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51,0572019-07-24 Countries with Multiple Populous Islands
17,9482017-04-15 U.S. States along the Atlantic and Gulf Coast
1,6982017-07-20Countries over 1% of Global Land Area
1,2472019-08-22Countries over 1% of the Global Population
7952019-11-01Plants vs Zombies - List of Plants
7332017-04-10Countries with Wild Lions
5322019-07-08Prime Ministers of Greece (1974 - today)
4982017-04-10Countries Bordering Finland
4592016-07-31North America: Capital to Country
4502019-08-26All Countries To All Capitals
4162019-02-14All Countries By Longest Land Border
4052017-04-10Countries Bordering North Korea
3992016-07-16Countries Bordering Suriname
3492018-05-24Prefectures of Greece
3362019-03-10Rio Olympic Games 2016: Olympic Countries
3262017-04-10Countries Bordering Vietnam
2922017-04-04Countries with more than 1% of the Global Coastline
2742016-07-16Countries Bordering Israel
2392017-04-09Countries with Wild Hippos
2392019-04-05Countries Ending With T
2382016-07-16Countries Bordering Malaysia
2292017-05-01Countries with Ancient Greek Colonies
1942016-06-03Top 10 Countries by Food Consumption
1812017-02-20Formula One Multiple Champions
1762016-01-09World's Deepest Lakes
1762016-06-27Top 10 Continental Countries by coastline
1742017-04-08Countries with Wild Rhinos
1692019-12-23Asian Capitals Alphabetically
1552016-07-16Countries Bordering Guyana
1542017-12-1010 Biggest Islands of the Northern Hemisphere
1392016-07-18Islands with Population over 10 million
1372016-07-30African Capitals Alphabetically
1372017-05-0110 European Countries Closest to other Continents
1322016-06-28Marlon Brando Movies Quiz
1322016-08-28Summer Olympics - Athletics - Men's 100 metres: Multiple medal-winning Countries
1322016-06-23Countries Bordering the Balkans
1312019-10-28Most Common Colours On National Flags
1262019-11-27Countries With Multiple A's
1232020-01-01Countries With Multiple I's
1202016-07-04Beyoncé Movies
1202017-02-20Countries Bordering Poland by Population
1152019-05-02Countries Bordering Ghana
1102019-02-14Former Yugoslavian Countries by Population
1062017-03-06Asian Countries by Area
1022016-08-06Former Soviet Union Countries by Population
1022017-02-18Countries Bordering China by Population
1002017-02-20Moto GP Multiple Champions
1002019-04-24African Countries Ending in -E.
982017-04-09Countries Bordering Chile
982017-12-10European Countries in the Top 10 in Both Area and Population
922019-02-14Countries With Multiple O's
912017-07-0110 Biggest Lakes in Europe
912017-06-05Top Countries by Research and Development Spending as Percentage of GDP
902016-06-28Miley Cyrus Movies
892017-08-12Countries With Multiple E's
892017-02-22Countries Bordering Ukraine by Area
882016-08-03Multiple Summer Olympics Hosts
852017-08-02African Countries Ending in -N.
852017-12-10African Countries in the Top 10 in Both Area and Population
852017-08-02Oceanian Countries Ending in -U
842017-02-22Countries Bordering Ukraine by Population
842017-02-18Countries Bordering China by Area
832017-04-06Island Countries with the 10 Longest Coastlines
822017-12-10Countries of the Americas in the Top 10 in Both Area and Population
812019-04-25Southern Hemisphere Landlocked Countries
802017-08-13Countries With Multiple R's
782017-02-22Countries Bordering Iran by Population
782018-05-19Full Democracy Countries
772017-02-22Countries Bordering Turkey by Population
772017-05-25Muslim Majority Asian Countries
772017-03-05Countries Bordering South Africa by Population
772017-02-20Countries Bordering Poland by Area
762017-02-20Countries Bordering France by Area
752016-06-28Countries with Population under 100.000 inhabitants
752017-02-20Countries Bordering France by Population
752017-05-25Muslim Majority African Countries
742016-07-30Oceanian Capitals Alphabetically
732017-08-02European Countries Ending in -Y.
