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Can you answer these trivia questions about Terraria?
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Last updated: December 6, 2023
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Which non-craftable armor set has the highest total defense?
Valhalla Knight
Who composed the Terraria soundtrack?
Scott Lloyd Shelly
Name an accessory that lets the player actively damage an NPC when equipped.
Guide Voodoo Doll, Clothier Voodoo Doll
The archaeologist vanity set is your favorite vanity, but unfortunately the world you are currently playing in generated without a Corruption biome. You could wait until Hardmode and buy Corrupt Seeds from the Dryad, but you want to be able to wear it as soon as possible. What item would you need to find in order to obtain it before Hardmode?
Corrupt Statue
Which weapon can be directly obtained from fishing in lava?
Obsidian Swordfish
Which pre-Hardmode entity contains 'Mysterious' in its name?
Mysterious Portal
Which Re-Logic member has the largest number of developer items?
What is the Crimson variant of Wood?
What is the only key in the game that unlocks a door?
Temple Key
How much defense is gained by consuming an Aegis Fruit?
Which lunar events enemy is said to be a jellyfish-type creature?
Flow Invader
Which Martian Madness enemy do players resemble while wearing the Martian Uniform vanity set?
Name a developer who has their own unique dye.
Loki, Skiphs
What item has the tooltip "Have at thee!"?
Jousting Lance
Which mandatory boss inflicts a debuff that they are not immune to?
The Twins
Name an armor set that grants the ability to dash.
Crystal Assassin, Solar Flare
Which weapon is sold by the Travelling Merchant after one of several bosses is defeated?
Gray Zapinator
Which painting depicts a famous Australian landmark?
What is the least valuable ore a fairy can lead the player to?
Which enemy is depicted on the achievement icon for "Quiet Neighborhood"?
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