Academic Team #9

Answer with the book name or term. (The time limit is for reading lol)
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Last updated: February 13, 2023
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A book which is well known and considered to be of a high literary standard. Generally referred to as "the classics".
Literary Classic
Author: Harper Lee; Plot: Intelligent and understand lawyer Atticus Finch is a wonderful father to his children Jem and Scout. He’s also busy with the most important trial in Maycomb’s history being the defense lawyer in a case involving an African-American named Tom Robinson accused of raping a white woman.
To Kill A Mockingbird
Author: Scott F. Fitzgerald; Plot: It’s the “Roaring Twenties” and Midwesterner and narrator Nick Carraway attends one of the lavish Hamptons parties of neighbor Jay Gatsby in his equally lavish mansion. Thus begins Nick’s adventures in Fitzgerald’s classic novel, which includes the tragic romance between Nick’s cousin and Daisy Buchanan and Gatsby and the tension that follows with Daisy’s husband Tom.
The Great Gatsby
Author: John Steinbeck; Plot: It is the Great Depression, and a pair of migrant workers, George and Lennie, journey through California farms and find work at a new farm owned by “The Boss.” Dreams of land ownership fade away and matters get worse when a freak accident happens between Lennie and the wife of the Boss’ son, Curley.
Of Mice and Men
Author: Mark Twain; Protagonist Huckleberry Finn becomes best friends with a slave named Jim and the pair travel down the Mississippi River together as Finn grows up along the way and Jim seeks his freedom. Plus, Tom Sawyer, Finn’s other best friend, and the main character in Twain’s “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer,” appears in the novel.
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Author: J.D. Salinger; Plot: Protagonist Holden Caulfield, 16, isn’t the greatest student ever (he was kicked out of four private schools), but he learns his lessons and grows up during his adventures in the city, and he absolutely loves his 10-year -old sister Phoebe.
The Catcher in the Rye
Author: William Golding; Plot: A bunch of British schoolboys living on their own after their plane crashes on a deserted tropical island create their own society led by protagonist Ralph and including choir leader Jack, shy Simon, and intellectual Piggy. Like schoolboys playing games, chaos ensues among the group and the ultimate battle for survival happens.
Lord of the Flies
Author: Nathaniel Hawthorne; Plot: It is 1642, and beautiful protagonist Hester Prynne is forced to wear a scarlet cloth “A” on her chest to symbolize her committing adultery.
The real question? Who is the father to her little girl, Pearl. The real truth comes out as the novel unfolds.
The Scarlet Letter
Author: William Shakespeare; Plot: It’s the 11th century, and the not-so-virtuous title character is battling for the Scottish throne with his fellow lord, Banquo, thanks to a series of prophecies by a trio of witches. Macbeth proves that he isn’t the greatest king of Scotland ever and is better fighting on the battlefield than sitting on a throne.
Author: William Shakespeare; Plot: The title character, who is the Prince of Denmark, has revenge on his mind as he seeks to avenge the murder of his father, King Hamlet, by his uncle and the king’s brother Claudius. To make things worse, Claudius is now sitting on the throne and is married to Hamlet’s mother, Gertrude, the queen of Denmark
Author: Homer; Plot: From battling Polyphemus the cyclops and his father, the Greek god of the sea Poseidon, to being tempted by the Sirens to fighting the sea monster Scylla, Odysseus does all he can, including getting help from the mighty gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus, to reach home to his wife Penelope and son, Prince Telemachus.
The Odyssey
Author: Mary Shelley; Plot: This book tells the story of Victor Frankenstein, a young scientist who creates a sapient creature in an unorthodox science experiment. The creature that he makes is not the perfect specimen Victor imagines, but rather a hideous creature who is rejected by society and Victor himself.
Author: Bram Stoker; Plot: Narrative is told through letters, diary entries, and newspaper articles. Opens with solicitor Jonathan Harker taking a business trip to stay at the castle of a Transylvanian nobleman, Count Dracula. Harker escapes the castle after discovering that Dracula is a vampire. The Count moves to England and plagues the town of Whitby. A small group of people led by Abraham Van Helsing hunt Dracula and end up killing him.
Author: Francis Hodgson; Plot: The story follows Mary Lennox, a neglected and unloved 10-year-old. She was born to wealthy parents who didn’t care for her, resulting in Mary being taken care of by servants who allow her to become self-centered and demanding. After a cholera outbreak kills Mary’s parents, most of the servants flee the house without Mary. She is found by British soldiers and sent to live with her uncle Archibald Craven. At first, Mary is rude and sour to everyone in the house, but soon befriends her maid, Martha Sowerby. Martha tells Mary about a garden where her uncle’s bride liked to go and visit. Archibald locked up the garden and threw away the key when she died. Mary becomes interested in finding the secret garden, and her ill manners soften.
The Secret Garden
Level 24
Feb 9, 2023
William Golding, not Goldberg is the author of Lord of the Flies