732017-12-10Asian Countries in the Top 10 in both Area and Population
722020-01-25Countries With Most Deaths By Alcohol
712017-12-03Non-Capital Megacities
702016-07-12Equatorial Countries with more land on the South Hemisphere
702017-03-13African Countries by Area
692018-12-31Countries With The Most Big Rivers
682017-08-02European Countries Ending in -D.
662017-08-13Countries With Multiple U's
662017-03-06Countries Bordering India by Population
662017-03-05Countries Bordering South Africa by Area
662017-05-0110 African Countries Closest to other Continents
662019-11-24Number of Countries With The Same Initial A-Z
662016-08-06Former Soviet Union Countries by Area
652017-05-12Mediterranean Countries by Coastline
652017-12-10Top 10 Island Countries by Area or Population
642017-12-0310 Largest Landmasses of the Earth in Order
642019-02-14European Countries by Westernmost Point
632017-12-10Countries in the Top 20 in Both Area and Population
632016-06-29Biggest Islands by Continent
632018-12-28Biggest Country by Time Zone
632017-08-02North American Countries Ending in -S.
632019-02-14Former Yugoslavian Countries by Area
622017-08-15Countries With Multiple S's
622017-07-11North American Capitals Alphabetically
622017-05-14Countries along the Asian Coast
612016-06-23Countries Bordering Middle East Countries
612016-06-03Bottom 10 Countries by Food Consumption
612019-04-05Countries Ending With "-al"
602017-04-12Planets by Size
602017-08-02African Countries Ending in -O.
592019-04-04Countries Ending With "-da"
592017-03-06Countries Bordering India by Area
592016-08-28Summer Olympics - Athletics - Women's 100 metres: Multiple medal-winning Countries
592019-07-22Top 20 Countries In Both Population And Coastline
582016-07-12Equatorial Countries with more land on the North Hemisphere
582017-07-01African Countries More Populous Than Their Neighbours
582017-02-22Countries Bordering Turkey by Area
582019-05-02Southern Hemisphere African Countries
582017-08-02Asian Countries Ending in -N
572017-11-22One Word Countries with 10 Letters or More
562018-07-03FIFA World Cup: Multiple Quarterfinalists
562018-05-26Countries Starting With "Sa-"
562017-12-30Top 11 Countries by Area and Population Points
552017-06-25South American Countries from North to South
552017-05-14Countries along the European Coast
552017-10-22All-European Former Soviet Union Countries
552016-06-28Meg Ryan Movies
532017-05-14Countries along the African Coast
532017-12-01United States of America with Multiple A's
532017-08-04-Stan Countries by Population
522017-03-19Islands by Percentage of the Area of their Continent
522017-07-09Vast Countries from the North to the South
522017-05-0110 Asian Countries Closest to other Continents
522018-05-1910 Most Populous Democracies
522017-08-02Asian Countries Ending in -S.
522017-12-03Island Countries by Northernmost Point
522019-04-05Countries Ending With "-co"
522018-12-17Countries Producing The Most Iron
522016-07-30South American Capitals Alphabetically
512018-06-10North American Countries By Area
502017-04-04Countries with the most Colours in their Flags
502019-07-22Top 20 Countries In Both Area And Coastline
502017-03-06Countries with Multiple Long Borders
502017-12-10Island Countries in the Top 10 in Both Area and Population
482019-02-14Northern Hemisphere Landlocked Countries
482018-07-15Men's Football: Multiple World Cup Winners
482019-04-19Ancient Greece Multiple Choice
472017-06-08Central American Countries from the North to the South
472018-07-10FIFA World Cup: Multiple Finalists
472018-05-24Multiple NBA Champions
472017-12-10Islands in the Top 20 in Both Area and Population
462016-10-14Countries with lions on their flag
462017-05-11Capitals by Percentage of Country Population
462019-10-28Largest African Countries A-Z
462019-10-28Most Populous African Countries A-Z
462017-05-28Capitals Containing the Name of their Country
