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53,3172019-07-24 Countries with Multiple Populous Islands
18,6112017-04-15 U.S. States along the Atlantic and Gulf Coast
1,7412017-07-20Countries over 1% of Global Land Area
1,2862019-08-22Countries over 1% of the Global Population
9492019-11-01Plants vs Zombies - List of Plants
8662019-08-26All Countries To All Capitals
7552017-04-10Countries with Wild Lions
5572019-07-08Prime Ministers of Greece (1974 - today)
5272017-04-10Countries Bordering Finland
5182016-07-31North America: Capital to Country
4402019-02-14All Countries By Longest Land Border
4262017-04-10Countries Bordering North Korea
4202016-07-16Countries Bordering Suriname
3612018-05-24Prefectures of Greece
3462019-03-10Rio Olympic Games 2016: Olympic Countries
3432017-04-10Countries Bordering Vietnam
3102017-04-04Countries with more than 1% of the Global Coastline
3012016-07-16Countries Bordering Israel
2642017-04-09Countries with Wild Hippos
2542016-07-16Countries Bordering Malaysia
2452017-05-01Countries with Ancient Greek Colonies
2402019-04-05Countries Ending With T
2172017-02-20Formula One Multiple Champions
1962016-06-03Top 10 Countries by Food Consumption
1852017-04-08Countries with Wild Rhinos
1802016-06-27Top 10 Continental Countries by coastline
1802016-01-09World's Deepest Lakes
1732019-12-23Asian Capitals Alphabetically
1642016-07-16Countries Bordering Guyana
1452016-07-18Islands with Population over 10 million
1432016-07-30African Capitals Alphabetically
1412019-10-28Most Common Colours On National Flags
1392016-06-23Countries Bordering the Balkans
1382017-05-0110 European Countries Closest to other Continents
1372016-08-28Summer Olympics - Athletics - Men's 100 metres: Multiple medal-winning Countries
1272016-07-04Beyoncé Movies
1272017-02-20Countries Bordering Poland by Population
1242019-05-02Countries Bordering Ghana
1132019-02-14Former Yugoslavian Countries by Population
1112017-02-20Moto GP Multiple Champions
1082017-04-09Countries Bordering Chile
1072016-08-06Former Soviet Union Countries by Population
1072017-03-06Asian Countries by Area
1042017-02-18Countries Bordering China by Population
992017-12-10European Countries in the Top 10 in Both Area and Population
972017-02-22Countries Bordering Ukraine by Area
952017-06-05Top Countries by Research and Development Spending as Percentage of GDP
942017-07-0110 Biggest Lakes in Europe
942017-02-22Countries Bordering Ukraine by Population
912017-08-02African Countries Ending in -N.
882017-04-06Island Countries with the 10 Longest Coastlines
862017-12-10African Countries in the Top 10 in Both Area and Population
852017-02-18Countries Bordering China by Area
842017-02-22Countries Bordering Iran by Population
842017-02-22Countries Bordering Turkey by Population
832019-04-25Southern Hemisphere Landlocked Countries
802017-02-20Countries Bordering France by Area
792017-02-20Countries Bordering Poland by Area
782016-07-30Oceanian Capitals Alphabetically
772017-02-20Countries Bordering France by Population
762017-05-25Muslim Majority African Countries
732020-01-25Countries With Most Deaths By Alcohol
732017-12-03Non-Capital Megacities
702018-12-31Countries With The Most Big Rivers
682016-08-06Former Soviet Union Countries by Area
682017-03-06Countries Bordering India by Population
682017-03-05Countries Bordering South Africa by Area
662017-05-12Mediterranean Countries by Coastline
642019-04-05Countries Ending With "-al"
622016-08-28Summer Olympics - Athletics - Women's 100 metres: Multiple medal-winning Countries
622016-06-03Bottom 10 Countries by Food Consumption
622017-02-22Countries Bordering Turkey by Area
612016-06-23Countries Bordering Middle East Countries
612017-03-06Countries Bordering India by Area
592018-07-03FIFA World Cup: Multiple Quarterfinalists
592017-11-22One Word Countries with 10 Letters or More
582016-06-28Meg Ryan Movies
572017-10-22All-European Former Soviet Union Countries
572017-12-30Top 11 Countries by Area and Population Points
532018-05-1910 Most Populous Democracies
532018-12-17Countries Producing The Most Iron
522017-04-04Countries with the most Colours in their Flags
522017-05-0110 Asian Countries Closest to other Continents
522018-06-10North American Countries By Area
502019-10-28Largest African Countries A-Z
492019-04-19Ancient Greece Multiple Choice
492018-07-10FIFA World Cup: Multiple Finalists
492019-02-14Northern Hemisphere Landlocked Countries
472018-05-28Southern Hemisphere Island Countries
472019-10-28Most Populous African Countries A-Z
472018-07-07FIFA World Cup: Multiple Semifinalists
462019-08-23Landlocked Countries With More Than One Word
432016-07-30Asian Islands with more than 1 million people
422017-07-01Countries with Multiple Big Lakes
422017-06-18Saharan Countries by Population
382017-02-20World Rally Championship Multiple Winners
352019-04-05Countries Ending With "-ay"
342017-12-10Biggest Island by Time Zone
302019-02-01-Istan Countries
302017-10-22All-Asian Former Soviet Union Countries
292017-12-1010 Largest Islands in the Tropics
292016-08-29Summer Olympics - Athletics - Men's Long Jump: Multiple medal-winning Countries
292018-06-02Area to Country #1
282017-10-22Eurasian Former Soviet Union Countries
282018-06-07Countries That Touch The Baltic Sea By Population
242017-03-06Countries Bordering Afghanistan by Population
232019-08-26Katalina's General Knowledge #9
212017-02-20Countries Bordering Austria by Area
202018-07-15Countries By Longest Land Border #4
202018-06-10Number of Countries With The Same Number of Letters
192018-07-15Countries By Longest Land Border #2
162017-05-18Planets by Mass
82019-02-16Population To Country - Countries Between 30 and 40 Million