452019-08-23Landlocked Countries With More Than One Word
452018-05-28Southern Hemisphere Island Countries
452016-06-28Smaller than 1000 square miles Countries
442017-03-14American Countries by Area
442019-10-02Multiple-Word Countries With Multiple-Word Capitals
432018-07-07FIFA World Cup: Multiple Semifinalists
432016-07-30Asian Islands with more than 1 million people
422018-05-13Countries Ending In "-da"
422019-02-14European Countries Ending in -A
422017-02-18Countries Bordering Brazil by Area
422016-08-29Summer Olympics - Athletics - Women's 800 metres: Multiple medal-winning Countries
412018-05-28Northern Hemisphere Island Countries
412017-02-18Countries Bordering Russia by Area
412017-12-10Borders of 10 (or more) Border Countries
412019-02-14Europe Telephone Codes
412017-06-18Saharan Countries by Population
402019-02-14All Countries By Southernmost Neighbour
402017-04-0410 Northernmost Countries of America
402017-10-22Nordic Countries by Area
402017-05-14African Countries with Most Land Borders
402019-07-23Top 20 Coastal Countries By Area
402017-07-09Populous Countries from the North to the South
402017-07-01Countries with Multiple Big Lakes
402018-06-07Mediterranean Countries By Area
392017-06-05Top Countries by Research and Development Spending
392016-10-14Countries with birds on their flags
392019-09-15FIBA Basketball World Cup Multiple Champions
392017-07-01Celebrities' Aliases
392016-08-29Summer Olympics - Athletics - Men's High Jump: Multiple medal-winning countries
392019-10-28Countries With 3-colour Triband Flags
382016-08-28Summer Olympics - Athletics - Men's 200 metres: Multiple medal-winning Countries
382017-08-03-Stan Countries by Area
372016-08-29Summer Olympics - Athletics - Women's Pole Vault: Medal-winning Countries
372017-12-10European Mediterranean Countries
372018-05-27North Hemisphere African Countries
372017-08-02African Countries Ending in A.
372017-05-01Countries of the Afro-Eurasian Coast
372017-08-02Asian Countries Ending in -A
362017-08-02South American Countries Ending in -A.
362018-06-08North Sea Countries By Population
362018-06-10South American Countries By Area
362017-02-20World Rally Championship Multiple Winners
362018-06-07Black Sea Countries By Population
352017-05-14Asian Countries with Most Land Borders
352017-08-02Oceanian Countries Ending in -A.
352017-08-02North American Countries Ending in -A.
352017-12-21Former Soviet Landlocked Countries
332017-12-10Biggest Island by Time Zone
332017-02-20Countries Bordering Hungary by Population
332019-04-05Countries Ending With "-ay"
332017-06-25Oceanian Countries from North to South
332019-04-05Countries Ending With "-ti"
322017-04-2910 Largest Aegean Islands
322019-05-31States With Cardinal Directions In Their Names
322017-03-03Planets by Number of Satellites
312016-08-29Summer Olympics - Athletics - Men's 400 metres: Multiple medal-winning Countries
312017-12-10Islands that Touch the Equator
312018-01-1420 Largest Islands In Order
312017-02-18Countries Bordering Brazil by Population
302017-04-1310 Largest Arctic Islands
302018-05-26Indochina Countries by Population
292017-02-20Countries Bordering Austria By Population
292018-06-02Area to Country #1
292017-05-28Countries Containing the Name of their Capital
282019-11-24Countries By Population: Letter S
282019-02-01-Istan Countries
282017-06-18Saharan Countries by Area
282017-12-1010 Largest Islands in the Tropics
282017-02-22Countries Bordering Iran by Area
282019-11-24Countries By Population: Letter E
282019-04-05Countries Ending With "-an"
282017-10-22Eurasian Former Soviet Union Countries
282019-04-05Countries Ending With "-us"
272018-06-05Countries By Area: Letter V
272020-01-25Top Meat Producing Countries
272016-08-29Summer Olympics - Athletics - Men's Long Jump: Multiple medal-winning Countries
272017-02-20Countries Bordering Hungary by Area
272017-10-22All-Asian Former Soviet Union Countries
272018-06-07Countries That Touch The Baltic Sea By Population
262019-02-14List of highest points of European countries
262019-04-08Countries Ending With "-ic"
262018-05-13Least Populous Country by Continent
262017-04-09Oceans by Maximum Depth
252016-08-29Summer Olympics - Athletics - Women's High Jump: Multiple medal-winning Countries
252018-06-05Countries By Area: Letter A
252019-02-14Countries By Longest Land Border #1
252018-06-07Caribbean Countries By Population
252016-08-29Summer Olympics - Athletics - Men's Pole Vault: Multiple medal-winning Countries
252019-04-07Countries Ending With "-es"
252018-05-26Indochina Countries by Area
252016-08-29Summer Olympics - Athletics - Men's 800 metres: Multiple medal-winning Countries
242019-04-05Countries Ending With "-os"
242019-02-14All Countries By Northernmost Neighbour
242016-08-29Summer Olympics - Athletics - Women's 100 metres hurdles: Multiple medal-winning Countries
242017-03-06Countries Bordering Afghanistan by Population
242017-05-14American Countries with Most Land Borders
242016-08-29Summer Olympics - Athletics - Men's 400 metres hurdles: Multiple medal-winning Countries
242018-07-15Countries By Most Populous Neighbour #1
242016-06-28Smaller than 1000 km2 Countries
242018-05-19Equatorial Countries by Area
242017-10-22Asian Countries by Westernmost Point
232018-06-05Countries By Population: Letter A
232017-05-14Countries along the Red Sea Coast
232019-11-24Countries By Area: Letter S
232018-06-07Red Sea Countries By Population
232018-06-03Population to Country #1
232019-04-05Countries Ending With "-la"
232016-08-28Summer Olympics - Athletics - Women's 200 metres: Multiple medal-winning Countries
232019-08-26Katalina's General Knowledge #9
222018-06-07Countries That Touch The Baltic Sea By Area
222019-04-05Countries Ending With "-na"
222016-08-29Summer Olympics - Athletics - Women's 400 metres hurdles: Multiple medal-winning Countries
222018-07-21Countries By Northernmost Neighbour #1
222019-04-05Countries Ending With "-in"
222019-04-05Countries Ending With "-on"
222019-11-24Countries By Area: Letter E
222020-05-16Equatorial Countries by Population
212019-04-05Countries Ending With "-ea"
212016-08-29Summer Olympics - Athletics - Men's Triple Jump: Multiple medal-winning Countries
212019-02-14All Countries By Most Populous Neighbour
212018-06-07Caribbean Countries By Area
212017-04-0310 Least Populous Island Countries in the World
202016-08-29Summer Olympics - Athletics - Women's Long Jump: Multiple medal-winning Countries
202018-07-14Countries By Largest Neighbour #1
202016-08-29Summer Olympics - Athletics - Women's 400 metres: Multiple medal-winning Countries
202017-02-19Countries Bordering Democratic Republic of the Congo by Area
202017-04-03Men's Basketball: Multiple Basketball World Cup Winners
202017-02-20Countries Bordering Austria by Area
202018-04-01Most Populous World Island Countries
202018-06-07Black Sea Countries By Area
202018-06-10Number of Countries With The Same Number of Letters
202018-06-08North Sea Countries By Area
202016-08-29Summer Olympics - Athletics - Women's Triple Jump: Multiple medal-winning Countries
192018-06-05Countries By Population: Letter B
192018-06-05Countries By Area: Letter U
192019-02-14Countries By Southernmost Neighbour #1
192018-06-09Caspian Countries By Population
192018-07-15Countries By Longest Land Border #8
192018-04-01World Island Countries
192017-03-06Countries Bordering Afghanistan by Area
192016-08-29Summer Olympics - Athletics - Men's 110 metres hurdles: Multiple medal-winning Countries
182017-03-05Asian Countries by Area
182019-02-16Population To Country - Countries Over 100 Million
182018-12-31Top Platinum Producing Countries
182019-02-14All Countries By Largest Neighbour
182018-07-15Countries By Longest Land Border #2
182018-07-15Countries By Longest Land Border #4
182019-08-26Katalina's General Knowledge #2
182019-08-26Katalina 's General Knowledge #10
182019-08-26Katalina's General Knowledge #6
182019-08-25Katalina's General Knowledge #1
182019-04-05Countries Ending With "-ca"
182019-08-30Katalina's General Knowledge #11
182019-04-19Countries Ending With "-lands"
182018-06-05Countries By Area: Letter J
182018-06-05Countries By Area: Letter B
172019-08-25Katalina's General Knowledge #5
172019-08-25Katalina's General Knowledge #4
172019-01-06Area To Island #1
172018-06-05Countries By Area: Letter I
172018-06-02Area to Country #2
172017-03-16Seven Summits by Height
172018-06-05Countries By Area: Letter F
172018-06-07Red Sea Countries By Area
162018-06-02Area to Country #10
162018-07-21Countries By Southernmost Neighbour #8
162017-05-18Planets by Mass
162017-02-19Countries Bordering Democratic Republic of the Congo by Population
162017-12-02Countries Along the (mostly) South American Coast
162019-02-01Island Area To Country
162019-04-05Countries Ending With "-or"
162018-06-05Countries By Area: Letter T
162017-02-19Countries Bordering Russia by Population
162018-06-05Countries By Area: Letter L
162019-02-14Countries By Area: Letter M
152019-08-25Katalina's General Knowledge #3
152017-07-09Danube Names Where Danube Flows
152018-07-21Countries By Southernmost Neighbour #2
152017-12-02Countries Along The North American Coast
152018-06-05Countries By Area: Letter H
152019-02-14Countries By Southernmost Neighbour #6
152018-07-15Countries By Longest Land Border #7
152018-06-03Population to Country #10
152018-06-05Countries By Population: Letter C
152016-10-14Countries with hoofed animals on their flags
152018-07-21Countries By Northernmost Neighbour #2
152019-08-26Katalina's General Knowledge #7
152019-08-26Katalina's General Knowledge #8
152018-06-05Countries By Area: Letter C
142018-07-21Countries By Southernmost Neighbour #3
142018-06-05Countries By Area: Letter G
142018-07-21Countries By Southernmost Neighbour #5
142019-08-30Katalina 's General Knowledge #12
142018-07-15Countries By Most Populous Neighbour #3
142018-06-02Area to Country #3
142018-07-15Countries By Longest Land Border #5
142018-06-05Countries By Area: Letter D
142017-04-0310 Least Populous Countries in the World
142018-06-05Countries By Population: Letter V
142018-06-05Countries By Area: Letter K
142018-06-05Countries By Population: Letter I
142017-04-0510 Least Populous Island Countries in the World
142018-06-05Countries By Population: Letter K
132019-02-16Area To Country: 300.000 to 400.000 Square Km
132018-07-21Countries By Southernmost Neighbour #7
132019-02-14Countries By Area: Letter N
132018-07-15Countries By Most Populous Neighbour #8
132018-06-05Countries By Area: Letter R
132018-06-05Countries By Population: Letter T
132018-06-05Countries By Population: Letter G
132018-06-05Countries By Population: Letter H
132018-07-21Countries By Southernmost Neighbour #4
132017-04-0510 Least Populous Countries in the World
122019-02-14Countries By Population: Letter M
122018-06-05Countries By Population: Letter D
122018-06-03Population to Country #2
122018-06-09Caspian Countries By Area
122018-06-05Countries By Population: Letter U
122018-06-05Countries By Population: Letter F
122018-07-14Countries By Largest Neighbour #8
122018-06-03Population to Country #3
122017-04-13Planets by Distance from the Sun
122018-07-14Countries By Largest Neighbour #2
122018-07-15Countries By Longest Land Border #6
122018-07-15Countries By Most Populous Neighbour #2
122018-07-21Countries By Northernmost Neighbour #8
112019-02-16Area To Country: 0 to 1.000 Square Km
112018-06-05Countries By Population: Letter J
112019-02-14Countries By Population: Letter N
112018-06-05Countries By Population: Letter P
112018-07-15Countries By Most Populous Neighbour #4
112018-06-03Population to Country #6
112018-06-02Area to Country #6
112018-07-15Countries By Longest Land Border #3
112019-02-16Population To Country - Countries Between 60 and 100 Million
112018-06-05Countries By Area: Letter P
112018-06-03Population to Country #5
112018-06-05Countries By Population: Letter R
102017-05-11Ella Fitzgerald - Cry Me A River - Missing Lyrics
102019-02-16Area To Country - Countries Over 2 Million Square Km
102019-02-16Area To Country: 30.000 to 50.000 Square Km
102018-07-21Countries By Northernmost Neighbour #3
102019-02-14Countries By Largest Neighbour #6
102018-07-21Countries By Northernmost Neighbour #5
102016-07-04Asia Telephone Codes
102018-06-02Area to Country #4
102018-07-14Countries By Largest Neighbour #3
102019-02-14Area to Country #5
102018-07-15Countries By Most Populous Neighbour #7
102018-06-02Area to Country #8
102018-06-02Area to Country #9
102018-04-01Largest World Island Countries
102018-06-05Countries By Population: Letter L
102017-04-0410 Least Populous Countries in the World
102018-07-21Countries By Northernmost Neighbour #4
92016-07-04North America Telephone Codes
92019-02-16Area To Country: 50.000 to 100.000 Square Km
92019-02-16Area To Country: 1.000 to 10.000 Square Km
92016-07-04African Telephone Codes
92018-06-02Area to Country #7
92019-02-14Population to Country #9
92018-06-03Population to Country #4
92018-06-03Population to Country #8
92019-02-16Area To Country - 400.000 to 600.000 Square Km2
92018-07-14Countries By Largest Neighbour #4
92019-02-14Countries By Northernmost Neighbour #6
92018-07-21Countries By Northernmost Neighbour #7
92018-07-14Countries By Largest Neighbour #5
92019-11-24Population To Country - Countries Between 1 and 2 Million
92019-11-24Area To Country: 10.000 to 20.000 Square Km
92019-01-06Area To Island #10
82019-01-06Moon To Planet #1
82017-04-0510 Least Populous Island Countries in the World
82018-07-14Countries By Largest Neighbour #7
82018-06-03Population to Country #7
82019-02-16Population To Country - Countries Below 100 Thousand
82019-01-06Area To Island #2
82019-02-16Area To Country: 100.000 to 200.000 Square Km
82019-02-16Area To Country: 200.000 to 300.000 Square Km
82018-07-15Countries By Most Populous Neighbour #5
82017-04-0510 Least Populous Countries in the World
72019-01-06Moon To Planet #14
72017-04-0510 Least Populous Island Countries in the World
72019-02-16Area To Country - Countries from 1 to 2 Million Square Km
72019-02-14Countries By Most Populous Neighbour #6
72019-01-06Moon To Planet #15
72019-02-16Population To Country - Countries Between 15 and 20 Million
72019-02-16Area To Country - Countries from 600.000 to 1 M Square Km
72019-02-16Population To Country - Countries Between 30 and 40 Million
62019-01-06Moon To Planet #2
62019-02-14Population To Country - Countries Between 2 and 3 Million
62016-07-04Oceania Telephone Codes
62019-02-16Population To Country - Countries from 100 to 500 Thousand
62019-02-16Area To Country: 20.000 to 30.000 Square Km
62019-01-06Area To Island #9
62019-02-16Population To Country - Countries Between 40 and 60 Million
62019-01-06Area To Island #4
62019-02-16Population To Country - Countries Between 10 and 15 Million
62019-02-16Population To Country - Countries Between 0,5 and 1 Million
52019-02-16Population To Country - Countries Between 5 and 7 Million
52019-02-16Population To Country - Countries Between 3 and 5 Million
52017-07-01South America Telephone Codes
52019-02-16Population To Country - Countries Between 20 and 30 Million
52019-01-06Area To Island #8
52019-01-06Area To Island #7
52019-01-06Moon To Planet #5
52019-01-06Area To Island #6
52019-01-06Moon To Planet #11
52019-01-06Moon To Planet #10
52019-01-06Moon To Planet #13
52019-01-06Moon To Planet #9
52019-01-06Moon To Planet #8
52019-01-06Moon To Planet #7
52019-01-06Moon To Planet #6
52019-01-06Area To Island #5
52019-01-06Area To Island #3
52019-01-06Moon To Planet #12
42019-02-16Population To Country - Countries Between 7 and 10 Million
42019-01-06Moon To Planet #3
42019-01-06Moon To Planet #4